I Don’t Know What’s Going On In Ukraine, But I Do Know One Thing: We Should STAY OUT OF IT

It’s Not Our Fight

Most American mainstream media say that the Ukranian people rose up against a decadent dictator to chart their own destiny.

On the other hand, some knowledgeable commentators say that the Ukranian protests were really a violent coup initiated by the U.S., and carried out by Neo-Nazi factions within Ukraine.

People like Mark Ames argue that all sides have dirt on their hands.

Still others – like Charles Hugh Smithsay that there are much deeper forces at work. Indeed, some argue this is really a war over natural gas (and see this).

At this point, I have no idea which of these explanations is correct, or whether some combination of these forces is playing out in the region.

But I do know one thing: we should stay the heck out of Ukraine.

After all:

  • Ukraine is far away … on the other side of the world
  • As neighbors with Russia – and a former part of the Soviet Union – Russia considers the Ukraine to be part of its national security interest
  • Russia is a nuclear power

Moreover, I want to stay out of another war for very practical reasons:

This isn’t our fight … and the downside of getting involved are gigantic.

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  • sufferingsuccatash

    How about war kills and displaces multitudes of innocent people.

  • Voice of Reason

    Paul Craig Roberts has been doing a series of blog posts on Ukraine – http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/02/20/ukraine-drifting-toward-civil-war-great-power-confrontation/. NOBODY, including Obama and American policy makers seems to know what is going on there. If I recall correctly, even Roberts admits he doesn’t completely understand the situation. But he seems to have a much better comprehension than just about any other source I’ve found. For a slightly different take, see http://www.oftwominds.com/blogfeb14/Ukraine2-14.html

    • Nikolai Yezov

      Paul Craig Roberts is a closet Bolshie.

      • Pronto

        Americans are probably nostalgic for that period of time when a more moderate bunch of barbarians led the country. Plenty of economic pain, but nothing like the last 15 years.
        Both Paul and Stockman seem to be in revisionist elder statesman mode, while they both probably hate each other on multiple levels, neither look at the dark side of the 80s. Stockman in particular was a young son of a bitch who basically wanted to impoverish anyone with a job. We got here from there and our legislative branch is now filled with a newer generation of dangerous neo-psychopaths who appear to believe the Government’s role is to allow business to torture it’s own populace. It’s the same Reagan-era “greed is good’ hate on a whole new level.

        • Augie Janke

          Your post is so wrong on so many levels, but hey! You can believe what you want.

  • Voice of Reason

    Oops! Looks like Washington already covered my references. Next time I will read his entire post before commenting.

  • jadan

    Obama has no business threatening Russia. China complained about the US cold war posture and they’re right to criticize.. If the US would just mind its own business, the world would be a better place.

  • Lee Van Cleft

    Nonsense, the Washington Mafia, (defense, energy, fire sector) has big interests in what is going on in the Ukraine, in Venenzuela, in Thailand, everywhere. Information is tightly controlled in the US dictatorship, even now we are being bombarded with brain dead rhetoric about who the bad guy is. Keep shopping, pay your bills, pay attention to nonsense, don’t complain and remember to post frequently on the web. The blather from a few notorious politicians about how “we should mind our own da’burn business” demonstrates how low their pandering idiocy will go to ulitmately reinforce the ruling class decision to do whatever the hell they please, anywhere in the world, if they can get away with it. What is really needed at this point is large rear-front domestic dissent effiort a la Occupy to hammer illegitimate authority much harder for their economic violence. Rather then their decades long redistribution of wealth, obliteration of civil rights, creeping domestic kill zones, we can take charge and dismantle the criminogenic status quo.
    No more social welfare for Fascists. It’s merely a matter of time, most people have no desire yet to direcly confront their corporate masters hiding behind multiple layers of media, politics, propaganda and distraction. Dystopian machine fail!

  • Pronto

    AIPAC/House of Saud (therefore the USA) badly want a “Syrian resolution”, this is directly at odds with the only other power in the area, Russia. Now there’s talk that the Boston Bombers might have been US sponsored revolutionaries. Note that Russia had warned the US about these elements.

    • Charles Mckenzie-smith

      How i read the situation ,is the decision of the president not to take “bribes”from the EU,thus triggering an EU backlash.A paid(by who is obvious)mob,with a fair old sprinkling of EU agent provocateurs ( notice all the EU flags in the crowd),visiting digniteries ,baroness Ashton,somebody from USA,polish high ups to stir the pot and you end up with this situation.Apparently, the IMF have already started to exploit the country.If they want the loan,they have to sell the countrys, assets,when are people going to see this vermin for what they are!!!

  • Carl_Herman

    Thank you, GW. This article inspired me to write and make clear one thing we do know: we’re getting our information from the same “leaders” who lied about the other current and recent wars. We also know these wars are nowhere near legal.

  • christianguthier

    That is a piss poor statement. ”

    We Should STAY OUT OF IT” But maybe a reflection of relaity. In fact, it triggers memories of times gone: US shits on it’s dependents, USSR does same on it’s own. No change there then.

  • Michael

    No it is not our fight. Our problem is we stick out nose where it does not belong and when we leave the place is covered with depleted uranium.

  • Augie Janke

    I think we need to stay out of it! The people in Cimea want to be a part of Russia, so let them! If its the will of those people then who are we to say otherwise?

  • gozounlimited

    Greece part deux. Ukraine is 2014’s Greece…. bankrupt, dazed
    and confused…… yet coercion to join the EU is relentless. So much so
    the West is willing to take itself down. Tables have turned…..Putin holds the cards now……

  • willE

    I can already see people jumping on the “derp lets go to war! Lets show ’em Russians what we made of! Obama is a whimp and making the US look like ones!!..” OK, not matter what you think of Obama, DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE TO GO FIGHT ANOTHER WAR. Seriously, its seems like we are at war with someone every, single, year. This is all about how half the country of Ukraine wanted to join the EU, their leader said no, now everything is a shit storm. If the EU is so hurt about it, then the EU needs to stand up and fight this, not use their phone-a-friend life line, the United States, and get us to fight this war for them. The EU has like what, 28 members? They just can’t fight this battle without us getting involved? The UK hasn’t had a backbone since Winston Church. Well..here he go again.

  • Rehmat

    YEP, everyone who is against foreign domination in his homeland, is a NeoNazi – except the Zionists who actively collaborated with the real Nazis. Ofcourse, the political leaders who are calling for a Ukraine without Jewish and Russian domination – must be the NeoNazis.


  • blboy29

    Can I just say that we are not the only one threatening Russia… the entire EU and UN are against Russia in this…it’s not just us…for god sake people educate yourselves…

  • RD Wagner

    Agreed – STAY OUT of it!! US is always sticking our noses in things that are not our business!

  • A nomad

    I used to work with Americans when they came with technical aid mission. What I liked at that time working with them is that they said “think globally act locally”. You may ask and “what”. Simply because we Buryatia people have had the same philosophy. First I think about my small family, and do the best I can so that they lived well. If my family is fine I start helping my bigger family (I have 5 sisters). If their families are fine I try to help people in need around me. So it goes on to acts that have global effect but in my country, Rudsia. What is US doing now is contradicts to their motto “think globally act locally”. what it is doing now is thinking and acting globally with bad effects. Ukraine is among the results of that policy.