Reddit Censors Big Story About Government Manipulation and Disruption of the Internet

Reddit Moderators Go to Extreme Lengths to Censor the Most Important Story of the Year

The moderators at the giant r/news reddit (with over 2 million subscribed readers) repeatedly killed the Greenwald/Snowden story on government manipulation and disruption of the Internet … widely acknowledged to be one of the most important stories ever leaked by Snowden.

Similarly, the moderators at the even bigger r/worldnews reddit (over 5 million subscribers) repeatedly deleted the story, so that each new post had to start over at zero.

For example, here are a number of posts deleted from r/news (click any image for much larger/clearer version):

Related posts from other sites – like 21stCenturyWire – were deleted as well:

And here are a number of the posts deleted by the moderators of r/worldnews:

Write-ups of the same story from other sites – like Zero Hedge – were also deleted:

Two Redditors provide further information on the censorship of this story:

This isn’t the first time Reddit moderators have been caught censoring:

Source links: Here, here, here, here, here and here.

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  • Aaron Schwartz is rolling in his grave right now.

    • nwosucks

      thats reason they killed him….reddit changed after he died, its all mainstream crap on frontpage or amost the same as youtube front page

      • jmaynardg

        Reddit had been sold to Conde Nast for some time before Swartz died. How do you think he funded his defense?

  • the foiler

    The original story (sourced from Greenwald’s site) is still up on Worldnews.

    • Boots Riley

      That seems to be what they’re saying. They take it down for a while, let a new one go up that has less upvotes, then when that one gets a lot of upvotes, they take the 2nd one off and bring in the old one that has few upvotes because its been gone.

      • disqus_rok6W6Svu7

        Trying to minimize front page exposure.

        The Reddit Liberal group-thinkers are flipping out. They’ve been played and are too stupid to understand it….

        • redditor

          We understand it just fine, we just can’t do anything about it.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Sure you can do something about it. Vote with your feet. It is compromised, dump it and move on.

    • Ned Ludd

      Read the screancap in this post, under “Two Redditors provide further information on the censorship of this story:” Original stories will sometimes be taken down, while another story on the same topic is allowed to rise. Once the new story gets too popular, it is removed, and the original is allowed back up; but it is now too old to become very popular. Meanwhile, new posts are hidden because the topic is already covered.

      The reddit moderators use a lot of sophisticated, nuanced methods to manage their democracy.

  • disqus_rok6W6Svu7

    Reddit is one of the democrats arms of NSA’s manipulation of the internet.

    • Wut?!

      • Charlie Primero

        Go research which multinational owns Reddit, and their bankster connections.

        • so you’re trying to say that it is the “democrats arms of NSA’s manipulation of the internet”? Reddit is more libertarian than anything, and 99% of the userbase hates the NSA.

          • Rusty

            I say that is far from it. Not only was there a massive smear campaign against Ron Paul, but even expressing any Libertarian ideas gets you downvoted into oblivion, especially in /r/politics. Even /r/business is questionable at times. Ask me how I know.

          • Well, as someone who agrees with half of the Libertarian Party platform (Ron and especially Rand are closer to conservative Republicans in many ways though), it is a huge hassle to try to have a discussion on economic policy. Libertarians start to sling around misinformation, myths, and ad hominems against opponents, and it honestly gets tiring after a while dealing with that. Remember though that /r/politics was removed as a default subreddit and the Reddit site admins celebrated it with a Ron Paul “It’s Happening!” GIF, so behind the scenes I think there’s been a markable shift to the libertarian side.

            That is a whole different topic though. The OP I was replying to somehow has 22 votes for claiming “Reddit is one of the democrats arms of NSA’s manipulation of the internet.” Not sure wtf that guy’s smoking, but I bet he spends a lot of time on Infowars.

          • asdf

            The smear campaign was on /r/circlejerk. Nothing on /r/circlejerk is serious, except for their love of /u/unidan

  • Calvin

    The presentation the post that kept getting removed linked to was technically not “news” and broke the rules of the subreddit. Now a proper news article concerning Greenwald’s presentation is at the top of worldnews. Call me a government shill all you want, but witch hunts like these are what’s killing reddit.

    One of the moderators also runs RestoreTheFourth, an organized protest against the NSA. Are we to believe that RestoreTheFourth is a government-run operation then?

    • redditor

      The moderator BipolarBear0 sabotaged Restore The Fourth and the moderator douglasmacarthur stole the Restore The Fourth donation money. Both are relentless censors for major subreddits.

      • Calvin

        Do you have any proof of this?

      • razster

        He is also the Mod for r/Ukraine

    • I suppose you never heard of Operation Cointelpro and Operation Mockingbird.
      With a name like “Restore the Fourth” I wouldn’t be surprised at all it’s a STATE honeypot.
      What does restore the fourth even mean?
      The Constitution is a express restriction on US gov’t employees. Not an endowment of rights.
      The name should be Obey the Fourth.

    • Jason

      How is it not news?

      • billy_bob_tweed

        Because anything that you don’t wanna hear qualifies as “technically not “news”.”

        “Stockpiles of WMD – we know where they are,” etc.” — THOSE are FACTS; THAT is NEWS.

        Whereas…. Gov’t infiltrating internet . . . umm, that sounds like a cra-a-a-a-azy conspiracy theory. Better bury that lede.

      • Calvin

        Have you seen the presentation Mr. Greenwald made? It’s an analysis piece, I think he’d be offended if somebody simply called it “news”. However, once a journalist takes notice and reports upon his piece, that report is considered news.

        Think about it differently, if a scientist published a paper on global warming, the paper itself is not “news”, and wouldn’t be welcome in the news/worldnews subreddits. However, a journalist’s report on that paper is news, and that report would be welcome.

        • LTMP

          Just so we’re clear, you’re saying that we shouldn’t want to see the original work, but are better served by some hack’s opinion and interpretation of the work?


          • Calvin

            No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. Thanks for putting those words into my mouth though. I’m clarifying what links belongs on a news subreddit and what doesn’t. Not what should be classified in today’s.

          • LTMP

            What is the specific problem with Greenwald’s piece? Is it that he includes some analysis and interpretation on top of the raw facts?

            If so, I suppose your claim is, perhaps, valid, but I’d argue that almost any “news” story contains some analysis simply because the writer must choose which facts to present and how to present them. Also, the story itself is news.

          • Jack Lewis

            I think you should just stop trying to sell that used car, no one is buying.

  • starrychloe

    Try which solves the problem of censorship, shills, trolls, and spam.

  • Ned Ludd

    A link to this post was in the top 5 in the worldnews subreddit; now it’s gone. I tried searching for the title in the subreddit and could not find the story anymore. They censored a story on their censorship.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Well you have to admit at least they’re consistent. Having done it to start with they’re kind of obligated to keep the lid on as much as they can. They only have to delay the story to keep it from going beyond the expected reaction sought by these limited hangouts anyway. The public attention span is not much for them to stay ahead of these days. If things get too hot they can run a celebrity scandal, sort of like going “Look over there, a squirrel..” at the right moment.

      • Poke Pokechu


    • thetruth

      Its also easy to see why. On Reddit it is easy to manipulate people by appealing to a preconceived belief or frame of reference given to them by some source of information. People rally around something and conform, where outside opinion is considered hostile.

      To quote the “popsicle man” article which was posted on washingtonsblog:

      “Beyond spreading lies and propaganda, they influence in more subtle,
      yet more destructive ways by controlling our frame of reference and our
      very cognitive processes. This presents our biggest obstacle to
      understanding reality.”

      “A conspiracy of Banking Dynasties took control of the monetary
      systems in the UK and the US by means of autonomous central banks.
      Naturally they don’t want people looking too closely at their nefarious
      plots so they label ‘conspiracy theorists’ as people to be shunned. Such
      is the power of the media, that they can establish parameters for
      acceptable behavior. And the masses who want to be accepted by their
      peers tend to conform.”

  • pointweb

    It’s number one in r/news and number four in r/worldnews right now. Mods don’t have THAT much power. Nonstory.

    • Dirk

      Did you just now create a Disqus profile just to write “Nonstory”?
      Edit: your only other post, innocuous enough, two weeks ago provides plausible deniability.

      • pointweb

        No, I have used Discus for years to moderate comments on my Tumblr blogs.

        • Dirk


  • You’ll find my own experience with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Huffington Post outlined here:

  • endsville

    Another group of people who have no idea how Reddit works. I created and moderate /r/fishing
    many years ago. Where is my NSA paycheck? I delete posts that are
    irrelevant or toxic to the culture of the sub. It’s my decision, and my
    decision alone what the sub is. If I decide to ban everyone and turn the
    sub into a forum for existential transvestite eskimo babies, I can do
    that. If I decide to turn it into a hub for all the controversial
    “censored” posts on Reddit, I can do that.

    • Ethan Kanton

      For a Reddit fan, that’s some pretty salty language…..borderline racist, ain’t it?

  • ML

    Perhaps they justified this because the story is about a document by the UK’s GCHQ and the News subreddit is only for US news. Of course, it is still somewhat relevant for Americans given the close ties between NSA and GCHQ and the “REL TO USA” at the top of the doc (although I’m not sure exactly what that means).

  • abinico

    The internet is not a tool for the free exchange of ideas – it is a tool used by the one percent to control the masses.

    • S.S. Fearless

      Not anymore anyway.

    • Adam Raymond Ravenhurst

      Any tool is a weapon and is multifaceted in its use tho’ eh.

  • mijj

    i’m sure, like all good censors, they will provide reasons for the censorship that have nothing to do with censorship.

  • Lauren Allen

    Aggravating to realize that at length Reddit isn’t anything more than just another establishment outlet for the trammeling of public discourse. Seems to have earned the nickname “Shreddit”…

  • Das Schtaunkhauser

    Its clear the NSA has not only infiltrated Apple & Google (and every other tech company), but Reddit as well. No wonder Facebook bought Whatsapp…. can’t have all those texts outside of the circle. Viva Amerika!

  • god

    Reddit news editors are going against themselves. If they censor, I’ll switch sites.

  • surprised

    PLEASE CONTINUE TO LOOK INTO THIS! There was a thread in r/worldnews where someone pointed out that r/news, for some bizarre reason, instantly approved an Examiner link (usually a banned link) about the Snowden and Greenwald story — the same evening your blog article broke. The thread got shut down, but here is the link:

    Now, the top comment there points to that bizarre link as proof that there was no censorship for the entire day that day!

  • Caligula

    Provocateurs. Actually an old word for a very old tactic, just a new media.

  • terrahertz

    Also Reddit censors any articles critical of the Global Warmist/Carbonazi cult of lies. They actually announced they were forbidding such articles. At that point Reddit became dead to me.

    Besides that, when you consider the overall structure of Reddit threading, you end up suspecting that it is designed to allow posts with views disapproved of by the Reddit operators to be vanished. The floating structure, in which posts don’t appear in a fixed chronological order, but are supposedly shifted up or down in the list according to ‘votes’ (but with no way to verify that votes are the sole influencing factor) is symptomatic of a hidden agenda and desire to manipulate discussion.
    As it is now, posts can just vanish beyond the ‘500 posts’ limit, and there’s no way to tell if they really were just late, or some Reddit mod pushed them.

    A much more trustworthy scheme would have been easy to implement – strict chronology, but with visible attributes showing vote popularity.

  • S.S. Fearless

    Redditers who are tired of their news being handpicked for them should unsubscribe. Reddit will either realize they’re losing millions in subscriber income OR die the death nature intended.

  • D.A. Gaither

    Reddit has been infiltrated by the very same covert agents in the story they’re censoring. It’s so obvious I feel one would have to be completely apathetic, downright unintelligent, or more likely, purposely ignoring reality because it does not suit the worldview one has created for oneself. I also feel that many have allowed Reddit to become such an important part of their life that they simply cannot allow anything to jeopardize the relationship. After Schwarz was killed, I noticed Reddit’s subtle changes which over time became less and less subtle until it essentially devolved into outright censorship and propaganda. The whole story is just tragic.

  • ⋚≶≶Rêverêche≷≷⋛〻

    Oh wow, but they leave the hate speech groups untouched in the name of “free speech.” Very classy. Not at all suspect.

  • Guest

    3tags – A website similar to reddit. But without censorship.

  • Axolotl

    A website similar to reddit. But without censorship.

  • Kan Eda

    A smarter way to share content + no censorship: