Note to Whistleblowers and Guest Authors

Tips For Submissions

We just received the following email:

I am someone whose personal experience may be useful to you. I would be willing to testify about what I know. If you are building a case, please let me know if you have someone who could at the very least use me as part of the investigation. I had information very early that I should not have known.

Not very specific …

Similarly, we receive emails every day saying something to the effect of:

I’m a great writer!  Will you post my essays?

You may be the most important whistleblower since Ellsberg and Snowden – or the best writer since the guys who wrote the Constitution – but we wouldn’t know it unless you provide details.

We’re not being arrogant … no one would respond to our emails to larger websites if we weren’t specific.


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  • Axel

    Year of 1776, USA President Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, ‘Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal’.

    Revised blog comment reply, posted on GAP, NWC and FederalDaily and pending review, 7/24,25,26/2013

    I was pleased to have recently received a reply e-mail from Mr. Tom Devine mentioning that I am welcomed//invited to the forthcomming Whistleblower Conference in Washington DC on 7/29/2013 to 7/31/2013. I also acknowledge that Mr. Devine will try to have my blog comment reply posted to this GAP Article in reference to the forthcoming 7/25/2013 scheduled Whistleblower//Journalist conference..

    I am old in years of age, a documented Whistleblower within the 11/2003 National Whistleblower Center, Mr.
    Stephen M. Kohn, US Senate Ethics and Good Government Committee Testimony and in MSPB, US Federal Judge’s Handbook, Elections on a case I was never heard on within the Original matter, the Stated matter and the Whistleblower matter, and I take a daily pill to survive the day and I have been substantively ignored and therefore retaliated upon by GAP, NWC POGO et all.,<=OSC!! and again<=OSC!!

    I will gladly and again try my best to speak and be heard. I allege my words will again be relevantly clear, highly significant, accurate, compelling and generally spot perfect correct and complimentary to your panelist expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why and how is it possible that then sitting Congressional Person Jane Harmon who was caught on Pacifica and other media as soliciting our US Highest and most confidential secrets, including Nuclear Weapons systems information to alleged International Terrorist powerful Israel Lobbyist or Spies in exchange for a recommendation for a seat on the US National Intelligence most high and secret US Legislative Government Committee and yet President Carter Attorney Lynne Stewart, CIA Kiriakou, Mr. Lindh, Pfc. Manning, Mr. Assange and now Mr. Snowden and others are condemned to death or remain abused and to rot in Jails or Prisons and known and/or unknown Jails, Prisons and/or US torture Centers and located worldwide and on land and sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Also, I will continue to hope for significant efforts and accomplishments towards the release of Alabama Governor, Mr. Don Siegleman from his wrongful and unjust confinement).

    The enactment of the death penalty is not in compliance within any proper Law, Religion and Democracy. It is also a high crime and misdemeanor of Terrorism, Treason and Traitorous and/or via negligence and/or malfeasance. Fiduciary duty (Kaiser Hospital case) towards Shareholders//Stakeholders over a patients life appears highly wrongful. LA District Attorney Garcetti case that states he is prevented to report to the Judiciary Court(s) LA Sheriff disclosure that LA Sheriffs lied in reports and/or testimony that convicted a person and to the death penalty, is and appears highly wrongful and from USA Supreme court.

    (I presume I should also mention the seemingly subversion and seemingly Malfeasance of the 7/25/2008 'Presidential Powers and It's Limitations' Impeachment Hearings from Madam Chairperson, Speaker of the US Congressional Legislature Ms. Nancy Pelosi, should also have an notation allegation for comment on this blog comment reply).

    Hopefully Ms. Radack and others at this 7/25/2013 conference and their other scheduled 7/29/2013 to 7/31/2013 Washington DC annual Whistleblower Conference will have and result in successful accomplishments.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Axel Sabersky

  • Axel

    Also the added Department of Homeland Security, Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act appears as unnecessary and highly wrongful.

  • Axel

    Dear Washington’s Blog, 3/31/2015

    Good day. I am writing as I am both appreciative and thankful for your website and that has somehow generally maintained the substantial Integrity and within blog comment replies and seemingly for several years . I have also fulfilled your//this 3/20/2014 Article requests.

    I write now and from this Article and your Prior 4 Articles of this month of March 2015. Government Corruption…., Government Secrecy…., Why Banksters…. and 5-minute Video on US….

    I am writing as it appears to only require a reasonable person to comprehend and from the many Articles and blog comment replies that there appears to be a significant, substantial and/or overwhelming amount of disgusting, sickening, deceitful, dishonest, disingenuous, despicable and deplorable maniacal deranged hoodwinking within our environment and democracy and that our entire leadership of our Executive, Legislative and Judicial have failed to more readily address and within the and our US Constitutional, Bill of Rights expected and/or mandated requirements, obligations, responsibilities and/or within the efforts and endeavors, thereof and directly and especially within the aspects of proper and forthright efforts and endeavors, mandated and/or more readily expected, towards and upon ‘Oversight and Accountability.

    (Redemption(s), Reperation(s), Reconciliation(s). Within and mandated, to my comprehension and conclusion, many highly National and International lawful and legally required and/or as within many and/or all lawful and legal and/or mandated and/or expected requirements and obligations.

    From my letters of 2006, 2009, 2012 and recent letters to President Obama, US AG Holder, the VA Chiefs McDonald and Chief Sloan, Chief Shensiki and prior and since to GAP Mr. Tom Devine, NWC Mr. Stephen Kohn, POGO and other(s) and within their Entities and Staff, I have mentioned that there may not be an earth planet or History (Estates, Legacies etcetera) that will survive.
    I have informed all these above people that the only and/or reasonable opportunity is to contact Mr. Tom Devine at GAP and follow through on his written 2007 or so campaign promise to the NWC and also within my remaining blog comment replies on GAP, POGO and NWC.

    Washington’s blog, I am writing as I have complied and suggest and as this is a year ago post that you may consider to contact me, converse with me and within this Article, (probably partitioned) to avoid disruptions that you may consider should you consider to try to provide help, support and have friendship to offer towards these very general and briefly written concerns.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Axel V. Sabersky