60% of Americans Value Privacy Over Anti-Terror Protections

Americans Are Starting to Wake Up from their Fear-Induced Haze

“Those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
– Ben Franklin

The Founding Fathers valued privacy over safety. Indeed, the Revolutionary War was largely started to stop the use of spying by the British. Background here. In other words, the Founding Fathers gave up their safe life with little freedom to strive for real freedom.

The American people got spooked after 9/11, even though 9/11 was entirely foreseeable … and even the chair of the 9/11 Commission said that the attack was preventable.

But we are now remembering that liberty is more important than some mythical concept of 100% guaranteed safety.

A new AP-GfK poll released yesterday finds:

Americans are increasingly placing personal privacy ahead of being kept safe from terrorists, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. More than 60 percent of respondents said they value privacy over anti-terror protections.

It’s about time.

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  • gozounlimited

    Privately, we WON!!!!!!! 2Feet SNOW…… SIERRA”S…… http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/full_loop.php
    With more to come. Thank You Everyone YOU ARE BRILLIANT, OUTRAGEOUS, The LOVE, The BOMB!!!!!!!

  • Blither box

    The other 40% are animals.

  • maybeperfect

    After the lie that was 911 has been universally exposed as a scheme to terrorize us all to accept unlimited tyranny, I would think the number would be higher. I mean, you know you have been gamed, and you just say, well alrighty then, let’s just keep the game a-goin, since cousin luke got that cool $15 an hour job down to the airport and all. We don’t need any more unemployed, do we?

    • Conrad Brean

      And what about cousin Mary-Lou’s unemployed husband who just got a job on the new Trans Canada Pipeline. Gosh darn! America is doing fine. But poor uncle John had is butt shot off in Iraqistan.

  • The only reason it’s 60% (which is a good start) is because more and more Americans rely on Internet websites to become educated (like this one) rather than listen to the MSN which includes CNN & FOXNews.

    • SupernaturalCat

      To compound the matter, due to the not-so-subtle (for those not among the brainwashed) rise of corp/state fascism (which was *only* able to blossom exponentially as it did courtesy of the planned/manufactured ‘terror’ war) there’s been a substantial cultural backlash against (so called) Conspiracy Theorists throughout the past decade. Anyone questioning official narratives (corp/state propaganda) is now considered fair game by the obedient Know Nothings. Truth seekers/tellers are socially acceptable scapegoats for people to project big heap scorn upon for daring to ask vital, reality-based questions/observations that tends to elicit the ire of the brainwashed demographic who rely on illusion to keep them free from moral concern and civic responsibility.

      With that trend, however, the haters inadvertently helped bring additional focus on the key conspiracy/crime that drives ’em bugfuck to the nth degree, the PNAC’s agenda-bound “new Pearl Harbor.” As Dick Gregory says, once one puts on the magical glasses that allows them to see the world as it is, they never again take ’em off. Makes me think of a major pow-wow the M$M heads had several yrs back that CSPAN covered…even at that point they were shitting themselves over their substantial loss of viewer/readership. To which I say, God Speed, ya lyin’ bastards! ha

  • Conrad Brean

    Considering that the basis of a war on terrorism is abstract if not plan existential and that privacy is material and personal, I am not surprised at these findings. To bring a fictional war into its second decade requires serious representational work – something the White House has failed to do. At least, political ineptitude has its good points!