Is Reddit Turning Into “Eddit”?

More and More Editing of News Sources and Stories

I love Reddit …

I’ve been a Redditor for 6 years and – at one time – had one of the highest “Karma” scores at the site.

But Reddit seems to be turning into “Eddit” … as in censoring the most controversial stories, and censoring discussions about censorship itself.

There are whole lists of banned news sources.

And as Ward Harkavy – former editor and writer at the Village Voice – Tweets:

These Reddit censors sound worse than some of the censorious numbnut top-level editors I worked for — and worked hard to oust.

Side Note: Washington’s Blog reader AnnOnaMice coined the term “Eddit”.

We at Washington’s Blog love a good meme. For example, on February 6th, we ran a story based upon Anthony Freda’s word “Glassholes” (and his related artwork) to describe people who wear Google Glasses to spy on others.  Less than 2 weeks later, Google itself told its users “Don’t Be a Glasshole”. (Of course, we don’t know whether Google read our story or saw Freda’s artwork … or it was just part of the collective Zeitgeist.)

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  • desertspeaks

    the left has usurped reddit, any story that isn’t pc, or somehow upsets the establishment is CENSORED and DELETED as are comments that are not in line with the party ideology!

    • Idoru

      I wouldn’t say it’s the left alone. Reddit has been steered to the center, with outlying stories on either side trimmed. Reddit is much less engaging than it was when I joined, and the frontpage is all memes and videogames.

  • M. Keleher

    At what point can we talk about the ownership and control of most media by both a handful of mega corporations, and by members of the Jewish, i.e. a 2.5% minority?

    When you can’t name a single major news source that isn’t owned, and/or managed and/or edited and/or controlled in some effective way by members of this minority?

    Reddit doesn’t allow criticism, even very eminently fair criticism, of Israel. Let alone speak about disproportionate Jewish control of media. No, that’s just a thought crime everywhere.

    fairness. not hate.