The 1% Have Gotten CHUMP CHANGE Compared to the .1% … Who In Turn Have Gotten PEANUTS Compared to the .01%

Wealth Has Gone to the .01% … Much More Than the 1%

Everyone knows that all of the economic growth has gone to the 1%:


The 1% have gotten chump change compared to the .1% … who, in turn, have gotten peanuts compared to the .01%

(Graphs courtesy of World Top Incomes Database, using data compiled by economists Facundo Alvaredo, Tony Atkinson, Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez.)

More on inequality.

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  • jadan

    This very pointy pyramid structure is made possible by the miracle of compound interest. It’s a difficult problem. Usury is a seductive game. The American Dream is essentially: don’t work, live off the interest. If you are a member of the investor class, living nicely off your interest in our financialized economy, your income is produced largely by interest fees, not economic growth. You are not “creating jobs”, you’re a blood sucker. Yes, my sainted mother is a vampire in disguise…..doesn’t have to be this way, but this is the way the people at the top like it. They like slavery. A debt peon is a good citizen….

    • gozounlimited

      Really? We just facilitated a billion dollar rain storm in Cali and didn’t charge a dime. If you think you are going to live on your compounded, financialized American Dream…. you might want to follow the suicided banksters who’s face has been firmly embedded in the sidewalk by the .01.

      • jadan

        Who is this “we” who just facilitated a free billion dollar rain storm for the parched minions of CA? And how did they do this?

  • colinjames71

    But the 99 vs 1% is so CATCHY and easy to understand! For real though, this is important, essential info to understand just how few have so damn much. The difference is staggering, just between the top .5 and .01%, I thought I had a good idea of the distribution but apparently not. Imagine, too.. this is just the money we know about, it doesn’t even count the hidden trillions in offshore accounts, I’m assuming.

  • DW

    If this is based on cash income the top .01% have a lot to lose! currency or cash as its known is going to reset to ZERO. Money (aka gold/silver) will rise…Gold is KING and CASH is dead!!!

  • gozounlimited

    The 1% Have Gotten CHUMP Precipitation Compared to the .1% … Who In Turn Have Gotten
    Chemically Nucleated Snow Compared to the .01%

    People around the globe have taken notice of what appears to be very strange characteristics of the snow falling of late. The snow does not appear to melt in a usual fashion and many report the snow emits a chemical smell when exposed to an open flame. Is this possible?

  • Rocky Racoon

    Value is a social relation. WE must surpass the CAPITALIST SOCIAL ORDER and institute a post capitalist society based on a rationally planned economy democratically administered by the direct producers….

  • Mark Randall

    you are really speaking my language. I like to call it the .000000001% (super is too flattering, so) filthy rich. they just throw the .00001% a bone and on down the line to work as a shield. like the corporations are just a shield. its not the corporations. They are above the trilateral commish Bilderberger group CFR Rhodes milner round tables. they make the important decisions. but I love that dw comment about all they have is paper- as long as their gestapos don’t shoot. heres my quote ” the greatest victory of the .000000001 is the common mans inability to discern the truth.” this book is great even just the reviews

  • pcz

    this is crap. sorry. impossible.

  • bvwredux

    According to the World Top Incomes Database, for the US the data comes from tax data, “gross incomes before tax”, and they note that the data may underrepresent the incomes as incomes become larger, as larger income entities use more aggressive income reclassification methods for the purpose of avoiding income tax. I would speculate that such effects may be worse when marginal tax rates are high — from 1936-1978 or so tax rates where above 70%, and from 1940 to 1963 above 80%. Those high rates would explain much of the flatness during those periods.

    Still, the greater effects would be the change from gold-backed money to pure fiat money, in addition to all he other social-political-human dynamics similar in greed-dilutions of monetary base, and in wealth concentrations, throughout the systems, so human a dynamic that the ancient Hebrews incorporated a Jubilee into their system (and did so according to the advice of G-d), which provided a regularized and less traumatic periodic reset.

  • Pyra Gorgon


    Clearly this shows there is a small cadre of men hellbent on owning the world through this current fake money financial-economic paradigm. The system is so complex and rule-laden that only the creators of that benefit and the rest flounder in bureaucratic nonsense. That lil blue squiggly line is THEM.

    Such wealth held by so few have become evil forces with deleterious intentions for the rest of us.