Snipers Are Commonly Used as “False Flag” Terrorists

A Common Tactic to Discredit Opponents Or to Create Momentum for “Regime Change”

The powers-that-be often use agent provocateurs to disrupt protests and paint protesters as violent and unlikeable.

For example, violent provocateurs were deployed:

There is a related type of false flag operation commonly used to create chaos and discredit regimes or protesters:  snipers.

For example:

  • Unknown snipers reportedly killed both Venezuelan government and opposition protesters in the attempted 2002 coup
  • Unknown snipers allegedly have created bedlam in Syria
  • A Russian general alleges that – during Yeltsin’s protest in front of the Russian parliament – sniper fire came from the roof of the American Embassy
  • And the Estonian foreign minister claims that the new Ukranian coalition deployed snipers to discredit the former government of Ukraine

Brutal … but effective and cheap.

Because it doesn’t cost much to hire one or a handful of snipers to access rooftops or bridge overpasses, create chaos, and then quietly disappear.

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  • Ti

    Propaganda and maufacturing consent are the still the best tools. Sensationalizing the threat of snipers (or terrorism) is effective enough to distract and weaken dissent. Occupy was a fascinating, real time classroom on how dedicated US Power is to countering and smashing and creating, fictional dissent. Legitmate, democratic dissent is terror.

  • Peter Grafström

    Nikolay Starikov tells of several cases of unknown snipers shooting at civilians and military
    In february 1917 unknown machine gunners massacred civilians and the tsar regime was blamed.
    In october 1993 during Yeltsins westernbacked coup
    General Sorokin said at a Special State Duma Commission session, according to a verbatim report cited by Dmitry Rogozin, former Russian ambassador to NATO: “They were shot from the back. I saw it with my own eyes. “Fire was coming from the roof of the American Embassy, from the bell tower near Hotel Mir. All our soldiers were shot from the back. I do not know who the shooters were, but I could make a guess.”
    ….But the young soldiers were not the only victims of Black October. Starikov says, “Many residents of Moscow were shot by mysterious snipers – the American Embassy was not the only firing point. They shot at passersby. Their aim remained the same – to imitate ‘crimes’, stir up a rebellion, and incite fratricidal war.”
    In Starikov’s view the shooters were not amateurs, but high-ranked professionals. How does he make that assessment? “Remember the shot made at Gennady Sergeev, a Special Forces officer, in front of the White House,” he says. “The bullet went in between the lower edge of his helmet and the upper edge of his bullet-proof vest.”
    …According to Starikov, unknown snipers acted in a similar fashion in Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Thailand and Romania, targeting women, children and youth, the segments of the population that government forces are least likely to fire at.
    In each of these countries, sniper intervention came only when Western diplomacy was seen to be failing.

  • colinjames71

    Regime Change 101

  • Sullen Boy

    Perhaps you forgot Dallas and Memphis….

  • El Sid

    About the claims by the Estonian foreign minister, here’s a very self-explanatory video:

  • Angel

    Hi! I’m Estonian and know well what Estonian FM Paet said to Ashton about claimed snipers: he said that he has heard rumors about snipers been shooting both opposition and Berkut side. That’s it. Please do not put him wrong words into mouth.

    • Robert Barsocchini

      That’s not all he said. And the conversation is available to listen to, and is in ENGLISH. Being Estonian might be a detriment to understanding this conversation, as it seems to have been for you, since English might not be your first language.

  • Alex Dracu

    the entire romanian “revolution” in ’89 was based on fighting a war against “terrorist snipers”. they killed many,many people, yet the entire military couldn’t catch A SINGLE ONE. they were KGB.

  • Lydia

    And what about the DC Sniper (tellingly named Mohammed), shortly after 9/11, in which the DC population was terrorized and Linda Franklin, head of an FBI (or was it CIA?) counter-terrorism team was killed?

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