NSA Propaganda Backfires … Public Trusts Government Less Than Ever

Nobody Likes a Liar

Americans have doubted the NSA – and Obama’s intention to rein in its spying – ever since the Snowden leaks started.

People didn’t buy Obama’s “big speech”. And see this.

Polls show that – even after the speech – Americans ain’t buying NSA’s claims.

Indeed, the only effect of the NSA and White House’s massive propaganda campaign is to destroy what little remaining trust the American people still had in their government.

Indeed, government representatives have been caught lying so often – and have so blatantly disregarded what people want to help out the fatcats – that very few people like their politicians, and people are more afraid of the government than of terrorists.

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  • Voice of Reason

    This OUGHT to be a genuine national security issue if the phrase “national security” hadn’t become a euphemism for crony capitalism. When the Pentagon, the one government agency that usually gets everything it asks for, is told it must take even more because it has been so decreed by Congress, people stop taking the need for national security seriously.

    That’s not saying there isn’t an occasional general or admiral interested in job protection and more than willing to help Wall Street and its government make trouble around the world. But it is a reasonable assumption there are other national governments at least as corrupt as our own – and that at some point we may need to be protected from them, just as they (and some would argue WE) need to be protected from ours right now.

  • Greg Burton

    NSA Propaganda Backfires? Public Trusts Government Less Than Ever? Are we so sure?

    It would be in the interests of the Satanic globalist, who have planned the destruction of the United States, its economic, democratic, ecclesiastical institutions as a pre-condition for implementing plans for a Satanic communo-fascist NWO, for Americans to completely repudiate their country as a set-up for a one world dictatorship, a one world currency.

    People who like their country, do not, as a MSM conditioned and processed group mind, usually want an alternative governmental model without first diminishing and disparaging the current one.

    • Tonto

      Come on, Greg. “It would be in the interests of the Satanic globalist, who have planned
      the destruction of the United States, its economic, democratic,
      ecclesiastical institutions as a pre-condition for implementing plans
      for a Satanic communo-fascist NWO, for Americans to completely repudiate
      their country as a set-up for a one world dictatorship, a one world

      The alternative media isn’t real. It should only be considered entertainment. Only fruitcakes and liars talk about the NWO, in terms of the 1% versus the 99%, or the destruction of the United States. You cannot really believe all the silliness that goes on here. These people do about as much fact-checking as entertainers. They make this shit up. The alternative media has exactly the credibility of the entertainment industry.

      Look at this. http://www.usdebtclock.org/state-debt-clocks/state-of-maine-debt-clock.html

      On the above site it says, 1,060,430 residents in Maine are on food stamps. That cannot possibly be true. There are only 1.3 million people in Maine. The statement made on this site would have to be taken to mean three out of every four in Maine are on food stamps. That’s just plain, not true.

      But does anyone online check the facts they read online? No. Sites, like this one, very commonly make everything up based on what they’ve read elsewhere in the alternative media funny papers. Think about it, these sites have been proclaiming the end of the dollar and gold prices as high as $20,000 an ounce for years! It didn;t happen. Even pretentiously respected authors like Paul Craig Roberts make up names for things that don’t exist. Guys like Michael Rivero intentionally skew their sites toward catastrophism and the other-worldly bizarre. Michael is an expert on every subject, if you ask him. These guys, guys like Jeff Rense, they are all just entertainers!

      The alternative media is like the Saturday morning cartoons on TV.

      And then mindless, impressionable people like you who get sucked into the story line of this for-entertainment-only bullshit, start spewing out their own stories, like they’re experts on the alternative media funny business, adding to the tsunami of the mis-info-tainment industry commonly referred to as the alternative media.

      The alternative media has just about zero deserved credibility. But there are plenty of fools who read nothing but the alternative media. And they read it as if it were gospel.


  • Tonto

    Nobody likes a liar… Hah-ha. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Government has an unfortunate credibility gap, one mostly created by the lame and wholly misguided, America hating, conspiracy theory spewing, “alternative media”. CHANNELING Michael Rivero!

    This is the reason Julian Assange arose, and why Edward Snowden has been even more carefully portrayed as a truth-teller. When the time comes, you’ll all jump, because Edward Snowden tells you to jump. JUMP!

    Now WAIT! Before you jump, ask yourself this. Just how the Hell did Edward Snowden become such an over-night sensation? Isn’t it the main stream media who introduced Edward Snowden to the world? And isn’t it the main stream media that introduced Julian Assange to all of you too?

    So, just how fucking stupid are you then?

    And why do you think Jesse Jackson Jr. has been hauled before the legal system and flayed? Is it just coincidence that the Reverend Jesse Jackson seems so completely uncharacteristically quiet? It used to be keeping Jesse Jackson quiet was like trying to put the cork back into a bottle of champagne before it stopped fizzing.

    The truth is, the gang behind the dope dealer in the White House plays the game very rough. And they are very clever too. Just think about all the lies that have gone underneath the bridge since the skinny Mr. Obama captured the White House by flirting with all the liberal floozies.

    You idiots in the alternative media are all so fucking stupid, you’d let Obama get away with saying the Navy Seals AGAIN got Osama bin Laden and AGAIN threw his body in the ocean!!!!!

    LoL Go smoke a few more joints. Dope makes you all so intelligent. Your farts smell like lilacs after you smoke a joint, right?

    • Mr. Jonz

      WTF are you talking about? Babbling idiot.

    • Heraldo

      In case you’re wondering, this is what a shill/discussion-suppression post looks like. Link unassociated information with scotch tape and bank on fire-together-wire-together doing the rest of the work for you.

      For the record, everything we’ve heard ‘from Snowden’ has come through the MSM. This considered, the information did come from a very real person who, I believe, really gives a shit about the world around him. What the mouthpieces who wish to profit from his information do, doesn’t affect Snowden’s character, intentions, or very real scenario of never being able to return home.

      We can only hope that more of the 1.5 million people with above-top-secret access to such information (yup, 1 in every 300 Americans maintains full access to everyone else’s dirt) value individual, intellectual sovereignty.

      • Tonto

        Heraldo- The really funny thing about your post, and the one by “Mr. Jonz below this one, is that the regulars on this board know very well who I am. They know my real name. And, if they have been paying attention. They know where I live. They even know how old I am. I’ll be 64 next week.

        Whereas, if one clicks the link on “Heraldo” one will find this “Heraldo” has made exactly one comment, this one, using his WordPress moniker. LoL

        “Mr. Jonz” is also a complete unknown on this board, to me anyway.

        Ain’t it funny how you two found me.

        The alternative media’s obsession with anonymity is an invitation for manipulation of the ideas being presented in the alternative media. That has been one of the regular themes of my posts. The alternative media is a House of Mirrors.

        Everyone has a motivation for making posts. I like to think mine are educational, meant to inform others just how silly they have become online, and what the more likely truth is. I can be harsh and even coarse, exactly like what one would expect to find online. But I am honest about what I believe.

        I also am halfheartedly trying to sell some books and a little art.

        Maine – A Love Story http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HI5OLM8

        A Critique of Pure Science http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002EVPYDQ

        The New Epistemology of Morality and Truth http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HI1BXEQ

        An Illustrated Philosopher Primer For Young Readers http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HI1PQRQ

        Here is an article about my painting, Paul R. LePage – Governor of Maine. I painted this portrait three years ago. This Bangor Daily News -Blog article is the first time anyone in the media EVER mentioned this great, Maine, public, work of art. Publicity, is almost always bought and paid for. And this is a magnificently fantastic portrait, the modern equivalent of Hyancinthe Rigaud’s Portrait of Louis XIV that hangs in the Louvre.


        Trust me. I know just how impossible it is to create the kind of publicity that both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden got from the main stream media. If you’re not a government stooge, or connected to one of the entertainment mafias, publicity is almost impossible to engender.

        So, folks. You decide who’s the government stooge posting here, and what their motivation is in making their posts.

        Don Robertson
        Limestone, Maine

        • Montgomery Scott

          ‘Tonto’? Gee whiz, this sounds like a MINITRU script!
          “You idiots in the alternative media are all so fucking stupid, you’d let
          Obama get away with saying the Navy Seals AGAIN got Osama bin Laden and
          AGAIN threw his body in the ocean!!!!!” You actually SAID this, ‘Tonto’…
          Well, an old liar is a bad liar (after all, you’ll be 64 next week, and ‘EVERYONE knows you’…).
          I’ll drop a note to WRH, and let them know that you are a big supporter. I’ll also tell Matt Drudge, and other ‘aggregators’. I’m sure they will all be pleasantly surprised that you’re surveilling their sites (gee, you are surveilling THIS site, and every other site, and all the emails and posts and phone conversations and…).
          YEAH, you ARE. 100%. GUARANTEED.
          NSA ORIGINS (1940-1952):
          Of course, the Central Intelligence Agency Act was passed in ’49, which would make you 65, TONTO.

          WELL, I FOUND YOU (OUT), TOO.
          “”Mr. Jonz” is also a complete unknown on this board, to me anyway.”
          You don’t know me either, but tell your handler that your position has been compromised, for me, sweetheart.

          Lies and half-truths no longer suffice for the likes of you.

          • Tonto

            Aggregators? Aren’t you the conspiracy theorist pisser. Aggregators of what? You live and breath this shit, don’t you.

            Get a life loser. You’ve obviously been belief-gaffed by all the entertainers in the conspiracy theorist industry that rules the alternative media. Your sense of reality is no doubt one dope-fueled nightmare. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

            Stick around a while. You’ll like Mr. 99% who spews his socialist hate mongering here like a SuperHero pitted against the mythical 1% he refuses to name.

            Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Join the fruitcake crowd. You’ll fit right in, loser.

          • Montgomery Scott

            “You live and breath this shit, don’t you.”

            What country did you say you were from, Tonto?
            I am thinking the HAIFA region, but, I might be incorrect. Hell, you might actually be over in Alexandria (VA). The people over THERE can’t spell, and don’t know dictum, EITHER. PUNCTUATION is a TERRIBLE thing to FUCK UP, and SPELLING; well, there’s NO EXCUSE except to state that YOU don’t know how to do it in ENGLISH (as a native language). Sorry if I pissed you off (and, I hope that I might do so in the future). DAMN, SKIPPY, you are obviously all ‘shocked and shaken’! I do hope that I didn’t get you all upset, and I HATE to see you get your panties all bunched up like this!

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on NSA Propaganda Backfires … Public Trusts Government Less Than Ever

  • Washington76

    Did you know only six corporations own 90% of everything we read and view?

    • Montgomery Scott

      Yes, this is a well-known issue for those who are not hypnotized, sanitized, and otherwise brainwashed; but thanks for downloading a refresher.
      The NEXT step is to find out the board members/CEO’s, and see the ties between these corporations and certain others. This search in itself is quite revealing.

  • The sharing of the private information of Americans with international corporations is another reason that Americans do not like the military NSA. The NSA seems to be working on behalf of a foreign influence.