The Thugs of Halftime

Three remarkable items in Thursday’s Charlottesville Daily Progress.  First, a football player explaining that when he proclaimed his superiority to his opponent after a game he was caught up in the game’s passion, and that the overblown reaction to his obnoxious comments seems racist. Indeed it does, but it seems to reflect another type of willful ignorance as well.

Spectators at gladiator matches don’t want to see too deeply into the minds of the gladiators.  We want to watch violent sports without peering inside the helmets. Do they have to tell themselves the other team is dirt? Are they scared? Are they vicious? We don’t want to know that stuff.  We want them to give the other guy brain damage and then jump up and talk to the microphone like a coach: “They played a great game today, and in my analysis we won by outplaying them at the game of football. That’s what it really comes down to.”

Football players are the least of it. Their thoughts would be far more acceptable in prime time than the thoughts of some other people on that field.  In many ways, football games have become advertisements for wars and militarism.  Jets fly over. Soldiers hold flags. Guns are fired. War-based national anthems are sung. Troops are honored. But do those troops chant what they chant in basic training? Do they scream about how blood makes the grass grow? Do they shout their racism and bigotry and insatiable desire to kill? Of course not.  Barbara Bush didn’t want her beautiful mind disturbed with body counts and why should we?

If Richard Sherman is a thug for saying he’s better than an opposing player, what are soldiers, sailors, Marines, and drone “pilots” who have been conditioned to kill on command because they are so far better than the men, women, children, infants, and grandparents they kill, as to consider those lives expendable?  Football fans don’t want to know.  Who wants to see what went into a hotdog? Who wants to know what it means to have panem with your circenses? Who wants to experience what it takes to make the United States — in a recent poll of 65 nations — the overwhelming leader as the greatest threat to peace in the world? Who wants to hear that Pat Tillman came to oppose the war he was engaged in and was killed by “friendly fire” with no “enemies” for miles around?  It’s a good thing the uniformed thugs of halftime don’t speak unrehearsed into microphones.

I recall in a recent Super Bowl hearing the announcer thank U.S. troops for watching from 177 countries. That number could go up a little this year. To put it in context, there are 196 countries on earth.  What are armed Americans doing in 177 countries? They’re making their fellow Americans hated.  Look at this week’s election in Okinawa, where the victorious mayoral candidate ran on a platform of opposing the U.S. bases.  Look at Italy, where the entire nation turned against the massive U.S. base construction at Vicenza.  Look at South Korea, where the people of Jeju Island are willing to give their lives to stop the construction of a huge base for U.S. ships.  Look at Bahrain, where the people are courageously resisted a vicious monarch, a thug if ever there was a thug, and the United States that stands behind him for the sake of docking its deadly ships in his little boat-dock nation. Look at Yemen, whose corrupt government was forced to admit last week to a major humanitarian crisis of traumatized children — traumatized by the constant buzzing of U.S. drones. Who wants to know that? I want to see cheerleaders and funny commercials!

Item number two: “Kaine Talks War Powers Bill.” This article suggests that Senator Tim Kaine wants to restore warmaking powers to Congress.  But read Kaine’s press release.  This bill would violate the Constitution which gave war powers to Congress, and the War Powers Resolution which retained partial war powers for Congress.  Rather than a Congressional authorization, under Kaine’s bill, presidents would just have to talk to Congress, after which they could tell Congress to go to hell and proceed with their desired wars (except for endless drone wars, for which Kaine says the requirement to talk to Congress is waived).  And why undo the War Powers Resolution? The thinking, as recounted in the article, is that, since presidents keep violating it, repealing it is the way to uphold “the rule of law.”  So, what will uphold the new law?  If presidents don’t even talk to Congress — as Obama went out of his way to avoid doing before bombing Libya — will the new law have to be repealed to uphold “the rule of law”?

One would think presidents couldn’t be impeached and prosecuted.

If only there were someone to ask about that!

Item number three: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to speak at UVA’s Miller Center at 3 p.m. Thursday. Public not welcome.

I don’t recall the exercise of one’s rights under the First Amendment requiring an invitation. Do you?

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  • gozounlimited

    The real thugs in Cali and Washington want you to believe they need drones to seed rain clouds in order to correct their geoengineered drought…. Problem is they kill rain clouds with geoengineering in the Central Pacific before they can get to us. Why the East coast is freezing with constant Arctic clippers and how the West is being forced into drought. Nothing to seed. All you see here are thousands of chemtrail cowboys spraying and flu bombing…… no seeding ever……. let’s see them drone some heat over the East coast before they freeze to death.

    The thugs also want you to believe an emergency drought-relief bill is needed that will unwinde wildlife protection by halting restoration of the San Joaquin River designed to bring back the historic salmon flow and maybe decent water to drink, When House Speaker John Boehner visited a dusty California field on Wednesday (who invited him?) he stated “How you can favor fish over people is something people in my part of the world would never understand,” His part of the world will never understand Cali and would be better off butting out!….

    Brownie Bob has assumed political ownership of his geoengineered drought by attempting to clear the way for what he hopes will be a landmark accomplishment, the construction of twin tunnels to carry Sacramento River water to the head of the California Aqueduct, thus completing the state water project that his father began more than a half-century ago. Now that’s a good reason to put on a drought.

    Strong arm water interests and legislators have been working on a water bond issue that wouldn’t directly pay for the tunnels, but would finance some ancillary aspects of the project (drones). The drought ramps up pressure for political response to the state’s precarious water supply and that, legislative leaders seem to be saying, means they should place a revised water bond on the ballot this year.

    However, Brownie Bob apparently doesn’t want a water bond on the same ballot as his re-election.A water bond could become a geoengineered drought-colored referendum on the tunnels and undercut his posture as animposter who cuts state debt, not increases it. Brown also doesn’t want a school bond that education groups are seeking,arguing that the state should no longer be the primary source of construction financing. But were he to accede on a water bond, or allow rain to break the drought, it would weaken his school bond position…..

  • Tonto

    As for your Thugs of Halftime”, I’m no football fan. But neither am I a stinking peace freak. Peace freaks are people who unconsciously invite the prospect of trying to live like how the Chinese, the Indians and the Mexicans live, with virtually no empathy for anyone, and literally elbow to elbow in complete and utter abject poverty. That’s the reality of overpopulation in this world.

    My race of people will go extinct under those living conditions. We are not made for such an existence. That’s the truth. Should my race die out to glorify the endlessly whining, and, completely delusional peace freaks of the world? I don’t think so, David Swanson, not for you and all the other mindless peace freaks that pine about war.

    Humanity is not ready to abandon war as a population control device. Nor is humanity going to be best served by abandoning war during the endless war against the invading Mongol hordes that have historically come from the east to rape, pillage and plunder when their own surroundings became so completely depleted that they could no longer survive by staying home and within their own borders.

    Look at the pictures of pollution in China right now. Look at the pictures of Mexico City and Calcutta! Think those people wouldn’t jump at the chance to emigrate to the U.S? That’s also why immigrants come here in such vast numbers. The problem is, they bring with them, the very same beliefs, attitudes and modes of living that lead directly to the very same living conditions they are fleeing in such great numbers.

    Just look at Los Angeles, Kansas City, Detroit, Trenton, Miami, New York, Philly, Dallas, and Boston. These festering human sores are not populated by people of my race, David Swanson. And they’re all coming to a town near you too!

    Is that what you want for America? America today has the same population as India had in 1927, and that China had in 1880. Think about that. And think about the fact we are NOT seeing any life-improving “progress” today. Today the only “progress” being made is in taking in a few fewer mouthfuls of water as the country treads water during the continuing drowning of America. We are drowning in immigrants, David Swanson.

    The quality of life in this country is shitting the bed, David Swanson. I made more money, in equivalent terms, when I was twelve years old in 1962 making a buck an hour (and gasoline was nineteen cents) than 98% of the working population in this country makes today. That is due to immigration policies. This is due to a growing overpopulation problem.

    Is this a racist view? You are damned right it is a racist view. I am not interested in surrendering the world to those other races that survive better in the filthy and decrepit conditions that exist around the world in places where men and women breed like flies.

    If war isn’t declared, then we might just as well all go out and commit
    suicide, because the invading, heavily breeding hordes are getting very
    edgy, very hungry, very aggressive, and they are looking at the United States as something they might
    just inherit someday soon, if they keep pushing the limit. When another more adequate social device is found to put a cap on the ever increasing numbers of these restless breeders, I gladly will endorse the appeasement of the peace-at-any-cost movement.

    Until then, I say, BOMBS AWAY!

    • TheTruth

      k bro

  • You are in error to call the football player a thug. Way wrong. The New Orleans Saints paid their players up to $50,000 dollars to harm players on opposing teams. Leading to the injury to Peyton Manning and lots of others. Their players and coaches were not banned from football. That guy you called a thug helped beat New Orleans in the game before the SF game. Chill out dude.

    • wunsacon

      >> You are in error to call the football player a thug. Way wrong. The New
      Orleans Saints paid their players up to $50,000 dollars to harm players
      on opposing teams. Leading to the injury to Peyton Manning and lots of

      Sentences 3 and 4 contradict the first two in a way that leads me to infer intentional irony.

      >> That guy you called a thug helped beat New Orleans in the game before the SF game. Chill out dude.

      But, now, I conclude it was unintentional.

  • PolitiJim

    this guy needs to audit a logic 101 (and Bible 101) class.

    want to strip out all unconstitutional powers of the Executive,
    Legislative and Judicial branches? I’m with you. You want to change
    the system in Washington to disallow special interests and starve it of
    it’s power over the lives of Americans? I’m with you. But you want to
    somehow assert that America having an army is going to suddenly make
    life rosy and Kumbya will become the national anthem? Then this author
    is an absolute idiot.

    Clearly this blogger has no clue
    how a reassertion of GOOD liberty powers would actually succeed in
    giving the power back to WE THE PEOPLE. It sure as hell won’t happen by
    ignorantly associating all armed forces as some force of evil.

    Let’s get started…

    “We want them to give the other guy brain damage.” Yes, there are a
    few sports professionals who have a spirit of murder. But they are few
    and far in between. i KNOW some pro-football players (all ex-players
    now), and they are kind, loving men. In fact – your author seems to
    ignore Sherman’s press conference afterward where he describes falling
    on his knees to PRAY for injured players of the other team when they got
    hurt. His whole argument based on his analogy has already fallen apart
    in the first paragraph.

    – I agree that the world
    feels the US is the biggest threat to world peace. Especially now after
    Obama has personally manned drones to kill targets in foreign lands.
    But think back to the first Gulf war when Kuwait’s went from being
    anti-American to naming half of their schools for GHBush. Iraqi public
    opinion soared in appreciation for Americans following the surge and
    their liberation. (And dropped when we wouldn’t leave). Again – world
    opinion is not an empirical measurement of the “goodness” or “evil” of
    it’s focus. Israel – despite saving and supporting more Palestinians
    than Hamas does has a terrible public opinion (there and elsewhere) EVEN
    giving up portions of Jerusalem. (And Arafat didn’t accept it – thank
    God). Why? Because advertising works. If you tell enough people over
    and over again someone has a bad motive – eventually many will believe

    So your author (again) is subscribing to the notion
    that ALL armies and soldiers want to conduct evil and have no useful
    purpose. Funny how the French still hold an annual holiday in Normandy
    to commemorate American soldiers who died to liberate them from Nazi
    tyranny. And what about the armies of King David who obliterated
    Philistines, Amorites, Jebusites and other parasites – some of whom
    hadn’t even attacked Israel. Does your author think this was wrong?

    It seems your author comes from a philosophical view point of nihilism and (at least) agnosticism. And ignorance.

    this man condemn a father shooting an intruder who wanted to rape his
    daughter? If not, he is a hypocrite. Because (as Estonia and Poland
    know), you can not repel evil without at least the THREAT of force – if
    not the use of it.

    And yes, that same gun in the hand of a
    Crip needing coke in Crenshaw, CA would be bad. But it ain’t the gun
    with whom the problem lies.

    An army is ONLY a weapon.

    And clearly he has never read the
    writings of the Founding Fathers who wrote the American constitution he
    claims to be the basis of his final argument. They argued for a strong
    army IN ADDITION to a militia, and John Adams – perhaps the most
    biblically driven designer of the Constitution besides John Jay and Noah
    Webster – devoted enormous efforts to build a Navy which prevented at
    least TWO wars within the next 60 years and – some would argue –
    allowed America to become a prosperous world economic power by defeating
    the Islamic jihadists at Tripoli during the first Barbary war.

    Evil unchecked by a greater power enslaves in the natural just as it does in the spirit because it’s father.

    my humble opinion, this author claiming that ALL armies/force AT THEIR
    HEART want to kill/rape/pillage is absolutely ridiculous. In fact –
    Egypt would be a state sponsor of terrorism TODAY if were not for the
    Egyptian army that finally stood up to Morsi and overthrew him.

    America has a long legacy of extremely patriotic,
    God-fearing leaders (including the 200+ that have been purged over the
    past 6 years) who – while not perfect – take the responsibility of
    their force seriously. My business Alan Vera (former Army Ranger
    special ops) would TODAY be willing to loose his life if there was a
    hope of ridding this government from all tyrannical forces (both GOP AND
    DEM) so his grandkids would have a better life. What an idiot this
    author must be to assume they all have such evil in their hearts.

    decision point I personally have grown in since 2008 is that I
    (finally) am beginning to understand how a very few players not only
    manipulated those fighting forces to accomplish an evil purpose (like
    Vietnam which really didn’t pose an American threat), but also
    Presidents and the American people. Frankly, I don’t know how you
    change an entire corrupt structure of CIA/NWO operations with complicity
    of mass media. In the history of the world there have only been a few
    ways. Nazi Germany was overcome by force which finally stripped them of
    their propaganda machine. The Soviet force was stripped economically
    by the THREAT of force – at least temporarily opening a chance at
    freedom. (And also proving that without Jesus – or at least the
    philosophy of Christianity – no freedom can be perpetuated as Jefferson,
    Adams, Washington and Henry all emphasized ad naseum.)

    is not only attacking the intellectually weak concept of military force
    of any kind – but ignorantly assuming it is just one big monolithic
    force that has a clear will that intent on destruction. In reality, it
    is a very few people using mind (and spiritual) control on key players
    to individually accomplish their will. The minute enough people stand
    up to them – they are doomed.

    It would be nice to see him
    attack the media who enslaves the real power – WE THE PEOPLE – which
    would have a much bigger impact on the outcome of freedom.

    – notion of the Spirit of God which even one time philanderer and
    agnostic Benjamin Franklin came to realize was the real success for the
    first American revolution.