Weapons Inspectors: Syrian Chemical Weapons Fired from REBEL-HELD Territory

But U.S. Is Still Calling for Regime Change

The head of the UN weapons inspectors said that the American case for Syrian government firing chemical weapons was weak, because the rockets can only go 2 miles … but government-held territory is much further away.

Similarly, McClatchy reported yesterday:

A team of security and arms experts, meeting this week in Washington to discuss the matter, has concluded that the range of the rocket that delivered sarin in the largest attack that night was too short for the device to have been fired from the Syrian government positions where the Obama administration insists they originated.


The authors of a report released Wednesday said that their study of the rocket’s design, its likely payload and its possible trajectories show that it would have been impossible for the rocket to have been fired from inside areas controlled by the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Map of Damascus

Modified Grad missile

In the report, titled “Possible Implications of Faulty U.S. Technical Intelligence,” Richard Lloyd, a former United Nations weapons inspector, and Theodore Postol, a professor of science, technology and national security policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, argue that the question about the rocket’s range indicates a major weakness in the case for military action initially pressed by Obama administration officials.


To emphasize their point, the authors used a map produced by the White House that showed which areas were under government and rebel control on Aug. 21 and where the chemical weapons attack occurred. Drawing circles around Zamalka to show the range from which the rocket could have come, the authors conclude that all of the likely launching points were in rebel-held areas or areas that were in dispute. The area securely in government hands was miles from the possible launch zones.

In an interview, Postol said that a basic analysis of the weapon – some also have described as a looking like a push pop, a fat cylinder filled with sarin atop a thin stick that holds the engine – would have shown that it wasn’t capable of flying the 6 miles from the center of the Syrian government-controlled part of Damascus to the point of impact in the suburbs, or even the 3.6 miles from the edges of government-controlled ground.

He questioned whether U.S. intelligence officials had actually analyzed the improbability of a rocket with such a non-aerodynamic design traveling so far before Secretary of State John Kerry declared on Sept. 3 that “we are certain that none of the opposition has the weapons or capacity to effect a strike of this scale – particularly from the heart of regime territory.”

“I honestly have no idea what happened,” Postol said. “My view when I started this process was that it couldn’t be anything but the Syrian government behind the attack. But now I’m not sure of anything. The administration narrative was not even close to reality. Our intelligence cannot possibly be correct.”

Lloyd, who has spent the past half-year studying the weapons and capabilities in the Syrian conflict, disputed the assumption that the rebels are less capable of making rockets than the Syrian military.

The Syrian rebels most definitely have the ability to make these weapons,” he said. “I think they might have more ability than the Syrian government.” [He’s right.]


They said that Kerry’s insistence that U.S. satellite images had shown the impact points of the chemical weapons was unlikely to be true. The charges that detonate chemical weapons are generally so small, they said, that their detonations would not be visible in a satellite image.

The report also raised questions whether the Obama administration misused intelligence information in a way similar to the administration of President George W. Bush in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  [Correct, indeed.] Then, U.S. officials insisted that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had an active program to develop weapons of mass destruction. Subsequent inspections turned up no such program or weapons.

“What, exactly, are we spending all this money on intelligence for?” Postol asked.


Even the New York Times – one of the main advocates for the claims that the rockets came from a Syrian government base – has quietly dropped the claim.

But the U.S. is still taking the position that the only acceptable outcome for the coming Syria negotiations is for Assad to be replaced by the US-backed transitional government.

As with Iraq, the “facts” are being fixed around the policy.

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  • big man

    Thank God that sanity prevailed this time round .Otherwise it could have resulted in the colossal human loss.

  • gozounlimited

    Geoengineering Inspectors: American Chemical Weapons Fired on BROWNIE-BOB-HELD Territory

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    • gozounlimited

      Almost time for Brownie Bob to declare his drought and set off tax payer support for dieing farmers and escalating food costs. His support for wall street and monsanto should derive a cache of paper that he thinks will win him the presidency.

      Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said he and President Obama want to ensure that agriculture remains a bright spot in the nation’s economy…..Really?…. spraying us with deadly chemicals that causes drought doesn’t show it…. more tip licking.

      “USDA stands with you and your communities when severe weather and natural disasters threaten to disrupt your livelihood.” he said in statement…..Really?…with what, FOOD STAMPS? While you steal our farmers land?

      What we’re seeing meteorologically is a government geoengineered blocking pattern that is
      deflecting all the storms,” said Brian Fuchs, a climatologist with the Lincoln, Neb.-based National Drought Mitigation Center. “There really hasn’t been a lot of indication that this pattern is breaking down.”…. Really? The chemtrail cowboys can’t lay a track near me…. barometric pressure has come down with each person coming on line with chemtrail killing white vinegar.

      “Once you cross the Rockies, nothing on the East is going to help you,” Fuchs said.
      Hey Fucks……. once you cross the American people, nothing in God’s heaven or earth is going to help you!!!!!!


      • gozounlimited


        Extinction Level Methane Releases Caused by Geoengineering Chem-trails – further evidence of intentional genocide : http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2013/… High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is connected to chemtrailing, microwaving the particulate at night further escalates the warming trend, and between chemtrails and Haarpoons, if it hasnt already reached the tipping point, as methane is releasing into the atmosphere now, continuing either program will eventually release trillions of tonnes of methane from frozen underground and undersea deposits making the planet burn up like some apocalyptic horror story. The kicker is that this is all avoidable!

        • gozounlimited

          Appears Americans can’t help themselves ….. the desire for constant orgasmic sensation has overcome the survival instinct. Survival of the fittest vs.a flacid penis. Guess who wins.


      • gozounlimited

        Barometric pressure is down to 30.14 and dropping. Everyday someone new starts to mist vinegar. The other benefit to misting vinegar is a balanced pH for body, air, water and land. You are contributing to healthier people and healthier environment…. including higher IQ and happiness for all animals.

  • Lucy Hill

    Almost everything that comes from the top is a lie e.g. Syria False Flag, Vaccines, 9/11 False Flag, Climate Change Scam etc, the more you research into those the more you realize that we’ve been lied to. Even WW1 and WW2 were brought to us by the same banking families