American Constitutional History Professor: Crimea’s Secession from Ukraine is VALID … and Mirrors America’s Path to Becoming an Independent Nation

Former Bloomberg Law news anchor Lee Pacchia sent us this must-watch 7-minute video, with the following description:

Robert Blecker, constitutional history professor at New York Law School and author of The Death of Punishment, talks about Crimea’s recent secession from Ukraine and subsequent annexation by Russia. Blecker explains that secession is a valid and necessary part of constitutionalism; one that played a prominent role in the foundation of the United States.

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  • Patty Donovan

    We already knew It was valid. It’s only the corrupt USA Government trying to say otherwise.. BTW I am an American citizen and support Putin’s Russia!!!

    • firejack007

      I’m sure then you wouldn’t mind if I laid claim to your house. That’s the ‘Putin’ way. I’m sure there is a flight headed to Moscow from your nearest airport or adjoining flights.

  • Patty Donovan

    I vaguely recall reading that Obama was a Constitutional lawyer.. We all know that was a fucking lie!!

    • Undecider

      Yeah! And according to Obama, it’s legal for the US government to not follow the Constitution.

  • Richard Sandberg

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  • firejack007

    Mr. Blecker, ever hear of a little thing called the Civil War? How did that end? This is not at all like our revolution of 1776. That was against tyranny. That was kicking them out. This is not only like the Confederacy but it’s worse. It’s the Confederacy with the help of another county troops. And YOU are a Constitutional History Professor? I pity the students hearing your lies.