False wars, False ‘money,’ … False Flag Super Bowl?

Hat tip: Project Camelot for a heads-up. The information is beyond my “hobby time” to verify, and worthy of notice.

Your question: If US 1% oligarchs concluded they could get away with it, would they stage a False Flag Operation (and herehere) at the 2014 Super Bowl to further their political agenda?

Considerations for your answer: History is the best tool to predict future events of specific groups’ plans. This is similar to what both Super Bowl teams do in game strategy: analysis of opponents’ history with reasonable conclusions what they’ve successfully done before, they will likely do again.

But is there a US 1% oligarchy that would orchestrate a False Flag Super Bowl attack? Isn’t that beyond reason??? Not if similar acts are their history. Let’s consider these histories:

  • US wars began by “Big Lies,” 
  • Debt we’re told is “money” and bankster looting, 
  • US assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. King, 
  • Allowing a million children to die every month from preventable poverty,
  • “Coverage” of corporate media to hide these crimes. 

If we can prove these lies and crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions, then would any convenient False Flag event therefore be a reasonable conclusion, including before the widest possible audience of a Super Bowl?

US wars began by “Big Lies”: Current US wars were thrust upon trusting US military and families with lies known to be false as they were told. The 1% continue their mockery of veterans by allowing their growing homelessness and suicides, despite obvious solutions available for everyone’s full-employment and health care. This continues a long history of lie-began US Wars of Aggression since the US invaded Mexico; despite Abraham Lincoln’s powerfully accurate rhetoric of President Polk’s lies to steal half of Mexico at the expense of US military and Mexican civilian lives. The most decorated US Marine general in his day also warned all Americans of this fact of lie-started wars for 1% plunder. These US-led wars have killed ~30 million since World War 2 alone; more than killed by fascist Nazis.

Debt we’re told is “money” and bankster looting: 1% US “leaders” in economic management from government and finance/banking cause trillions in damages to our families every year in OBVIOUS lies:

  1. They tell us debt is “money” in Orwellian psychopathic viciousness. Adding more debt, as these mechanics can only do, will only and always increase the debt. This “monetary system” also guarantees total debt is perpetual and unpayable, making the 99% permanent debt-slaves to 1% asset-holes (documentation here, here, here). The mechanics and mathematics of only being able to add negative numbers to existing negative numbers is certain and simple.
  2. Government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) have literal multiple trillions in surplus taxpayer assets, as they fraudulently claim deficits “forcing” austerity upon the 99%. For example, California’s own CAFR proves a ~$16 billion claimed budget deficit is absolutely refuted by ~$100 billion in liquid surplus funds and ~$500 billion in claimed investments (explanation and complete documentation here, television interview to explain here, documentation of official lies to keep this information hidden here).
  3. They lie in omission by keeping obvious solutions secret: including government directly paying for all public goods and services with debt-free money created by government (and here). Several models (and here) of cost-free government are known, beginning with Benjamin Franklin’s pamphlet on colonial Pennsylvania operating its government without taxes to Thomas Edison explaining debt-free money with Henry Ford in a 1921 summer media tour.

In fact, government could (and should) be the employer of last resort for infrastructure (hard – like roads, and soft – like health care, education). Such a structure would provide full-employment, the best infrastructure we can imagine, and falling prices because infrastructure creates more economic output than the infrastructure investment cost (documentation here, here, here).

US assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. King: President John Kennedy and Dr. Martin King, Jr. were assassinated by a US oligarchy, with  those crimes “covered” by corporate media. If you’re not aware of these powerful histories, it’s time you learned. The conservative academic standard for historical consideration is that if there is powerful evidence that we cannot refute, then we hold that evidence within our explanation of what happened. In both “official” narratives of these assassinations, the evidence linked makes those narratives impossible to have happened.

Allowing a million children to die every month from preventable poverty: I worked to create two UN Summits for heads of state for ending poverty. The investment cost is less than 1% of the developed nations’ income, with outcomes of saving a million children’s lives each month from horrific deaths, reducing population growth rate, and supporting environmental resources. There is no academic or political argument against the investment  and effectiveness of the known solutions. But what we receive is ongoing lies of omission and commission from our 1% oligarchy and corporate media that keep the powerful facts hidden from most of the public. Full documentation here.

“Coverage” of corporate media to hide these crimes: You may wish to consider this expert testimony of 30+ Emmy journalist, Bill Moyers. “Corporate media” are six corporations that “cover” OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money by a 1% US oligarchy. They lie by commission and omission (full explanation and documentation here, here, here), with propaganda techniques obvious upon inspection.

Your answer?Whatever you find best, go for it. That said, those of us who take such answering seriously are likely to start with something like: “A large-scale False Flag Operation (would/would not) be a reasonable conclusion of strategy by the US 1% oligarchs to further political purpose because (insert historical analysis).”

My answer: Yes, of course the history supports the conclusion that our 1% oligarchy would use a convenient False Flag situation to further their crimes. The solution is to arrest the obvious criminals of these OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money. If not, our dark brethren will continue into the present exactly how they’ve rolled us in the past.

Perhaps this famous quote makes better sense now:

“Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  – George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Vol. 1.


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  • And 911 and “team 6/bin laden” were false flags. And so was Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing, batman shooting, the Sikh Temple shooting and other high-profile/evidence-free shootings. NONE of these “official story”s offer any evidence, beyond blind belief in the “news”.

    The Team 6 “official story” (try not to LAUGH): Team 6 stormed Bin Laden’s compound, he didn’t hear all the noise/helicopters because he was watching himself on TV when they shot him in the head. Then they threw him in the sea, and the “news” pounded in our heads that they threw him in the sea because it was “ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC LAW” (remember?). He was with his wiveS (plural) and 14 children, they were ALL eluding the CIA/Mossad all these years apparently. He had PORN (remember that?). “Officials” said it’s all on video…although they never showed us the video (take their word for it). Team 6 then died in a helicopter crash about a month later.

    Yep. We’re expected to believe these BULLSHIT “official story”s like EFFIN’ IDIOTS. I think they underestimate how many people believe this non-believable bullshit. Everyone of those “official story”s I mention above are just as LUDICRIOUS if I wrote them out like the Team 6 story.

    Obama confidant’s spine-chilling proposal

    Cass Sunstein wants the government to “cognitively infiltrate” anti-government groups
    by Glenn Greenwald

    In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites — as well as other activist groups — which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government. This would be designed to increase citizens’ faith in government officials and undermine the credibility of conspiracists.


    Cass Sunstein (zionist) confronted by We Are Change about infiltrating anti-government groups:


    CIA Invention of the Phrase, ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to Block Questions on JFK’s Assassination, is “One of the Most Successful Propaganda Initiatives of All Time.”


    • Carl_Herman

      Big Dan! Well said; thank you. Yeah, there are perhaps 100 such areas that would take a few hundred pages to properly explain and document how the 1% oligarchs roll us.

      That’s why I want arrests and then Truth & Reconciliation to bring all the Truth-tellers forward. We’ll never have a workable planet until these criminals are exposed for what they are.

    • Calib

      Dont forget team 6 got blown up in a chinook helicopter brought down buy a lucky show with an RPG.

  • Rehmat

    December 23, 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Uncle Sam Federal Reserve System – the central banking institution in the United States. It’s created and has since been controlled by country’s top banking institutions and not the US government.

    Strangely, the event was almost ignored by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media. Instead the media has been quite excited with Barack Obama’s choice of Stanley Fischer, former Governor of the Central Bank of Israel, as vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Fischer is US-Israel dual citizen and Jewish Lobby man. He has been an ardent campaigner for continued $blillions USAID to the Zionist entity.

    Between Janet Yellen, the Jewish Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve and Stanely Fischer, the FED is totally Israelized and will become a powerful new anti-Iran Jewish front.


  • Jim Bunion

    OKC Bombing, Sandy Hook, 911, Theater Bombing.. all false flags.

  • Our biggest problem is the mind numbed populous believing the Government narratives on everything. People are more interested in “the game” and their six pack than the true state of our union.