America’s Religiosity Is Increasing: Gallup

Preface by Washington’s Blog:  As the following Gallup chart shows,  the number of “Nonreligious” Americans increased between 2009-2012 from 30.1% to 31.1%, but then dropped in one year to 29.4%.  The percent of both “Very Religious” and “Somewhat Religious” Americans rose during the 5-year period:

Religiosity by Year: 2008-2013

-By Eric Zuesse:

Gallup publishes in February of each year a survey of the extent of self-described religiosity in each state; and they report that religiosity is rising throughout the country.

Gallup headlined this year’s survey on February 3rd, “Mississippi Maintains Hold as Most Religious U.S. State; Vermont is the least religious.” Last year, it was “Mississippi Most Religious State, Vermont Least Religious.” No change there: in fact, the rank-orders of the 50 states (plus D.C.) are almost unchanged during the past 12 months.

What’s notable is instead that the percentages of people saying that they are “Very religious” have increased in almost every state. For example, whereas last year, 58% of Mississippians said that they were “Very religious,” it’s 61% now. And whereas 19% of Vermonters last year said that they were “Very religious,” it’s 22% now. The median state is Ohio: it’s the 25th-most-religious state this year, just as it, too, was last year (again, no change in rank); and, whereas last year 38% of Ohioans said that they were “Very religious,” that’s now risen to 41%.

Across the board, the percentage of Americans who describe themselves as “Very religious” has increased from about 38% to about 41%. At the opposite end, only about 28% of Americans are “Nonreligious” today; whereas, a year ago, about 31% described themselves that way.

Perhaps, as Americans become disenchanted with both politics and economics (the two main secular means of dealing with social problems), they move toward religion in their hopes for solutions and improvement in their conditions.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • apneaman

    Too much religion is a bad thing they say. So is nationalism. They both produce the same results and breed in dying societies. Someone must be blamed and it’s always minorities and non group members. TBTB and the powers that want to be, have always and will always manipulate these angry people.

    • Tonto

      “Dying societies?” Where?

      America is going through a transformation, but it is clearly a renaissance. The scientific bureaucrats are being routed out of every wasteful sinecure. That’s what counts. More kids go off to college today than ever before, and they are coming away with an education that really means something in this renaissance world. They’re learning that education is just another racket, and that they just got massively fleeced by the scientific bureaucracy has been set up to sell the eduction racket.

      Great men don’t go to college. Great men seize control of their futures and build things that change the world.

      Fewer people believe in science every day in America. And I don’t care if that does reflect itself in more religiosity. It’s an awakening. And the lightbulb is going off in the otherwise dull and scientifically enfeebled heads of Americans everywhere. Science is a fucking fraud. Education, the purveyor of scientific myths, is an even bigger fraud.

      Let religiosity reign! And let great men rule the world with an iron fist! That makes for a far better world than a world run by the stifling scientific bureaucracy that once arose in this country unchallenged due to the complacency of American affluence.

      A lot of these scientists alive today need to be taken out an hung. Their ethics and credo have destroyed the vibrance, vim and vigor inherent to a healthier America than existed during the last thirty years of increasing affluence.

      But there are no dying societies in America. There are only crumbling scientific edifices that have stood beyond their usefulness, and which are being toppled, brought down and utterly destroyed, or, their mission statement are being altered to encompass overseeing the destruction of the very decadence that they have helped to create.

      • LordOrlock

        … Youre smoking some strong stuff man.

        • Tonto

          You’re looking in the mirror, Jackass. LordOrlock….

      • apneaman

        Whatever you say there Toronto. You have made many enemies, how will America defend itself without science? No science means, no nukes, no planes, no drones, no aircraft carriers, no missiles, no tanks, no satellites, no radar, etc etc. When the 300 million strong Chinese army starts landing on the beaches, what will you do? Throw bibles at them? Science is a tool, like a gun or a hammer. I agree with you about the decadence. Science did not invent decadence and greed. Those have always been with us. Does your book not warn of this? Would take a diabetic child’s insulin away because it was invented by science? Would you stand beside the parents as their child suffered and slipped into a coma? Maybe when you condemn science, it is just the science that bumps heads with your beliefs. Like evolution and climate science and ecology. No science= No Electricity=No Internet. Scientists don’t run the world, Goldman Sachs does.

        • Tonto

          Scientific homeboy and disciple of twit Doctor Richard Dawkins, I have been an atheist all my life, all 64 years of it.

          In the last twenty years I have abandoned the Religion of Science.

          There is enough scientific weaponry in the U.S. (and in space) right now to end all life on the planet many times over, let alone China. This scientific abomination won’t evaporate. It’s something the world is going to have to deal with, come Hell or high water.

          But the end of the Religion of Science is a not just a welcome renaissance event. It is an absolutely logical necessity if humanity is going to survive. The Religion of Science is a suicidal belief system, that can lead only to one place, Armageddon. No, I do not believe in the Second Coming. I never believed in the first.

          The scientists of the world on the other hand, should all be taken out and shot for what they have done to the planet. This is obvious, if you’d read the news with a more open mind than the typical Richard Dawkins breed of snotty brat that roam the Internet trying to impress everyone how clever they are.

          You are not clever. You are a twit, and very common twit.

      • cettel

        Tonto confuses scientists, or people who apply the epistemology that we call “science,” with technologists, or people who apply the findings of scientists.

        He also confuses what science is: it’s not a belief-system, it’s not an ontology; it’s a meta-methodology, or an epistemology. The opposite epistemology from science is faith, or “religion.” What’s at issue isn’t really ethics at all: it’s epistemology.

        Apparently, the “Tonto” person here is trying to be true to his name, which is the Spanish word for “stupid” or “dumb” in English; which is why the creators of The Lone Ranger used that term as the name of the Indian character who is subservient to the fantasy’s white hero: they were bigots who believed that American Indians are stupid, dumb. But our “Tonto” is just trying to be dumb, at least about epistemology.

        • Tonto

          Science is an ontology?

          Sure it is. The problem with you is you don’t understand what it means to be logical in an ontological sense. There’s nothing logical about science. There’s nothing logical about David Humes’ pragmatism. Each are suicidal belief systems virtually guaranteed to destroy the habitability of the planet and humanity right along with it. That’s just an aberrant belief system you are clinging to in your fright.

          The logical step you are missing in your biased equation concerns the infinitely complexity of reality. The sciences are just approximations, vast approximations that cannot equate to any truth because these scientific approximations cannot and will never provide any accuracy encompassing the infinite complexity of reality about which the sciences claim to speak.

          That infinite complexity makes it impossible for the heinous and humanity-sickening Religion of Science to be anything but suicidal.

          The greater the complexity, the greater the errors, and the greater the consequences of the unintended consequences of science, until there is no scientific humanity left. This is where we are today.

          The ostensibly amoral scientist is a fraud. He is a suicidal devil. He is saying in the face of every bit of available evidence, “I want to continue to be wrong, even at the expense of the end of humanity.”

          But, humanity has outwitted the fruitcake suicidal religiosity of the scientists.

          And the scientists all know it. Science is DEAD.

      • Dian Atamyanov

        Great, kill your education system and let your nation see an unprecedented collapse, while the rest of the world leaves you behind. No one will miss America. I, for one, am not the slightest bit sorry for this self-destructive behaviour.

  • sufferingsuccatash

    I take this data from Gallup with a grain of salt. People may assert their commitment to religious belief on a survey, however Americans generally perform as unrepentant war-mongering heathens and insensitive sociopaths….ie. Iraq War.

    • Joffan

      History suggests that violent and irrational wars can easily arise from religious motives.

      “By their fruits you will know them” – or in common terms, actions speak louder than words.

      • sufferingsuccatash

        Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  • gozounlimited

    No One More Religious Than …… Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare…..

    For Mr.. Washington’s Blog who thinks we are having a natural drought in Cali…. the tree rings told him so. People like Mr. Washington’s Blog don’t have a problem with geoengineers destroying the earths ionosphere but have a problem with people like me who want to replace negative ions that protect us from the sun and incoming celestial bodies. Mr. Washington’s Blog would prefer to bet on your death….than teach you how to survive. Mr. Washington’s Blog is pissed because he has spent the Winter FREEZING…… when we in Cali are chillin, killing chemtrails. pushing air, and enjoying OUR SURF and SKI.

    Too Bad Mr. Washington’s Blog…… next time invest in something that doesn’t KILL PEOPLE, or your portfolio!!!!!!

    • gozounlimited

      So. Cal ….. Fans S/E
      Central ….. Fans S/E
      Nor. Cal …. Fans S/E

    • gozounlimited

      One more question…… Mr. Washington’s Blog…… how many homes DID NOT burn down on Brownie Bob’s Santa Ana because So Cal pushed fake chemtrailed high pressure ridges to the East? Age old social work problem….. can’t prove a negative….. can’t show what you have prevented….. but take a guess. Maybe a hundred? maybe 10….. doesn’t matter. What matters is that evil the mouseoles FAILED!!!!! And will continue to fail as long as So Cal prefers not to burn. They get to chose….. not Brownie Bob.

  • Jeffrey Missal

    Just because people assert that they are religious does not mean that they are.

  • Jeffrey Missal

    Just because people assert that they are religious does not mean that they are.

    • marxmarv

      There are civil religions too, and they’re often distorted versions of ecclesiastical religions. American Exceptionalism is a textbook example.

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    It seems , that the “great American Awakening” , we face , is the “General VOTE Against” the “IRRESPONSIBLE FOREIGN & DOMESTIC POLITIC” , – “TOTALITARIAN TALMUDIC HATE – ; REVENGE – & USURY – WORSHIPPERS” , with the Help of “well – paid proselytic governmental ASSETS” , are pursuing ! — “The deliberately misinformed & for economical Corporate – GREED misused > 99 % – ers < " , are "REMINDED of" the "Universal Human VALUE" of "TRUTH & related VIRTUES" . — The mercyless – fought "Universal GOLDEN RULE" & "MENTALITY of HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY" suddenly appeare to be "Identified" as "Only WAY to a peaceful , – Global HUMANITY" !!!

    • mirageseekr

      Oh you still believe the “vote” myth. Ask yourself this, we have a spy agency capable of monitoring every phone call, text, keystroke on a computer and more releases pending. Do you really think they would have a hard time controlling the electronic voting system? If you need more evidence Google the search words –Vote, Carl Rove, Anonymous, and RT. I think people would be shocked, and of course our media never covered it because that’s how it works in a police state.

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        Try to see the quoted “VOTE” , not as “commonly understood democratic Notion /Word” , but as “Dia-lectical to read & understandable Word , Notion , Idea , Statement” , that is : >>> The “No – Vote” , against the “IRRESPONSIBLE FOREIGN & DOMESTIC POLITIC” , is > “in One” ( the Self , Idea , etc) < the "inspirited YEAH – Vote" for "a RESPONSIBLE FOREIGN & DOMESTIC POLITIC" <<>> The YES , to the Positive , is in One , the NO to the Negative . << far beyond < "Intellectual ILLUSION" !

        • mirageseekr

          Whatever point you are trying to make is lost in the incomprehensible way you have stated it. You may be a rocket scientist for all I know, but regular people can not understand what you are trying to say.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            You seem to misunderstand , the purpose of Comments. This is not the “America – looks – for – the – most – beloved – & – read – Commenter” ! – SHOW . — Take it as a “brain – storming” , & be sure , that those ,to whom it concerns , are able to encrypt the Message . —- Nice , you inform me about the troubles , real Hegelian Dialectic is causing .

          • Dian Atamyanov

            You mean decrypt.

  • Religion is increasing in the military too, along with rape and suicide.

  • wallery

    People always follow what is popular and convenient for them.
    They use religion as a tool, not a way of life.
    Even Obamy said he was a Christian to benefit his self- we know how that worked out.
    I follow no religion, but I do know there is God and those pure of spirit as Jesus- the connection.
    Frankly, if you believe or not bothers me but does not concern me- that is between you and your God- whatever or whoever it may be- such as money, sex, or even food.

    • Dian Atamyanov

      That’s the problem with you God-botherers – you see everything as form of worship and your brains can’t even fathom the idea that some people don’t have any form of deity, be it supernatural or materialistic.

  • Stibbs11

    What a waiste of time, when are they gonna talk about the coming food crisis when farmers can not or will not plant due to government dictates.