White House Petition: “Tell The Truth To The American People About Radiation Emitted By Fukushima Dai-Chi Reactor Disaster. Stop LYING”

The American government – like the Japanese and Canadian governments – are covering up the extent of the Fukushima crisis.

Someone launched a White House petition saying:

Tell the truth to the American people about radiation emitted by Fukushima Dai-Chi reactor disaster. Stop LYING.

Authorities in Japan, Canada and the US are lying about the massive radiation emitted at the Dai-Chi Fukushima reactor.

We petition the white house to stop with this campaign of boldfaced lying.


Let this petition stand as an accusation. Even if it does not pass in gathering the required upvotes, let it stand as a record for history. You could have acted.

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  • amerikagulag

    Petitioning the White House to stop lying? Are these people nuts? You’d stand a better chance petitioning the sun to stop shining.

  • All of these stories like this, just give me overwhelming proof that elections are rigged.

    So, election after election, Republican or Democrat, they get “elected” and then from DAY FRIGGIN’ 1 we have to keep tabs on how they’re SCREWING US. Are we really “electing” these people?

    Doesn’t sound like it to me:


  • Susan

    ☢ More Fukushima Petitions to Sign & Share! ☢
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    “Seventeen international scientists and experts, including Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen, wrote to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urging international action on the Fukushima Daiichi crisis.” Read their letter here:

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  • Plowboy