Is a Major Gold Scandal Going Mainstream?

Allegation that Central Banks Have Rehypothecated, Leased or Outright Sold the Gold They Claim to Have Is Gaining Momentum

We noted in 2012 that there are serious questions as to whether the Fed and other central banks really have the gold holdings which they claim.

This story is starting to go mainstream.

The Financial Times writes today (h/t Zero Hedge):

A year ago the Bundesbank announced that it intended to repatriate 700 tons of Germany’s gold from Paris and New York. Although a couple of jumbo jets could have managed the transatlantic removal, it made security sense to ship the load in smaller consignments. Just how small, and over how long, has only just become apparent.

Last month Jens Weidmann, Bundesbank president, admitted that just 37 tons had arrived in Frankfurt. The original timescale, to complete the transfer by 2020, was leisurely enough, but at this rate it would take 20 years for a simple operation. Well, perhaps not so simple. While he awaits delivery, Herr Weidmann is welcome to come and look through the bars in the Federal Reserve’s vaults, but the question is: whose bars are they?

In the “armchair farmer” fraud you are told: “Look, this is your pig, in the sty.” It works until everyone wants physical delivery of their pig, which is why Buba’s move last year caused such a stir. After all nobody knows whether there are really 260m ounces of gold in Fort Knox, because the US government won’t let auditors inside.

The delivery problem for the Fed is a different breed of pig. The gold market is far more than exchanging paper money for precious metal. Indeed the metal seems something of a sideshow. In June last year the average volume of gold cleared in London hit 29m ounces per day. The world’s mines are producing 90m ounces per year. The traded volume was many times the cleared volume.

The paper gold in the London Bullion Market takes the familiar forms that bankers have turned into profit machines: futures, options, leveraged trades, collateralised obligations, ETFs . . . a storm of exotic instruments, each of which is carefully logged, cross-checked and audited.

Or perhaps not. High-flying traders find such backroom work tedious, and prefer to let some drone do it, just as they did with those money-market instruments that fuelled the banking crisis. The drones will have full control of the paper trail, won’t they? There’s surely no chance that the Fed’s little delivery difficulty has anything to do with the cat’s-cradle of pledges based on the gold in its vaults?

John Hathaway suspects there is. He worries about all the paper (and pixels) linked to gold. He runs the Tocqueville gold fund (the clue is in the name) and doesn’t share the near-universal gloom of London’s gold analysts, who a year ago forecast an average $1700 for 2013. It is currently $1,260.

As has been remarked here before, forecasting the price is for mugs and bugs. But one day the ties that bind this pixelated gold may break, with potentially catastrophic results. So if you fancy gold at today’s depressed price, learn from Buba and demand delivery.

And last week, Glenn Beck – hate him or love him, he’s got the 594th most popular website in the world and many viewers on Dish network and various cable providers – did an entire 20-minute episode on the issue:

This story hasn’t yet made it to the New York Times, the Washington Post or network television … but it is gaining momentum.

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    • LordPeckerwoodFour

      End the FED

  • Just Sayin….

    Read the Obama prophecies, it is about to hit the fan…

  • What is the current status of federal gold (Canadian, US, etc) other than German gold?
    social media expert Canada

    • TheHolyCrow

      Somebody robbed the Glendale train
      This morning at half past nine
      Somebody robbed the Glendale train
      And I swear I ain’t lying

      They made clean off with 18 G’s
      And left 2 men lying cold
      Somebody robbed the Glendale train
      And they made off with the gold

      Somebody gots to hang for this, by cracky !!!
      No friggin excuses. And all the while they were
      doing it they were brainwashing the people with
      phrases such as “barbaric relic” and “it just sits
      there gathering dust”. Oh yes, they knew exactly
      what they were doing.

    • Has Glenn Beck reported on any other causes or just this one in particular? Whether he likes it or not he is now an activist.

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  • Herb Norcott

    hang ’em high…

    • James Green

      “when you hang a man,you better take a good look at him;&make sure he’s dead” clint.

  • The German government gave a deadline of 2020? Well, that doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, the gold isn’t there anyway, but will most Americans care? Will there be a major uprising? I sincerely doubt it although they should be concerned.

  • Got It Right

    Wat to go Glen beck…about time someone told the truth.

    • George Reichel

      Beck left out some of the truth

  • StandForTruth

    All of us Americans are held accountable financially but the rats heading the banks Feds and White house can do what they will and be ammune to their own fascist laws. Way to go Globalist bankers and all the rest of the thieves involved!!! America should be outraged, but wait… America is too busy watching American Idol, waiting for the latest Trashphone that comes out of China. The Emperor better wake up and realize he has no clothes, the rest of the world knows it already.

  • cldyswft

    As thorough as this episode maybe, the one salient question that was not asked/forwarded is, “Why the XYZ is a private entity, oka Selfishness/Vested-Interest, self-styled in this instance as “The Fed”, be tasked/mandated with the responsibility for the financial interest of a nation thereby leading to the control, manipulation, “commissioning”/”bookie-ing”, and ownership of other nations’ financial interests too?” This alone should be enough to consign Malevolence back to His Hell Hole together with His Tentacles and Their Tag-Alongs. Afterall, when a Jester is out glitzing on Da Stage, It is not trying to convert other than gathering/keeping-count on Its DNA/replicants, The Pet Tentacle of The Bookie being The Chosen Few, and who has zero association to race, creed or nationality other than being The Culture of Malevolence. Afterall, a “Chinese” Chosen Few is a marvel of inconsistency to behold – especially when “Tradition” is borrowed for jacking up the price of its inconsistent mix. Why is it that people always favour Trust when Fairness is more than able, ready and willing? And 24/7 at that? Because the Stupid-Dumb worship the myth of, “Eet is who you know and not what you know”, reality being when What You Do is Who you Are with the next reality being to identify whether that reality promotes Benevolence or Malevolence. As if to confuse, Reality/Absoluteness is not about Relativity, oka Right v Wrong, Good v Bad, etc, reality is about what is benenvolent and what is not benevolent, oka malevolent.

    It will be a revealing moment when The Stone Dead are [absolutely] seen for what they are instead of being worshipped as those at The Helm of The Affairs of Men and their machinations – their singularity of malevolence. Then, those seen asking stone walls for favours and other back-scratchings will be immediately despatched to their asylums without fail instead of the constant drive to manoeuvring The Stupid-Dumb further into their Illusions-Delusions – that of making the Dumb, dumber, an impossibility but when has an impossibility been a hinderance to the insane? More so when eet pays DeeVeeDends !! Of course.

    It will be a truly benevolent moment when one is able to realise that Fame, Fortune & Immortality are merely The Advertising Departments/Facades of Malevolence if only because then, one is not only freed of those Mesmerisms/Religions & Religiosities, one is then gifted with Energy Creativity by Energy Creation no less. Without changing from Selfishness/Energy Transformation/Taking to Selflessnes/Energy Creativity/Giving, a change is like what Uncle Tomee and his Kabalistic Kabin Krew do best – changing Business As Usual via the engagement of a new airy-fairying wardrobe designer. You know, the one who is always having an itch that needs to be satisfied. No wonder the administrative joker describes Change as being that of belief/religiosity/knowledge/relativity instead of being one of empowerment/self-mastery/reality.

  • Joe

    Fed is the printing engine. IMF & World Bank are the PR agents for pushing other countries to use fiat currency and bonds buying program as their main foreign reserve under the name of saving third world.

  • George Reichel

    The gold is gone.

  • Bobby

    Wow.!! Biggest theft in all history.

  • Sheri

    The fat cats got the gold and the rest of us got the shaft!

    • James Green

      hay! I want to invest in a gold mine!!

  • manifestyourowndestiny

    the current debt of the Fed, and the US is Odious Debt, debt incurred not for the good of the people but in direct opposition of the peoples well being and there fore is fraudulent debt that is not owed by the people. The odious debts incurred by the fraudulently elected officials is owed by them personally and their families. The bankers owe this debt to the world, not the other way around.

  • markii

    Ive seen the CIA has 400 operatives in mainstream media. Well it’s an un-American thing to publicly show the weaknesses in a financial system – national interest – don’t expect it to go mainstream too soon- first all the corporations need to get set in the markets – forty years of gold- looks to me like gold lease rates have to go up – gold prices most likely follow – if as Global research hints other countries see the problem and follow suit, we can call it a run, a run on the fed, and it may cost them dearly if they are short..? Then what happens to the US$,..?

  • abinico

    Only greedy fools care – you can’t eat gold.