2014 Worldwide Wave of Action: Activist advises what YOU should do (3 of ?)

As a political activist since 1977 (details here), here’s my “Top 3 list” of advice for what YOU should do during the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action that begins ~April 4 on the anniversary of Martin King’s assassination by the US government (civil court trial verdict), and completing ~July 4.

1. Know your purpose has 95%+ agreement when people have the facts: There’s abundant power when you recognize people want what you know, whether they recognize it or not in a current state of relative ignorance. That is, if free choice were available under full knowledge, 95%+ of humanity would choose to have the purposes of the 2014 Worldwide Wave accomplished:

I mean, the alternative is the ongoing conditions we have that even most of our oligarchs wouldn’t choose to continue, if they had full freedom of choice!

2. Do what is natural and virtuous for your self-expression: Given a position of power that you have an outcome people really want, AND given a condition that people may not recognize easily the attractiveness of what we offer, experiment with your most virtuous self-expression to play this game. Your unique, powerful, and beautiful sense of virtue is attractive when expressed, and the best you have to offer. Connected with my next point, my own sense of virtue is to be of simple service and fun with others. I only offer information when a genuine opening occurs consistent with someone’s expressed interests. My friend, Bucky Fuller, called this particular indirect outcome precession (and here), similar to the contribution honey bees make with pollination as a side-product of their interest in honey. The outcome is ever-increasing experience and expression of virtue.

3. Relax and have fun ‘cuz we’re guests on Earth, not management: For the first part of my activist career, I operated to save human lives from poverty as quickly as possible. The hard truth is that I am insufficiently powerful to produce that outcome on my own; I am only able to offer this outcome (or any other) in networks for various groups’ consideration. Given my gradual acceptance of an apparent status as a human guest on Earth outside of direct managerial decisions, I’ve looked at different perspectives to be effective and enjoy this experience. From having “played” as hard and fast as I could for years, I’ve surrendered to Bucky’s conclusion/observation of precession.

So what does this mean for YOU and possible actions for the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action?

If a pathway hasn’t opened to your interests so far, and you’re interested, look from the power of purpose, what’s natural to your sense of virtue, and what seems fun. Having a chat with like-minded friends should also open valuable ideas 🙂

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  • Charlie Primero

    “Wave of Change” lacks coherent goals.

    Their assertion that goals will “emerge organically” is irrational, and unsupported by historical evidence.

    • Carl_Herman

      Charlie, you didn’t/won’t read? And where do you get your unsourced assertion of a movement you don’t have the respect to call by its name? Look above at the purpose for three explicit goals:

      Expose 1% oligarchs in the US and elsewhere as OBVIOUS criminals centering in war, money, andmedia (also in ~100 other crucial areas).

      Cause their surrender through arrests or Truth & Reconciliation.

      Initiate true freedom for all Earth’s inhabitants to explore ready breakthroughs in economics (linkshere) and technology, and discover what it is to be human without psychopathic criminals who joke about killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions.

      • Charlie Primero

        Carl those are vague and unfocused, not explicit.

        Vague goals result in a cloud of unfocused steam and noise that accomplishes nothing, ala OWS, except to provide the MSM a target of ridicule which helps reinforce feelings of helplessness among working class people.

        WOC energy is wasted energy that could have been employed ten times more effectively elsewhere.

        • gozounlimited

          Unfortunately, in our modern age, we no longer have the luxury of sticking our feet in the mud and stubbornly attaching to the illusion of our choice.

          You expected OWS to deliver an outcome that did not materialize in your opinion…. so maybe you should examine your expectations and seek meaning in reality. Only your action has meaning…. the meaning you place on others activities is subjective and lives only in your mind. When you find a way to use YOUR energy effectively….when you are satisfied with YOUR outcomes….you will be happy not hopeless.

        • Carl_Herman

          Let’s take one and see, Charlie: expose the US wars are obvious crimes all started on lies, and demand arrests of US political and military leadership of the past two administrations.

          Imagine that accomplished: a critical mass of Americans recognize the wars as unlawful and demanding arrests.

          Now explain to us how that goal would produce nothing, is wasted energy, AND if you want to make that argument also explain how energy can be employed “ten times more effectively.”

          Finally: explain why you insist to use a name and acronym “WOC” that is not the name of this operation.

    • gozounlimited

      Who’s historical evidence? Yours?

  • jo6pac

    3. Relax and have fun ‘cuz we’re guests on Earth, not management
    Thanks, so true

  • We support this and will be speaking at the Thurs 3 April 2014 County Sheriff & Candidate’s Reclamation Meeting in Las Vegas, details to be posted here


  • gozounlimited

    Thank You For…..
    Knowing your purpose
    Doing what is natural and virtuous for your self-expression
    Relaxing and have fun ‘cuz we’re guests on Earth, not management….. LOVE YOU

    As facilitators (not managers) we are bringing in a storm from the N/W. Concast reports that we need 20 inches of rain to overcome drought…. HA..HA..HA..HA. They need twenty inches to match the balls they use to lie that way. Don’t need twenty inches ….but certainly could use another billion dollar storm. So N-Cal & C-Cal Fans facing S/E. So Cal fans facing East. This is what we are up against…. http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/national/satellite-wv?play=1. Chemtrails (orange) directing the jet stream North….when nature is going South. We can help nature out…. by cleaning the air and pushing it in it’s natural direction instead of Concasts unnatural drought producing direction. Because….after all…..as Concast states….. things can change.

    • jo6pac

      I was talking with the farmer that lease the land around me. The 80 acres next to the house will only have a 1/3 planted. Then the Corn for humans won’t be planted at all and all water is shut off Aug 31 if not June 1st. He has another piece that will receive no water at all. The land along the San Joaquin river will not have water because the water is to low for the pumps. Food is going to be $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Plant a garden collect what rain water you can and good luck to us all in Calli.

      • gozounlimited

        Our geoengineered drought is benefiting evil men with political aspirations who require millions/billions to advance their political careers in Cali and Washington. The money they desperately need will be forthcoming when they complete the demise of Cali. under the global warming ruse. Similar to what is happening in the Ukraine…. we are in the midst of a Coup produced by banksters, hedgefunds, NGO’s, corporations, politicos while our government turns its back, preferring to benefit from the public/private partnerships they create that are rife with corruption and conflict of interest.

  • allisnotasitseems


    I remember watching the gatherings at the Berlin Wall….a few, then more, then a lot, then a chip, then a chunk, then the automatic weapons got lowered while security curiously mouth agape looked on. Similar goes for the process in Moscow. of course there were other geopolitical backdrops like the numerous billions that got poured into dismantling the country by the US, but very powerful display nonetheless as the soldiers sat on their tanks.

    Maybe good info for interested parties to review, The Maharishi Effect. The following :

    “I think the claim can be plausibly made that the potential impact of this research exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program. It has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution. This work and the theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.” — David Edwards Ph.D., Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin
    Having seen live blood under a microscope change instantaneously when a person’s thought changed, and seeing miraculous events that mirror this power in the universe and connection of all that is, we have all the opportunity in the world to thrive in our own individual ways as soon as we decide to do so.
    Much appreciation.