The Deep State

What’s Going On Underneath the Surface of Partisan Politics

Charles Hugh Smith has written a series of fascinating articles on the Deep State recently. Smith explains that – unless we understand the history and drives of the Deep State – we will not be able to understand politics, world events, or the future.

He’s right.

Mike Lofgren – a former GOP congressional staff member with the powerful House and Senate Budget Committees – gives his own analysis of the Deep State in a must-read essay, and in a must-watch interview with Bill Moyers:

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  • jcd0101

    Yep, our big business in bed with the government and money breeds corruption..
    They dont care about how this is destroying americas constitutional freedoms..

  • FCM

    Isn’t this just a rather naïve, newbie version of what Alex Jones has been telling America for years?

  • lawrencebaker

    The “Deep State” has been defined in this article as: “The real
    power in America: Hybrid association of corporate America and the
    National Security State”

    The “Deep State” is sugar coating for what the state really is–
    FASCHISM: The merger of monopolistic corporations with the governing

    Yes,our Constitutional State has been overthrown by the Supreme Court and
    some may think that Justice will be restored, and that the fascist
    will acquiesce without a fight. Ha. Ha.

    I suppose Deep State is appropriate for the crowd that Moyers addresses
    and it is useful in getting the word out to the uneducated that
    cannot imagine the treasonous conspiracy that has been going on for
    the last 30 years.

    National Security (Pentagon, homeland security, State Department)
    Treasury and Wall street are identified as the perpetrators but the Fascist
    are deeper intrenched than that and their sphere permeates business
    and government down to the local level.

  • gerry d welder

    The Republican party leadership are still bankster bought globalists that will do everything they can to eliminate the Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives.

    Whoever takes the brief time to watch these videos below they will be way ahead of the average college student, housewife, fireman, cop or soldier in understanding the root of current troubles.

    Until we reach that critical mass of understanding what is really going on and by whom, nothing will change and the false flags, austerity and growing tyranny will continue and keep getting worse.

    Understand the problem and your already on your way to fixing it.

    Check out the last 30 seconds of 2, then watch the whole thing:

    youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 1

    youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 2

    You have to watch the above two videos before you can truly appreciated this one:

    Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders

    The US military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) finally has the perfect business plan: provide advanced tactical weapons and technology to BOTH sides to maximize profit$.

    The Rothschilds have been funding both sides since the Napoleonic wars, look how rich they are now.

    The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds sure have been really quiet lately, you’d think with their tremendous influence and considering western economies collapsing and the spreading Ebola threat to all their investments they’d be a little more vociferous? … unless they are orchestrating it?

    And look who else got to sleep in the Clinton White House:

    Listen to the last 3 minutes and ask why NOT A WORD FROM THE UN, or Hillary? (sarcasm):

    youtube: The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3

    They own the banks too, get it yet?

    Do you think the US taxpayer funded NSA, DOJ, IRS, EPA and DHS are working for the benefit of the US citizen and up holding the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights? Do you think the US taxpayer funded (federal) Dept. of Education will ever teach our kids about the Federalist Papers?

    Our US military (being defunded, demoralized and weakened) are now fighting against an enemy that is trained, funded, given tactical weapons, infrastructure and support (and probably top secret planning) from our own federal government?

    … and now about to be exposed to Ebola by the thousands.

    John Kerry Struggles To Admit U.S. At War With ISIS

    Does this administration’s (and Skull and Bones boys) refusal to declare war a strategy to keep it going, make it more ‘complicated’, harder to track, easier to fund the military industrial complex and manipulate the outcome, not necessarily in the best interests of the American people, or still yet much worse?

    Until a critical mass is reached that understands the above videos and who the actual enemy really are, don’t expect things to get better anytime soon.

    (…and the Knesset too?)

    Know Your Enemy (Part 71 – Israeli Supreme Court)

    youtube: Slave Queen
    by TruthNeverTold

    A very effective and proven method to get property owners in South America off their land is to enable ruthless gangs to terrorize out lying farms. It works (the ruling elite can say “it’s not our fault, but we’ll grow government ever bigger, more authoritarian and tax you more to ‘solve’ the problem”), notice what growing trend is happening in the USA?

    Finally naming names (but we continue to allow them to walk free, as our taxes pay their salaries, perks, pensions and their security details). Why are we still funding the FBI?

    Skip to minute 22:00 and watch for a few minutes:

    (Watch the whole thing and see some of the rest of the scumbags)

    Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

    This video is only 2 minutes (+) long:

    WTC7 — This is an Orange

    “On the morning of 911 Larry Silverstein, his 2 adult children and his Israeli business partner did not show up to work at the Towers. When 4 people do not get to scheduled meetings on the morning the buildings are blown up, there is reason to be suspicious.”

    Go to minute 7:30, listen for 1 minute, hopefully listen to the whole thing.

    NSA Whistleblower Joins AE911Truth in Calling for Real 9/11 Investigation – GRTV Feature Interview

    Tax funded NSA is being used by and for the exclusive self-empowerment and world manipulation by a small group of dangerous elites with much blood on their hands (and much more to come).

    Have the Rockefellers and their personal tools; the NSA (and apparently the FBI) totally neutered our legislative and judicial branches of the USA?

    This is too much power in too few hands and is very dangerous.

    The conversation needs to change before our soldiers are soon again “cannon fodder”.

    Blame game: NATO expanded to Russia, or Russia moved towards NATO?

    Ukraine’s full NATO membership idea ‘akin to lunacy’

    William Engdahl to RT: EU playing absolutely immoral role in entire Ukraine tragedy

    McCain, Chris Murphy (along with Obama, Kerry, Nuland and $5+ BILLION US tax dollars) have been busy destabilizing Ukraine and are responsible for the subsequent murdering of innocent civilians and destroying the Ukraine. Not Putin… and where’s Ukraine’s gold, Putin didn’t take it.

    … is this how peace prize recipient Obama, Kerry, McCain, Nuland and CT/Dem Chris Murphy are ‘spreading democracy’?

    Go to minute 1:50, then ask yourself who was responsible for this:

    Ukrainian army killing innocent people Lugansk (02.06.2014) (Putin did not have anything to do with this, this was done to lure Putin into war)

    Did Putin have anything to do with the Odessa massacre? No. And why was the US there behind the scenes, what was the US doing there?

    … and Syria:

    So Why Hasn’t McCain Been Indicted?

    “In April 2013, GOP Senator McCain at an Idlib, Syria Terrorist Gathering Pledged US Money and Weapons to Ex-US POW Ibrahim Al-Badri of the “Free Syrian Army,”an Al Qaeda Leader Then Already Among Washington’s Five Most Wanted Terrorists with a $10 Million Reward on His Head; McCain’s Moderate Democratic Protege Badri Was Simultaneously Emir of ISIS, Styling Himself Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and Now Claims to Rule the World as Caliph Ibrahim of the Restored Caliphate — So Why Hasn’t McCain Been Indicted?”

    Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.

    And I wonder, on top of everything else, if the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, themselves, are in a winner takes all power struggle?

    • gerry d welder

      NSA has all the IRS emails, phone calls and texts, time to demand the data from US taxpayer funded NSA.

      NSA has the communications prior to Sandy Hook

      -classified won’t address building 7 and seems to provide cover for TPTB as in Newtown, etc. These ‘folks at snopes’ need to be exposed.


      “… The FBI revealed no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, suggesting the Sandy Hook massacre was an elaborate hoax”.

      School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

      Sandy Hook – ‘Sources . .very close to this admiistration. . all say it was a FALSE FLAG’

      [link to]

      NSA has communications prior to Boston Bombing



      US tax funded NSA seems a tool for only a select few.
      Can NSA orchestrate events whether they really exist or not or hide events of a criminal nature by simply ‘deeming’ information as classified?

      Hey federal employees, NSA can’t be the private tool of the globalist elites without your help.

      NSA can open up ALL recent crimes and scandals and expose the guilty.

      • SouthernStyle

        Very nicely done, Gerry. Thanks and keep up the good work.