Unknown Snipers Once Again Stir Up Violence … This Time In Crimea

Shouldn’t We Find Out Who’s Responsible Before We Start Beating the War Drums?

After a Ukranian soldier at a base in Crimea was killed, Ukraine announced that the murder was a “war crime”, and that Ukranians could use live fire to protect themselves.

Fair enough.

But no one know who actually pulled the trigger.  The Independent reports:

However, there were indications that it was the separatist Crimean government’s recently created “Self Defence Forces” who had actually carried out the fatal attack. Local officials, meanwhile, claimed that “fascist snipers” had fired the first shot from a residential building and one of the injured was one of the defence force members.


Local authorities presented a different version of what had taken place. A police officer said: “There were snipers who were using peoples’ homes to start shooting, that was the provocation. One of those injured was from the Self Defence Forces.”

Associated Press confirms:

A Ukrainian serviceman and a member of a local self-defense brigade were killed by gunfire in Crimea …

This is very similar to the deployment of snipers during the Ukranian protests that toppled the regime: with each side blaming the other. Update.

The Western press is beating the war drums over the incident.  But – given that that snipers are a common form of false flag terrorism – shouldn’t we wait to find out who was really behind the violence?

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  • truth

    false flags galore, the west learned much from hitler’s false flags and now employ ad nauseum

    • JC

      oh boy…had to bring Hitler up, didn’t ya? the most lied about man in history.

  • Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Fifteen) Mar 19, 2014

    Just a few days after Crimeans overwhelmingly voted in a referendum to join Russia, the crisis across the peninsula has taken its first life. In dispatch 15, VICE News’ Simon Ostrovsky attends the funeral of the young Tatar man whose body was found this week after he was beaten by Cossacks. Despite this death, residents across Crimea are hopeful that joining Russia will bring them a brighter future.


  • LiberatedCit

    Clinton betrayed Russia and our government instigated this whole mess. Guess we have billions of taxpayer dollars to burn.

    So Russia had vital security concerns that could only be met by assurances that NATO would not move into the Warsaw Pact states, where so much Soviet blood had been shed in World War II. President George H. W. Bush (#41) made assurances that if the Soviets were to dissolve the Warsaw Pact, Russia must be assured that the NATO would not fill the vacuum. But his successor, Bill Clinton, broke this promise by quickly taking the former Warsaw Pact states into NATO, and then moved into territory formerly occupied and incorporated into the USSR with the Baltics.


  • Mary Brown

    Obama is a war criminal of the worst order and needs to be taken out. He is bankrupting the country, poking the Russian bear and it is going to bite back.