Ellsberg: “I Am Grateful to Snowden for Having Given Us a Constitutional Crisis … a Crisis Instead of a Silent Coup”

What Snowden Has Revealed … Is a Broken System of Our Constitution, And He’s Given Us the Opportunity To Get It Back

Daniel Ellsberg told Amy Goodman:

[Snowden] came to believe, as I did, having made those oaths initially and the promises of nondisclosure, which were not oaths, but they are contractual agreements not to do that, which he later violated, as I did—he made those in good faith, by everything known to me, and came to realize, I think, eventually, as he said, that a nondisclosure agreement in this case and the secrecy conflicted with his oath, so help me God, to defend and support the Constitution of the United States, and it was a supervening—a superseding authority there that it was his responsibility really to inform the public, because, as he said, he could see that no one else would do it.


Congress knew [that Clapper’s statements that the NSA doesn’t spy on the American people] hey were false, the people he was talking to, the dozen, even the man who had asked the question, Senator Wyden. What we saw, what Snowden saw and what we all saw, was that we couldn’t rely on the so-called Oversight Committee of Congress to reveal, even when they knew that they were being lied to, and that’s because they were bound by secrecy, NSA secrecy and their own rule. The secrecy system here, in other words, has totally corrupted the checks and balances on which our democracy depends.

And I think the—I am grateful to Snowden for having given us a constitutional crisis, a crisis instead of a silent coup, as after 9/11 an executive coup, or a creeping usurpation of authority. He has confronted us. He has revealed documents now that prove that the oversight process, both in the judiciary, in the FISC, the secret court, and the secret committees in Congress who keep their secrets from them, even when two of them, Wyden and Udall, felt that these were outrageous, were shocking, were probably unconstitutional, and yet did not feel that they could inform even their fellow colleagues or their staff of this. What Snowden has revealed, in other words, is a broken system of our Constitution, and he’s given us the opportunity to get it back, to retrieve our civil liberties, but more than that, to retrieve the separation of powers here on which our democracy depends.

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  • Charlie Primero

    Ellsberg = CIA in Vietnam, lifetime gatekeeper.

    Snowden = CIA, limited hangout blaming NSA.

  • xoxxxo

    I think a silent coup did take place…I don’t completely trust Ellsberg and his spooky past:


    • jo6pac

      Thanks for the link his past has bothered me also and yes the coup has already happened they are just trying to divide up the loot.

    • The is a continual, internal battle between the CIA & NSA in who is in charge of intelligence gathering. Right now it’s the NSA winning the intelligence war so yes, I can see where The CIA could have done this to the NSA in their power struggle. Makes sense.

  • gozounlimited

    Brownie Bob and Cash&Carry Create a Crisis Instead of a Silent Coup

    Drought may be a fertile topic for GOP candidates …. Republican candidates for governor are seizing on the subject as they seek to score points against Brownie Bob. http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-drought-politics-20140214,0,6454702.story#axzz2tK6fOyU1
    Brownie Bob’s, challenger Neel Kashkari (Cash&Carry) visited the World Ag Expo Wednesday…. Both Brown and Kashkari missed the drought forum that was scheduled Thursday afternoon at the Heritage Complex at the International Agri-Center, during the World Ag Expo. http://tularevoice.com/gov-brown-challenger-neel-kashkari-visit-world-ag-expo-wednesday/

  • lawrencebaker

    Democracy depends on exposure and prosecution of criminals that corrupt our

    Matt Taibbi’s deep exposure of the monopoly maneuvers by the “criminal”
    banksters in the Rolling Stone is verifiable and quotable evidence in
    the case of the People’s Democracy vs Oligarchy.


    • gozounlimited

      Exactly….. By exploiting loopholes in a dense, decade-and-a-half-old piece of financial legislation, Wall Street has effected a revolutionary change that American citizens never discussed, debated or prepared for, and certainly never explicitly permitted in any meaningful way: the wholesale merger of high finance with heavy industry (Like wallstreet and California agriculture). This blitzkrieg reorganization of our economy has left millions of Americans facing a smorgasbord of frightfully unexpected new problems (Like Drought Geoengineering in California). Do we even have a regulatory structure in place to look out for these new forms of manipulation? (Answer: We don’t.) And given that the banking sector that came so close to ruining the world economy five years ago has now vastly expanded its footprint, who’s in charge of preventing the next crash? The Tip Licker…..

      The irony is incredible. After fucking up so badly that the government had to give them federal bank charters and bottomless wells of free cash to save their necks, the feds gave Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley hall passes to become cross-species monopolistic powers with almost limitless reach into any sectors of the economy. (Including your chemtrailed lungs and sick body on obamacare).

    • gozounlimited

      So Cal ALERT!… Look What’s Coming Your Way… http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/national/satellite-wv. See the round yellow/orange chemtrailed fireball to your West? Never seen anything like that before….. So better start blowing East with White Vinegar on High Setting. ASAP!!!!

      • gozounlimited

        Saturday morning…. So. Cal keep fans blowing East….. Your making good and safe progress..

        Mr. TL on the DL left his executive aircraft running for three hours at the Fresno airport yesterday. Locals mentioned how TL was unconscious of the exorbitant air pollution his jet spewed into already unhealthy air. Then he flew off to Rancho Mirage to play golf in his perfectly globally warmed 71 degree golf course.

        In a place like Palm Springs, where 57 golf courses challenge the desert, each course eats up a million gallons of water a day. That is, each course each day in Palm Springs consumes as much water as an American family of four uses in four years.

        With Gov. Jerry Brown and other state officials at his side, Obama said addressing the short- and long-term effects of the drought “is something that I’m very committed to. … We are going to stay on top of this, because it has national implications.”

        More like committed to wasting millions of gallons of water on his Rancho Mirage golf game while blanketing the Valley with jet fuel, chemtrails, and polymer snow. What an asshole!!!!!! Fuck-off

        • gozounlimited

          GOOD NEWS!!!!.Up to 5 feet of snow fell in the Sierra; more coming tonight and Monday

          “It’s still snowing and we have another push of moisture coming. So
          this storm isn’t over yet,” Meteorologist Dawn Johnson said.

          Between 3 feet to 5 feet of snow covered parts of Sierra Nevada at elevations
          higher than 8,000 feet, Johnson said. Areas between 7,000 feet and 8,000
          feet saw 2 feet to 3 feet of snowfall, while lake level areas received up to 6 inches.

          And high elevations above 7,000 feet will see another 1 feet to 3 feet of snow Sunday night onto Monday morning, Johnson said.


  • mark

    my video stops when ellsberg is asked a question,….wonder why

  • “I am grateful to Snowden for having given us a constitutional
    crisis, a crisis instead of a silent coup, as after 9/11 an executive
    coup, or a creeping usurpation of authority.” – Ellsberg

    Happy birthday and anniversary MOMCOM.

  • Boooo

    I want to correct your statement. The constitution is not broken. The over see’ers are exploiting the constitution. That my friend is your fault as well as mine. We the people have entrusted the most corrupt, evil government we have ever known in my life time.
    It is up to you and me to fix it too.