Reddit Passionately Wants to Discuss Censorship … But Moderators Keep Censoring Such a Discussion

Moderators Censor Discussion on Censorship

The giant r/Worldnews and r/News Reddits (5 million and 2 million subscribed readers, respectively) still haven’t allowed links to Glenn Greenwald’s report on government control, infiltration, manipulation and warping of online discourse.

Our write-up on the story – as well as TechDirt’s and’s – were allowed.  We are sincerely grateful – as are TechDirt and – for the traffic.

However, we’re all upset that the moderators of the biggest Reddits are censoring Greenwald’s original story:

  • TechDirt’s write up on censorship is here
  • The Redditor who posted the Examiner’s story slams Reddit censorship here
  • And our post on the censorship – written before the links to TechDirt, Examiner and our site were allowed –  can be read here

Ironically, our post on censorship has itself repeatedly been deleted by Reddit moderators.  In the week since I wrote it, I have repeatedly seen traffic coming from a Reddit  link to the story, and then the traffic has suddenly stopped.

Redditors not affiliated with Washington’s Blog have repeatedly submitted the story, and it has been deleted every time.

As one example, yesterday the story jumped to the front page of Reddit over the course of 2 hours:

But then it was suddenly deleted.

This shows that there is tremendous interest among Redditors themselves to discuss censorship.  But the moderators keep shutting down discussion.

This isn’t the first time the Reddit community has tried to fight back against censorship.  There has been a long and growing outrage over the issue, especially given the history of  Digg’s “Bury Brigade” destroying that site:

Postscript:  We don’t have any opinion about whether or not moderators should keep removing our story on censorship.  We are, frankly, too biased to be objective.

We are, instead, focusing on the fact that there is tremendous pent-up desire among Redditors to discuss censorship.

In other words, the story is not that our post was deleted (again) yesterday. It’s that Redditors quickly pushed it to the front page because there is such an overwhelming desire to discuss censorship.

And the other story is that the big Reddits are still not linking directly to Glenn Greenwald’s reports.

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  • Charlie Primero

    Reddit, Inc. is owned by the Solomon Neuhaus media empire Advance Publication, Inc.

    They have been in the censoring for government business for decades.

  • AnnOnaMice

    Why bother to read “Eddit”, in the first place? Probably more newsworthy info on 4chan, or some other crap site. Of course, there are so many socially challenged (yet Eddit makes then *feel* as if they are “social”) losers so invested in their own Eddit identities that they simply can’t decouple from the illusion they create for themselves…

    This is the saddest case of all. Not knowing when your problem is holding you back from a “real” life.

  • Ian56

    The main Reddit boards – politics, news, worldnews are nothing but neo liberal, pro Obama, Corporatist propaganda outlets.

    Any real news or objective analysis is usually censored or buried by vote rigging so that hardly anyone reads it.

    I am currently reading and posting to altnewz on Reddit as it is uncensored and has a high proportion of interesting news articles on it. It has a very small audience though.

    • Bob the Builder

      The quality of the articles posted in /r/altnewz are laughable at times… It’s like a /r/conspiracy with less followers.

  • stupidconspiratards

    The story got on there. The fact that it didn’t come from the “original” source is irrelevant. If it was being “censored”, it wouldn’t have gotten on there at all.
    Posts were deleted according to sub rules. That’s not “censorship”; that’s just how subs work. Opinion and analysis articles, for example, are not allowed in /r/news–nor should they be. So if you submit an opinion/analysis article, it’s going to get removed. And that shouldn’t surprise you at all.

  • Johan

    For some reason. Reddit is getting beaten up on. As always, follow the money to the propaganda. If you want to jerk off with proto conservative hate sites Zero Hedge is great for that. They relentlessly censor, pretend that they have some sophisticated, elightened insider ideas on everything. Pretentious gamblers stink. The top 40 themes of idiocy resonate with Zero Hedge masturbators; po’folk getting away with it, gold, deranged notions of printing presses, folk getting over easy on welfare and a complete indifference to big corps, energy, defense and banks that feed, suck and rape in perpetually at the public tit. MOAR is a favorite phrase, Rand, gun defense. hunting and gathering, perhaps unconciously trying to impress women by out prancing another poster, followed of course, by more masturbation. The Examiner is absolute garbage that may pick up and re-broadcast quality content, but kudos for any site that rightfully edits the trash.