U.S. Lionizes Mandela In Death … But Labeled Him a Terrorist While He Was Alive

CIA Central In Mandela’s Arrest … Kept Him On Terrorist List Until 2008

Everyone from President Obama to the mainstream news is lionizing Nelson Mandela.

But the New York Times reported in 1990:

The Central Intelligence Agency played an important role in the arrest in 1962 of Nelson Mandela, the African National Congress leader who was jailed for nearly 28 years before his release four months ago, a news report says.

The intelligence service, using an agent inside the African National Congress, provided South African security officials with precise information about Mr. Mandela’s activities that enabled the police to arrest him, said the account by the Cox News Service.


Newsweek reported in February that the agency was believed to have been involved.


At the time of Mr. Mandela’s arrest in August 1962, the C.I.A. devoted more resources to penetrating the activities of nationalist groups like the African National Congress than did South Africa’s then-fledgling security service.


A retired South African intelligence official, Gerard Ludi, was quoted in the report as saying that at the time of Mr. Mandela’s capture, the C.I.A. had put an undercover agent into the inner circle of the African National Congress group in Durban.

Newsweek confirmed this story yesterday.

The Daily Beast notes:

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan placed Mandela’s African National Congress on America’s official list of “terrorist” groups. In 1985, then-Congressman Dick Cheney voted against a resolution urging that he be released from jail. In 2004, after Mandela criticized the Iraq War, an article in National Review said his “vicious anti-Americanism and support for Saddam Hussein should come as no surprise, given his longstanding dedication to communism and praise for terrorists.” As late as 2008, the ANC remained on America’s terrorism watch list, thus requiring the 89-year-old Mandela to receive a special waiver from the secretary of State to visit the U.S.

…In South Africa, for decades, American presidents backed apartheid in the name of anti-communism. Indeed, the language of the Cold War proved so morally corrupting that in 1981, Reagan, without irony, called South Africa’s monstrous regime “essential to the free world.”

Indeed, Nelson Mandela was only removed from the U.S. “terrorist” list in 2008.

Mandela was highly critical of U.S. foreign policy.  And anyone – even U.S. citizens – critical of U.S. policy may be labelled a bad guy.

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  • Kenric L. Ashe


    Dick Cheney Didn’t Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A ‘Terrorist’


    • disqus_Ei1UPbyXd2

      “Was” has never been rescinded! IS.

    • gozounlimited

      Light overcomes the Dark…..

      • Ld Elon

        Light is surrounded by darkness, if light goes out, darkness consumes its space.

        But from darkness, the light does come. 😉

  • Tonto

    With so few visible black political heroes on the past or present horizon, Nelson Mandela is going to be forever an inspirational breath of fresh air for blacks. He had a great smile. In comparison to Mandela, Obama is not even black. He’s more a quarter-bred mulatto, neither white nor black, too white to be black, and too black to be white. Obama has spent his political opportunity aspiring to rectify for the nation his split racial personality and his nefarious Chicago/CIA drug culture background. The Obama Administration has been an unmitigated disaster for the country, if an unmitigated inspiration for the brown world.

    For those who want to diss my analysis of the popular phenomenon of Nelson Mandela, his smile having been both his ticket into prison and his worldwide fame, go and see if you can figure out who Patrice Lumumba was in Africa and American CIA history. Some referred to Patrice as the African George Washington. Some say he was a New York University educated CIA agent in African politics. Both are true.

    This begs the question, what would have happened to America were George Washington assassinated at Valley Forge?

    God bless racial diversity, but not interracial marriage/breeding. Interracial marriage is an immoral roll of the genetic dice that regularly proves to be a familial disaster. There is no argument about this. The mortality rate declines in interracially bred human beings. And this is true for generations.

    When you look at the breeding product of an interracial marriage, you are more commonly looking at handicapped children. I point this out, so people who marry interracially know the genetic risks they are accepting for their offspring.

  • GEvans2

    Thank you for exposing this. You might also like to see LaRouche’s role in South Africa : http://lyndonlarouche.org/fascism19.htm

    As well as the role of the Jesuits: http://www.scenarionews.org/apps/blog/show/25431421-chris-hani-jesuits-the-pope-and-mugabe

  • Robert Barsocchini

    If Mandela were a young man today, doing the same thing he did in his youth, Barack Obama would murder him.

    Mandela was part of a left-leaning militant group that was opposing a racist, authoritarian regime supported by the USA (one of many).

    The USA put Mandela and his group, the ANC, on its list of terrorists. Mandela was a leader of this militant “terrorist organization”.

    Who do you think Obama is assassinating, besides civilians?

    Leaders and militants of organizations on the USA’s terrorist list.

    As a leader of a militant “terrorist group”, Mandela would have been a priority target.

    While Obama is currently making phony statements about how Mandela inspired him, if today Mandela were a young man doing what he did in his youth, Obama would, at the very first opportunity, turn him into a charred pile of human hamburger.

    So, Obama, STFU.

    Obama supports Israel’s ethnic cleansing, chemical weapons attacks against civilians, and many other heinous crimes, as long as they are committed by the US or a US client/ally.

    The record, in bullet points: http://empireslayer.blogspot.com/2013/11/obama-supports-chemical-weapons-use.html