Can We All Agree That Our Government Illegally Spying On Us And Violating The 1st And 4th Amendments Is Wrong?

Artwork (and Question) by Anthony Freda

February 11th.

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  • Tonto

    I think it can be assumed everyone might agree that those behind the “TOP FIVE CURES FOR NAIL FUNGUS” advertisement running on this site have keyed in perfectly on David Swanson and Carl Herman. I hope the government is keeping close tabs on these two. With Carl Herman endlessly proclaiming his divine rights, and David Swanson promising to transform himself into the Prince of Peace, no one could doubt they both have more than one screw loose.

    No. I do not object to the government taking action where action is needed. The country is rife with America haters. They all seem to be running and posting on blogs like this one.

    Doesn’t everyone remember the D.C. Sniper? The Unibomber?

    David Swanson and Carl Herman are no different, except until right now, they have seemed to prefer to try to incite others to bomb the country with their blatantly anti-American online rants.

    No. I do not object to the country taking action. We need stronger laws to protect the internal security in this country as long as there are obsessive compulsive, fruitcake ideologist, rabble-rousers like these two loose.

    • Guest

      Wow, good justification. As long as there is at least one crazy person in a country of 330 million people, we should all be happy to see a government violate its own rules as log as they tell us it is for our own good. Flawless logic. Things like this always work to the benefit of the people. Just look at every other society that did shit like this.

      • Tonto

        “Just look at every other society that did shit like this.”

        Name one.

        “Things like this always work to the benefit of the people.”

        The people are idle, dope-addicted, welfare-scum. How would you benefit them that would give them the incentive to control their breeding habits and replace their desire not to work?

        People who write articles like this one went to college because they didn’t want to work. And at college they learned from their hare-brained socialist professors, work is for plebs. So, they become teachers and riot-mongering socialists.

        Who is this benefiting? These people have openly declared themselves to be enemies of the state. The are America haters. They need to be supervised, and caged the very first time they step out of line.

        What’s so difficult to understand?

        • Tyrannicide

          “In the interest of national security, the age old cry of every tyrant”

          Nazi Germany parallels on what you are referring to in your first post.

          Wage slavery or death, doesn’t sound like liberty to me.
          Fallacious logic is one of the bedrock problems with the United States.

          • Tonto

            “Wage slavery or death, doesn’t sound like liberty to me.”

            This is a non sequitur to your insubstantial argument. But still, let me recommend you give up the profession of “wage slave” and start your own business.

            Your problem is, you’re caught in the common pleb rut most everyone suffers on this board. Wage slaves are wage slaves because they lack motivation to make something more of their lives. Most bought a house long before they could actually afford a house, some on the hissing puff that owning is cheaper than renting. Bullshit it is.

            Owning a financed house is a lifestyle choice that makes very little sense… Wage slavery is the chosen profession of the gullible pleb.

        • hrothgar

          Man, you’re cracking me up. Please tell us about chemtrails too.

        • hector


    • Hrothgar

      My goodness, what a communist sentiment.

  • jadan

    Our Constitution is an impediment in the path of the national security state. The fact that this question even has to be asked indicates that it is no longer possible to take our unalienable rights for granted. There should be no debate, yet there is. The NSA is political cancer. Our body politic is rotten with it. The people’s representatives have failed. People like Diane Feinstein are traitors. Violating the guarantees of the Bill of Rights is criminal.