What Americans Don’t Know About the Ukraine Crisis

What You Never Learned In School … or On the News

While Ukraine, Crimea and Russia are in the news, you probably don’t know the background:

  • President George H. W. Bush promised Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that – if the Soviets broke up the Soviet Union and dissolved the Warsaw Pact – then NATO would not move into those former Soviet countries. This assured the Soviets that NATO would not encircle Russia.  But Bill Clinton broke America’s promise, and the U.S. has pursued a campaign of encircling Russia ever since
  • Ukraine is crisscrossed with natural gas pipelines (and much of the world’s geopolitics is actually driven by natural gas):


  • Crimea was a part of Russia for 250 years.  The Soviet leaders did not ask the people of Crimea, Ukraine or Russia if Crimea should be transferred to Ukraine.  They just did it by fiat order.  Now,  a huge number of Crimeans voted – much more than in any modern American presidential election – and they voted 97% in favor of rejoining Russia
  • The U.S. spent more than $5 billion dollars in pushing Ukraine towards the West, and away from Russia
  • The head of security for Ukraine at the time of the riots which overthrew the Ukrainian president alleges that the new Ukrainian government was behind the shootings by snipers which dramatically escalated the violence.  On the other hand, the new Ukranian coalition accuses Russia of deploying the snipers. We don’t know who was behind the attacks, but sniper violence has long been used as a tactic to disrupt peaceful protest – or to build momentum for “regime change” – and no one has yet proved one way or the other who the culprit was.  Russia has called for an investigation into who was behind the violence
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  • par4

    Speaking of corrupt jerks, have you looked at the U.S. lately?

  • whiteaglesoaring

    “On the other hand, the new Ukranian coalition accuses Russia of deploying the snipers. We don’t know who was behind the attacks…” The sniper fire that killed riot police and protesters alike all came from the building that the opposition, Right Vector, controlled…same bullets.

    • jason

      The phone call was not proof just speculation and since their is no proof of who it was yet just he said she said bs. LOL it could have been either side. The government or Russian Forces shot both sides to put doubt and a conspiracy out their. It could have also been the Opponents side too wanting to get chaos so it makes the government look bad. Either way their is no proof of who shot who otherwise things could be different. Its getting old and lame that the Russians and the other side blames the west. Like America has been setting up protest and shipping us over to the Ukraine. I know America runs the world but give it a break

      • hp b

        The Yehuda triangle.
        New York – London – Tel aviv

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Yes, Jason. Like Victoria Nuland nee Nudelman, Jewish neocon married to Robert Kagan, Assistant Secretary of State, admitted openly that the US spent $5 Billion dollars nurturing and supporting the opposition. Yes, setting up protest is exactly what our official in charge has been doing. That’s not a conspiracy theory; that’s cold hard fact.

        Give it a BREAK? Closing our eyes and ears to nefarious false flag attacks, false flag propaganda, manipulation, and deceit it exactly what has allowed our government spend our money waging war on the people of the world.

        For example, nobody wants to hear that the Malaysian military radar spotted the MH 370 plot a new course west from where the transponder was turned off. They plotted a course that continued directly to Diego Garcia. Only an AWACS could hide a Boeing 777-200ER from civilian radar and cut off all communication but allow it to be seen on military radar. Malaysian Air Force didn’t get the memo in time and blew the plot. It took a lot of fast dancing and prancing to turn the meme to every which way but truth.
        The next morning, people on the Maldives saw a Boeing 777-200ER with Malaysian Air red stripes on its sides roaring from the south going almost due north. Diego Garcia is south of the Maldives. US bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan are north of the Maldives.

        Apparently the load of Chinese military engineers and their secure software and hardware had been off-loaded to be able to break into Chinese military communication prior to WW III. The plane refueled, headed for one of the US bases in Central Asia, in Pakistan or Bagram in Afghanistan. Only the USA has the diplomatic and military leverage on its allies AND the AWACS electronic platform to fly electronic cover. No debris fields have shown up because search teams have been directed elsewhere by false information keeping them busy and out of the way.

        • Perlas

          Thank you! This is what I have believed all along!!!

      • hp b

        Pay no attention to the Dancing Jewish MP caught with a sniper rifle in his car trunk!

        • ND52

          Nor the dancing Israelis in New York on 9/11……………….

      • hp b

        Pay no attention to the Dancing Jewish MP caught with a sniper rifle in his car trunk!

      • Roy

        but Russia wants an investigation while the interim govt refuses to do it. Go figure.

  • Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Fourteen)

    Mar 18, 2014 The day after Crimea’s referendum, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky tried to figure out what country he’s in, and what – if anything – has changed.


  • hp b

    Pay no attention to Dancing Israelis on Kiev roof tops sniping both sides.
    (how they roll)

    • esquimaux

      That is a very cheap shot.

      • hp b

        Well since the IDF squad leader ‘Delta’ was directing the neo-nazi (not anti-semites)
        brown shirts in the streets, what’s a little sniping between friends? (how they roll)

        • esquimaux

          Are you saying that the IDF was making nice with Svoboda? What’s the source? And if it’s true, what earthly sense would that make?

          • hp b

            It was in all the papers, on all the WWW news sites. Look it up yourself.
            What earthly sense? What!!?
            The dual-citizen neo-Bolskeviks don’t play both sides?
            Don’t lead the opposition as SOP. The dirty rats.
            Who you trying to jive?

    • Marion Brown

      Sorry, I had to snicker at this…how gauche!

      • hp b

        Thank you. Yes, I was definitely going for the snicker!

      • hp b

        Thank you. Yes, I was definitely going for the snicker!

  • oldman67

    Read LAND OF HYPOCRISY by Kennie Anderson and WAR IS A LIE by David Swanson. You may just be shocked at what you don’t know.

  • George G Collins Jr.

    The snipers were likely Moussad.

  • Loisteehee

    A new war: Let’s see Putin and Obama fight———–winner takes all.
    Or let our troops hunt down their politicians and let their troops hunt down our politicians.
    Win, win either way. Those psychopaths need some lesson learning.

    • Squid Hunt

      Your second suggestion may be worth some consideration.

  • Mrs Cog

    Thank you yet again for the great info GW. Nice to see you picked up over at Lew Rockwell today… spreading the wealth 🙂


  • Gordon Johnson

    I agree that a majority of Crimeans want to be part of Russia. It has been common knowledge for years.

    I don’t agree that it was 97%. The only way to get 97% in favor of ANYTHING is to put an Army on the streets to prevent anyone from voting AGAINST.

    “and much of the World’s geopolitics is driven by Natural Gas”… Wow, that is so much of an understatement as to be propaganda. Consider this, the biggest gas producers available to Europe are: Qatar, Turkmenistan, and Russia.

    If you don’t want to have to build pipelines through the Alps or Baltic Sea to get gas to Eurpope then you have to use Ukraine’s existing gas pipelines. Gives a new dimension to current events, huh?

    But there’s more! In 2008 Europe’s Nabucco pipeline plan called for the addition of a gas pipeline over the Caspian from Turkmenistan, connecting to existing pipelines leading from Azerbaijan to Georgia, then they would add a Black Sea pipeline to Europe.

    Coincidentally, right at the same time Georgia was under serious consideration for NATO membership.

    The gas terminal in Georgia that would feed the Black Sea pipeline is in the Abkhasia region of Georgia – which Putin invaded that same year!

    But wait, there’s more!

    There was also a proposal for a pipeline from Qatar in the last three years. They could mostly use existing pipelines, needing only to add new pipelines across Turkey and – you guessed it – Syria.

    Except, Syria, who is allied with Russia, refused. Isnt’ it strange how quickly formerly-stable Syria devolved into Civil War?

    But wait, there’s more!

    The only remaining alternative for Europe’s gas appetite would require gas from North Africa. But governments in North Africa are too unstable and undeveloped…. HELLO ARAB SPRING!

    That no official news agency has mentioned this seriously impugns their credibility.

    • hp b

      I remember a poll that was taken in Israel right after the abomination know as “Cast Lead”
      94% of Israelis gave it a big thumbs up!

    • Katrina

      Unfortunately, the author has a vague idea about Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular. Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 because ten years after WWII Crimea was still in ruins. Crimean Tatars, Germans, and Jews were deported from Crimea by Stalin decreasing its population to 500,000 people. Russians who moved to Crimea after war were not able to restore the region. After Crimea was transferred to Ukraine, Ukraine built North-Crimean Canal, 300 miles long, to provide Crimea with fresh water. Ukrainians also restored agriculture and Crimean cities. Khrushchev had no one to ask about the transfer: the native people of the region were deported and banned from Crimea.

    • CassandraSays

      How would having an army in the streets stop someone from voting against secession?

      Were they wearing armbands identifying themselves as “no” voters?

      Are they really, really stupid?

      97% no votes would be familiar to you if the politicians in your country campaigned for the policies and practices they intended to follow rather than pretending to support the policies and practices that polled the best.

      I wonder what the vote would have been in the US on referendum question: are you in favour of the US overthrowing ___________ and installing in power al Q’aida / neo-Nazis.

  • MediaMentions

    Clearly I’ve been too naive to assume that the Ukrainian matter would stagnate post-referendum. Following the latest news (http://www.pressreader.com/profile/Media_Mentions/bookmarks/ukraine) it appears that the Crimean annexation was only the beginning. I just want to see if there’s anything even moderately effective that the West can do to contain the situation. If the past few months have shown anything is that nope. Whether incapable or just not willing I can’t say, but I’m tempted to lean towards the latter

  • andrew

    What an idiot. It is Russian lie about history. Only Crimea Tatars can decide what to do with their land.

    • Dana

      It’s not ‘their land’. Greeks and Rus’ appeared there much earlier. Tatars invaded that land in 1239. And, backed by Ottoman Turks, began committing frequent raids upon Russian territories: wreaking havoc, abducting and enslaving people till the end of the 18th century, when the Russian Empire crushed the Crimean Khanate. Then the Russo-Turkish war happened and then Russians got the Crimean peninsula. Get yourself a decent history book or two, seriously.

  • bcarefulof what you wish4

    Keep messing with the bear ! Russia is not stupid and is buying all the time it can. It has decades of treachery forced on it and it has a VERY long memory. Once it sees weakness then and only then will it act.