The Video Is Mightier Than the Missile

Can a video help change the world? It’s one of a great many tools we’re developing at and yes we hope it can.

Here are more ways to help move us from war culture to peace culture:

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  • Pstonie

    Aww, kony. We thought we’d lost you.

    False dichotomy, kids and kittens. Things must be getting desperate at the NWO action center for them to sink this low. Try tits, guys.

  • Carl_Herman

    The main point I see missing from the website linked is that war is unlawful. David Swanson covers this, as do I. The fact that the wars are not lawful orders, empowers citizens and soldiers to refuse them. I document here to easily explain, document, and prove:

  • lawrencebaker

    I appreciate the sentiment but in reality the criminal Fascist
    establishment are not going to give up because people sign a petition
    asking them to give up.

    You want change, you and what army is going to bring change?

    You want our Democracy, government of, for and by the people, back?

    Get over it kids, you will have to fight and die to regain your

    The struggle between Good and Evil has been going on since the beginning
    of time; prepare to fight and die in the struggle for freedom as your
    forefathers did.