U.S.Nuclear Authorities Were Extremely Worried About West Coast Getting Hit By Fukushima Radiation … But Publicly Said It Was Safe

Government Failed to Share Information With the Public

Nuclear expert Ed Lyman – chief scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists – said:

While the U.S. government was telling the American people there was nothing to fear from Fukushima and that U.S. plants aren’t vulnerable to the same problems, internally, they were—there was a much different story. So we’ve learned from a lot of Freedom of Information Act documents that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the White House were actually very concerned about the potential impact of radiation from Fukushima affecting not only Americans in Tokyo, which was more than a hundred miles away from the plant, but also Americans on the West Coast. And they were furiously running calculations to try to figure out how bad it could get. But there was no sense of this in what they were telling the public.

Indeed, Seattle residents were exposed to dangerous radioactive “hot particles” because the government didn’t warn residents:

This is similar to the Japanese government withholding radiation plume data from evacuating Fukushima residents … which caused them to evacuate to areas of very high radiation.

EneNews rounds up details on the freedom of information act information.

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  • Michael Faust

    WIPP is the USA’s Fukushima, it is ON now. This blog AGR, does a great summary of information. Get up to speed quickly.


  • Andreas

    The US government and the medical, nuclear, and military industries have denied, obfuscated, and suppressed the true toxicity and the public danger of ionizing radiation, both of high and low doses, for many decades already (discussed in “The Mammogram Myth: The Independent Investigation Of Mammography The Medical Profession Doesn’t Want You To Know About” by Rolf Hefti. Also see TheMammogramMyth . com ). This systemic suppression of the real truth, largely because of corporate self-interests, has severely injured and cost the lives of millions of humans.