New TEPCO Report Shows Damage to Unit 3 Fuel Pool MUCH Worse Than That at Unit 4

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  • jadan

    The awfulness of this event seems to have no limits. Every day, every week, more revelations that add up to nothing less than genocide on a global scale. Still, no appropriate reaction from the super power. A diplomatic push should be underway to convince the Japanese to accept outside help. Japan & Tepco obviously can’t cope on their own. When the plumes wash up on the west coast beaches in a relentless toxic tide, then something will surely be done because a hue & cry will develop in the Golden State, and Jerry Brown, arch-environmentalist that he is, will begin to brow beat the federal slackers into action. Is it a coincidence that so many Hollywood film stars are putting their coastal mansions up for sale? Better get out while the gettin’s good. What’s the point of living on the west coast if you can’t walk on the beach, can’t shower every day or wash your car, and you don’t trust the sea food? Send the fat asses in the Pentagon over there to do something useful, and truly heroic. Let them earn their pensions, if they survive Operation Fuckushima, that is. National security demands that we save Matt Damon’s Malibu mansion!

    • colinjames71

      Too busy fomenting a nuclear holocaust vis a vis Ukraine to worry about preventing nuclear holocaust at Fukushima. Mutually assured destruction? More like politically assured destruction. And for what? To further extract the wealth of the world for a tiny handful of oligarchs, to realize the neocon dream of world domination and subjugation, all in the name of freedom, democracy, and apple pie. And by apple pie I mean capatalism. And by capatalism I mean whatever it is you really call our economic system. I don’t even know what to call it.

      • jadan

        There is a Japanese cult with which PM Abe is associated, so I’ve read, that wants to resurrect WWII emperor worship. It’s a doomsday cult like Aum Shin Rikyo. The core belief is that god will protect cult members from radiation while wiping out a good portion of the human species. What remains will be this cult and all its dependencies. Question: do the promulgators of nuclear power believe they are immune to radiation? I see no rationality at work. It’s madness, not just like madness, but actual insanity!

      • esolesek

        I’m pretty tired of people acting like Ukraine is just fomented by the USA. Many , sure not ALL, of those people want as far away from RUssia and for good reason – they have been victimized by the Russian supermale for eons. I know the neocon agenda sucks, but stop acting like Russia’s is any better.

  • james

    This is Arnie still trying to subtly change the conversation away from where it should be.

    Arnie’s been trying to ring the bell on SFP3 for three years now. At first, he tried to say it was the source of the explosion was SFP3. Then he tried to tell us there wasn’t any spent fuel left in SFP3. When none of those things were true then he’s the one who raised the noise in SFP4 – putting out video after video saying the earth was in imminent danger over SFP4.

    Now he’s trying to tell us the problem is SFP3 again, not SFP4.

    The truth is that SFP3 is stable – just like SFP4 was. Yes it’s somewhat more dangerous than the 100’s of similar SFP’s around the world, but dropping 35 tons of metal and some debris on top of 1500 tons of spent fuel didn’t cause it tremendous harm. A cooling system is in place and is adequate to keep the spent fuel cool.

    The truth is that the #3 explosion came from the core, and recent Tepco information indicates radioactivity is running directly to the Pacific from #3 – not SFP3 – from other areas.

    Ask Arnie about where the MOX was in #3 and where it is now. He won’t answer of course, because I believe he is a paid misinformationist.

    If he really cared, he would tell the truth, not cover it up.


    • Joffan

      You’re right about Arnie, but wrong about the explosion.

      For the final demonstration that the core was not the seat of the explosion, check

      The cleaned-off operating floor now at the top of reactor building 3 shows the shield plug over the top of the core still in place. The central panel is slightly damaged, but only by the weight of material falling onto it, not by any explosive force from beneath. Specifically, the downward deformation is consistent with parts of the main operating crane falling onto the plug. The larger side panels are unmoved and undamaged.

      For clarity, the described shield plug damage is to the top layer. Below that are two more shield plug layers and then a significant space to the actual reactor head.

      • James

        Read the comments. The photos are fake.

        • Joffan

          No, they’re composites pulled from the video. I suggest you watch it.

          “The photos are fake” is just your way of refusing to look at stuff that doesn’t conform to your prejudices.

          • James

            Composite is another word for fake, isn’t it?

            Video is a cartoon.

            It has the same problems the photos do. it’s a fake. If it were real, they would show analysis from different angles and perspectives.

            Since it’s a fake – they only show the plan view – which is exceedingly easy to modify – which they did.

            Tell me – exactly what are my prejudices?

          • Joffan

            Your prejudice appears in this case to deny any evidence that doesn’t support your favored story of a core-based explosion at reactor 3.

            “Composite is another word for fake” = your desperate denial.

            Saying “it”s a fake, it’s a fake” does not in fact constitute any problem with the images concerned. The images were collected from a steerable crane-suspended camera. Your own faulty understanding does not make this information invalid.

          • james

            To the contrary I immediately questioned my theory of a core-based explosion of reactor 3 when I saw these photos.

            Then I saw that the photos had been doctored. That details in these photos were not consistent with previously released photos.

            That the black ring around the “plug” was too perfect, did not have any debris in it.

            That the edge of the gate between the equipment pool and the reactor had ob
            viously been altered.

            Then I saw that the crane cables didn’t line up.

            Then I compared the equipment pool to the numerous post blast pictures of it, and find that it has been doctored in the photos.

            Then I compared to the photo from March 2013 and April 2013 and find that the details along the edge of the spent fuel pool have been doctored.

            Then I compared the cover that has been added to the top right of the reactor and find that there used to be some piping on top of it. It’s not there in these pictures – oh, but it is still there in ghost form. You see, buddy, your photoshop people forgot to either completely erase those pipes or copy them back in.

            So then I knew that the photos are fake, and that my theory still holds. It wasn’t the other way around.


          • Joffan

            You didn’t realize that the
            picture was a composite – despite the obvious clue of the jagged edges of the picture – so you immediately threw the whole thing out
            because of your misunderstanding. You arbitrarily decided that the
            clean-up was too perfect. You didn’t realize that the item top right of
            the reactor is a temporary anchor block for the debris in the pool,
            mistaking it for some sort of permanent item.

            Basically you are not willing to let go of a wild speculation that has zero evidence for and plenty of evidence against.

          • James

            I realized almost immediately the picture was a composite.

            A composite of fake stuff with a real image, intended to look real.

            Glad we can agree on the fact the picture is fake.

          • Joffan

            Hope you have fun scraping the bottom of the barrel there.

  • Bev

    These sailors may lead the way out for their own and our families:

    Nuclear Hotseat w/ Libbe HaLevy, Feb. 11, 2014 (at 39:00 in):
    Charles Bonner, attorney representing US sailors exposed to Fukushima radioactive releases during Operation Tomodachi:
    We intend to put the nuclear industry on trial here, because it is the misrepresentation from the nuclear industry that nuclear energy is safe that has allowed this particular incident to occur. There’s this false sense of security that these for-profit energy companies such as Tepco, created in the public. The public believes that these power plants are totally safe; in fact Tepco guaranteed the Japanese public that this particular power plant was safe. […] These nuclear power plants threaten the world, the entire planet is threatened.

    We need massive debt-free public/government money now and for generations to come to try to reduce this terrible damage to all of us. Post-office banks, MMT Modern Money Theory, and State Banks cannot provide this money. With the help of our bravest Presidents like Washington, Lincoln and Kennedy we have won a debt-free public money system six times in our past. We must support and protect all brave politicians who would do this again for us to even have a chance of a future.

    The site offers the roadmap to a public debt-free money:

    The bill which all nations need to adopt:

    Modeling of the bill: Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi’s Workings of A Public Money System of Open Macroeconomies, Modeling the American Monetary Act Completed,