Courage Is Contagious: Snowden Has Inspired New High-Level Whistleblowers

New, High-Level NSA Whistleblowers Speak Out

ABC News reported last year that Edward Snowden’s American lawyer – Jessica Radback of the Government Accountability Project – says that Snowden has inspired new NSA whistleblowers.

Now, a current “high-ranking NSA official” has blown the whistle on the fact that the NSA is spying on 320 senior politicians and business leaders in Germany.

Snowden – in turn – was inspired by whistleblowers who went before him.  For example – 12 years before Snowden – a high-level NSA whistleblower warned Congress about about mass surveillance by the NSA against the American people.

Courage is contagious.

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  • Unique

    When you are doing something you should not be doing,
    you need to watch your back. There is always someone
    out there who knows you are doing wrong and will out you.

  • EarlyMedievalSerf

    everyone is a criminal in America waiting to be caught.

  • Axlaiden

    Whomever wrote the article really needs to look over their sources. It’s not Jessica Radback, it’s spelled Jesselyn Radack, but other than that… the article is good. Courage is contagious.

  • marxmarv

    “High-ranking” NSA officials do not whistleblow. They leak, as ordered. There is no possible public purpose to a representative of the USA divulging such a thing. This is the USA’s officially-authorized Nelson laugh, directed squarely at Germany.