Unbelievable Drone Acrobatics

While this is a Lexus commercial, the drones are real.  They were programmed and operated by Kmel Robotics, by graduates of the University of Pennsylvania’s Grasp drone robotics lab:

How they made the video:

Here are some of the projects from these guys when they were still of the University of Pennsylvania:

More amazing technology here.

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  • Tonto

    In hindsight it is almost impossible to believe anyone could have ever mistaken the potential for turning airplanes into weapons of war.

    Science is what it is because science puts scientific tools into the hands of men. Men will never stop being what they are, or doing what men do. Neither are all men alike in their latent aggressiveness.

    No. There is no possible equality in the aggressiveness of men. Reality is infinitely complex.

    • Name

      See “The Flying Machine” by Ray Bradbury.

  • Name

    How many people does this nifty technology feed, clothe, or house? How much preventative medical or dental care do the drones provide? Can a 3-d printer set a bone, or carve out enough of a basic education so a person isn’t easy meat for predators? How about a cranial implant that causes people to no longer justify harvesting endangered species? Where’s that new app that encourages people to crowdsource their own human rights? The Google Glasses that can tell when politicians are lying? Okay, that last isn’t really necessary…

  • Sci-fi Nightmare

    Unfortunately, I had flashbacks to the Terminator movies and imagined these drones attacking people in public spaces. Skynet – I am still afraid. Hence my name – sci-fi nightmare.