Should We Break Up Long Posts Using the “More” Tag?


A reader suggests that we break up long posts by using the following:In other words, the first paragraph would be on the “main” page, and – if people want to read the rest – they click the “Continue Reading” link.

What do you think? Would it make Washington’s Blog more or less readable and user-friendly?

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  • jo6pac

    My vote is yes to tags–To Continue.
    My other thought is there any way when I click on comments the page opens to comments and not the top of the page again making me scroll down. It might just be me.
    Other than that keep up the Great Work.

  • Joffan

    My vote is in favor. Give an article about 30-40 lines on the front page, counting videos as say ten lines, then click in to continue, either through an explicit link or by using the article title. It would make the front page much easier to read for articles of interest.

  • jadan

    No, leave the long posts. If you have to scroll through them to get to the next topic, you may find yourself interested though you weren’t initially.

  • empty

    “Should We Break Up Long Posts Using the “More” Tag?”


  • Scott Neagle

    Please don’t. I find this convention annoying. My vote is no.

  • Jason h

    Shorter posts yes. God I hate saying that

  • John48235

    I access your posts via RSS (how else can one keep up with everything posted on 350+ sites?), and so doing this would serve no useful purpose (and I would think most if not all RSS users would feel the same, as access is by individual post, not by going to any particular website).

    For me this would be quite annoying, as in the aggregate (imagine if all 350+ sites in my RSS feed did this) it wastes considerable amounts of time loading extra pages for no useful purpose.

  • Carl_Herman

    I would with the one I just wrote with extensive links to arm activists 🙂

    Maybe use artistic judgment to communicate the point of the article, then “more” it.

  • Richard Saunders

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Leave it alone!

  • Rich

    I prefer the whole story without clicking additional links to continue

  • Jim G

    Articles get buried fast, but I’m getting used to using the side bar. A hard hitting summary first might help grab readers. I guess I read headlines, then the summary, then go on if interested with most of the sites I watch. Hope I don’t shock you by saying that I don’t read every one of your articles, but you are one of the best. I think your readership would go up with a hard hitting summary.

  • Rudy M

    No, please. When I am cruising news sites and blogs, I hate when I start reading an article or post and then have to add an extra step to read the rest. Plus, it makes it more difficult to skim and determine how interesting looking a post or article is.

  • jimmydominic

    yes! Definitely! Also, add Saul Anuzis, former Michigan Republican Chairman and runner-up to National Republican Chairman to your list of Republican politicians who have said that the Iraq war was about oil. This letter shows his feelings.

    Especially the 7th paragraph on page 2 and last paragraph before the Reagan quote

  • Joshua

    Why don’t you make your posts shorter? wouldn’t it be better? many of your articles are like reading a a chapter from my high school textbook