Obama’s Top Science Advisor Warned In 1971 that a New Ice Age Was an Imminent Threat … Which Could Destroy Agriculture and Cause a Sudden Slump In the Antarctic Ice Cap, Leading to the Biggest Tidal Wave In World History

Obama’s Science Advisor Has Been “Catastrophizing” For 43 Years

In the 1970s, many American scientists were terrified of an imminent ice age.   Obama’s top science advisor – John Holdren – was one of them.

Holdren and some other scientists proposed pouring soot over the arctic to melt the ice cap and so prevent the dreaded ice age.

Holdren warned of dire consequences if mankind did not rally on an emergency basis to stop the coming ice age.

New York Times science columnist John Tierney noted in 2009:

In 1971, long before Dr. Holdren came President Obama’s science adviser, in an essay [titled] “Overpopulation and the Potential for Ecocide,” Dr. Holdren and his co-author, the ecologist Paul Ehrlich, warned of a coming ice age.

They certainly weren’t the only scientists in the 1970s to warn of a coming ice age, but I can’t think of any others who were so creative in their catastrophizing. Although they noted that the greenhouse effect from rising emissions of carbon dioxide emissions could cause future warming of the planet, they concluded from the mid-century cooling trend that the consequences of human activities (like industrial soot, dust from farms, jet exhaust, urbanization and deforestation) were more likely to first cause an ice age. Dr. Holdren and Dr. Ehrlich wrote:

The effects of a new ice age on agriculture and the supportability of large human populations scarcely need elaboration here. Even more dramatic results are possible, however; for instance, a sudden outward slumping in the Antarctic ice cap, induced by added weight, could generate a tidal wave of proportions unprecedented in recorded history.

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  • Focusing on the exceptions to establish the rules is unfruitful (What We Know).

  • Undecider

    Sounds like the man (Holdren) is the conspiracy theorist of conspiracy theorists.

  • LiberatedCit

    He’s a real nut job. Gary North has a good article that gives some insight into what this is all about.

    It’s Not Just That Global Warming Is Fake. What Matters Is Why This Fakery Is Being Promoted.


    Another Ice Age?

    Monday, June 24, 1974


  • Gives new meaning to the 1% (the scientists who reject the 99% of climate scientists – their peers).

  • martae

    We may be at the beginning of a period similar to the little ice age that lasted from about 1350 to about 1850. Sunspots were fewer in number then, as they have been for the last few years.

  • UniverseWeAre

    Does anybody know why some scientists feared a new ice age?

    It was because humans were putting aerosols into the air causing massive cooling. That cooling never showed up because the governments of the world got together and set limits on aerosol pollution.

    Is it any wonder why global temperatures took off in the 80s? CFC’s were banned in 1978.

    • Bert Sterling

      Governments limited aerosol pollution? They did?

    • Bert Sterling

      Also, CFCs have never been implicated in global cooling. They are gaseous, not particulate, and in fact are considered “greenhouse gasses.”