Forget Metadata … The NSA Is Spying On EVERYTHING

Don’t Get Too Distracted By The Details … The Government Is Spying On ALL Of Your Digital Communications

The NSA’s spying on everyone’s metadata can tell them just about everything about us … and it violates our Constitutional right to freedom of association.

But people are getting distracted from the big picture by focusing on metadata.

As security expert Bruce Schneier wrote yesterday:

What frustrates me about all of this — [the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board] report, the president’s speech, and so many other things — is that they focus on the bulk collection of cell phone call records. There’s so much more bulk collection going on — phone calls, e-mails, address books, buddy lists, text messages, cell phone location data, financial documents, calendars, [smartphone apps] etc. — and we really need legislation and court opinions on it all. But because cell phone call records were the first disclosure, they’re what gets the attention.

Indeed, Schneier confirmed last October what we’ve been saying for years … don’t get too distracted by the details, because the government is spying on everything:

Honestly, I think the details matter less and less. We have to assume that the NSA has EVERYONE who uses electronic communications under CONSTANT surveillance. New details about hows and whys will continue to emerge …but the big picture will remain the same.

He’s right.

As just one example, there is substantial evidence from top NSA and FBI whistleblowers that the government is recording the content of our calls and emails … word-for-word.

So what should we make of the government’s denials that it records content?

Given that the government has been caught lying about spying again and again, I’m not sure how much weight we should give to such denials.

NSA whistleblower Russ Tice notes:

They’re collecting content … word-for-word.


You can’t trust these people. They lie, and they lie a lot.

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  • Lud

    Dear Wash Blog], You are lying when you state the government is spying and do not include the fact that it is actively mass and micro- manipulating [in order to control] large numbers of human targets on a daily basis worldwide.
    To say the government is spying then EXCLUDE what and how the information on YOU is weapon-ized and utilized is DECEPTIVE Journalism/propaganda!

    we all ‘grew up’ in a ONLY LIARS SUCCEED,lies -R-Us culture.
    because WE the PEOPLE are experts at lying to ourselves
    absorbing Government lies has become second nature.

    How much petroleum were you required to purchase today to survive?
    If your poison power electricity went off now would you be happy and rejoice?
    No….because you’ve chosen to worship power,every single day of your life….so far.

    YOU HAD individual human being-Free Will choice ………and you[like a rat-coke experiment]

    Have a nice day, Lud

    • irategrandmother

      Apparently you work for the NSA. Yes, I had a choice of riding the school bus powered by petroleum or not going to school. Except my parents made the choice for me. You are being unrealistic.

  • art7


    Look it up in WIKI… key words: “1996”, “Everything 24/7”, “realtime”, “All telecommunications”.

  • Fascist Slayer

    LOL @ Fascist Amerika. You have a 1st amendment right to free speech, however ever thing you say and do, can and will be used against you…..eventually.

  • Inconsistencies

    I am texting them a pic of my big hairy @ss right now.

  • RKae

    This is why scientific progress is SUPPOSED to be accomplished carefully. When something is invented it can’t be un-invented. When something becomes easy it automatically becomes ethical. No new law and no observing of present law is going to stop government spying. It’s so simple that there’s no way you can ever be sure they’re not doing it.

    But there’s no telling people that scientists screwed you over and cost you your rights, because, “Hey! You’re using a computer to tell me that! So you’re a hypocrite!” And that’s the problem: we took the toys, now we have to pay for them with our rights.

  • concerndcitizen

    Every email that came through an NSA monitored data center has been recorded since 1997, that I know of. That’s when my ISP pointed to the room in back of the main server room “that’s the NSA room”. He said they were storing every web visit and email that came through there.

  • therealamericro

    The Orwellian surveillance state is entirely out of control.

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

    The government is using the internet to profile EVERYONE. And quite proud of it.

    Anyone who thinks that, “well, I have nothing to hide” lives in a delusion. See yourself and where you want to be, and where you will be, 10 years from now.

    Now, imagine if every text message, email or phone call you made to personal friends, speaking in confidence about your life, thoughts on life / family / colleagues / political views (that change over time with most people) / other friends etc. in the prior ten years (or even just the last year) were made public, or had the potential to be made public.

    Imagine the scale of conversations and communications that can be taken out of context.

    If you have any ambitions in life, at one point or another, the Orwellian State in democratic drag will sometime in the future use your communications against you if you are not part of the “main stream” as a journalist, author, political activist, politician, academic, vocal private citizen etc. and if you are touting the pro-interventionist / state expanding agenda of the Republican-Democratic coin line.

    The outlets of the six mega-million/billion corporations that control the entire main stream media in the US have already reported government is planning pre-crime profiling and by default, likely investigations and thought crime trials. DHS is profiling “radicals” already – to and include Liberatarians, anti-war activists, etc.

    Opposing ACTA and Monsanto is ‘radical,’ for those who don’t know. You want to criticize government policy in private with your friends using any technological platform, or at your college newspaper, or on a blog – you are flagged. You are a pontential terrorist.

    This criminal government over-surveillance has nothing to do with national security, which is hampered by the psychotic sociopaths in the intelligence community and military industrial complex who insist on making the haystack bigger, thereby fogging and covering up the lines between actual terorrists and actual threats that should be connected.

    The (anti)logic is obscene.

    Trust us despite the fact that Snowden proved that the government cannot be trusted to safeguard the information it claims it has full controll over, and it still hasn’t figured out how Snowden took the data, then it tells us that having every phone call, text message, and email by everyone on record for five years will help fight terror despite the fact that it didn’t prevent the Boston bombing (which, considering the fact that the windows blew outward towards the alleged blast, as opposed to inward away from the alleged blast as was the case of every single explosion ever documented or witnessed since the invention of dinamite, stinks to begin with, as does the fact that like almost every major / publicized terror attack, there was an ongoing terror drill exercise that just “happened” to be going on at the same location).

    This omniscient surveillance has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with profiling everyone inside (using the other four eyes to spy on US citizens abroad and likely at home) and outside of the US to be able to carry out political prosecutions, to dangle exposure to ensure quiet acceptance and control or if those two options are not possible, shaming and or discrediting.

    Once the information is collected, the government can, and will approach, threaten, prosecute for thought crimes, or simply stage a convenient hack to expose whoever they want to silence, embarass, discredit or control.

    This is government tyranny at its worst and it is the realization of the most ambitious and sinister totalitarian Communist and Nazi security state operative’s fantasies of access to information on the population to identify potential “threats” to those in power.

    More whistleblowers are needed. Edward Snowden is a patriot and an American hero.

  • windship

    They are intently monitoring the supply chain for pitchforks too. But soon they’ll be able to subcontract EVERYTHING to Google, who will have all those nifty Nest devices following your every move around your house in 4D.