Snowden Christmas Video

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  • Tonto

    CIA goon.

    • Tonto

      Populist heroes are being shoveled at humanity. Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are all cut from the same cloth. Popular figures in the media are all created for your consumption. They are each just like the silk-screened images painted on T-shirts made in China and sold at Walmart. There is virtually no merit to populist ideas or personalities.

      Even George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy were all mere creations of the media, these were also recreated after their deaths in images that do not in the least bit resemble the images that were being fed to the nation when they were alive.

      The populist conception of reality is a purposely created mirage meant to shape a misconceived reality that is totally irrelevant to the reality at hand. What is the reality at hand? The reality at hand is, the world was a much better place for humanity for every day one can imagine a step back in time.

      Human progress is a delusion, an illusion made by hucksters who realize succeeding generations of human beings can be made to believe that their era, is better than the previous era. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

      This is not like Planet of the Apes. It is more like a planet of rats and vermin. Edward Snowden is the creation of the CIA, just like Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama. One could discover the fountain of youth and all the secrets of the Universe and never receive the public acclaim of a single one of these populist creations. That is simply not how the populist, media controlled reality works. The populist reality works completely in reverse. First, the star is born, and then their miraculous achievements are arranged for your consumption.

      • Tonto

        And speaking of miraculous achievements made for your consumption, BitCoin and other virtual currencies -in theory- have the potential to create more money, more wealth, than is conferred by all the existing currencies everywhere on the planet.

        And the populists still argue that BitCoin is the greatest in new populist ideas.

        Just like all the other populist notions being shoved down your throats the BitCoin is a con-job you damned fools. Learn to think, before you publicly espouse.

  • Randa

    In every country in the world people are praising Edward Snowden. Except America. Americans are a bunch of wankers. Tonto, while I may agree with some of your list of goons, you are so wrong about Edward Snowden. So wrong, that I am quite clear that you too, are a wanker.

    Tonto, you and the rest of your smart-ass alternative media Snowden hate-mongering Americans need to stop your incessant wanking and remove your hand from your limp dick.

    Good Lord. Edward Snowden changes the world, FOR YOUR CHILDREN, and you wankers can’t go deep enough in your own consciousness to see who this man is. I put you in the same category as Diane Feinstein.

    • Tonto

      There is only one question that measures any human’s enlightened perspective on all these populist events that invariably degrade the human experience. That question is, do you support science? Science is an evil religion. Humanity is being enslaved by science, just as the ancient Egyptians and Incans were enslaved to the Pyramid building Pharaohs and priests. It is YOUR children who are being led up onto these scientific alters to have their beating hearts cut out by the scientific priests of today.

      Science is at the root of all pollution, nuclear and otherwise, and all social inequity too. Science is at the root of the continuing and certainly expanding spying that goes on. There is a new have and have-nots. In law, everyone should have unfettered access to all information that can prove them innocent. BUT! Only the government has access to NSA records, and no innocent victim of oppressive scientific law can subpoena these records, or the images from spy satellites and spy drones. These records will certainly prove your guilt, even if you are not guilty, or even if no crime has been committed!

      These are the SUPER-SECRET SCIENTIFIC RECORDS of our scientific government! There is a dossier on everyone now.

      Edward Snowden’s CIA mission is designed to make you believe that the government is putting the dossier-building spy-genie back in the bottle. Edward Snowden is going to help convince you the spying is being stopped, or at least controlled, when in fact, as long as there is science funding, the spying will continue to expand.

      And Edward Snowden is an intentional distraction from the reality of the either-or situation for humanity. That situation is most clearly seen as the control, subjugation and destruction of humanity at the hands of scientists who have unlimited funding from the government.

      Why are not the spy scientists being prosecuted? Why are not the nuclear engineers who gave us the heinous atrocity of Fukushima being prosecuted? Why?

      Because it is science that is being used to subjugate and to enslave humanity. The government doesn’t ask for your papers now. The government stops you to see what your number is, so that the dossier that has been meticulously collected about you can be inspected before allowing you to pass the randomly generated road blocks that keep you and your children corralled and ready for your imminent slaughter.

      • Randa

        So tell me Tonto, are your comments being written from Langley?

        • Tonto

          Nope. I am in Limestone, Maine, 250 miles northeast of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We already have over thirty inches of snow on the ground this year. And the average temperature over the last two weeks has been about 10F degrees, ranging from -17F to +25F The snowmobiling has not been better in the month of December in more than a dozen years.

          Happy Global Warming!

          This is me speaking in this musical tribute to Paul LePage, who is our Maine Governor, and who is up for re-election in 2014.

          You can adjust the image settings to 480p, under the gear-shaped youtube icon and lose the fuzzy appearance on my painting of the Governor.

          • Randa

            Fair enough (I live in the Mt Washington Valley in NH btw) but whether you work out of Langley or not, my point is how easy it is to cast judgement upon another by calling them a US intel agent, which is what you have done with extreme cruelty to Edward Snowden.

            Never mind. It seems to be an American thing. Every leader in every country in the world, along with the population of those countries ~ can see clearly what a gift this man has been to humanity. Not Americans. No Sireee, the guy is up to something if he is telling the truth.

            Your theory about him is ludicrous because nowhere in this country or globally, is there an inkling of proof that Snowden has made it easier for the US government. Conjecture like yours is a form of gloating.

            It is so sad for me as an American to see you and so many other Americans falling for hate-mongering of Snowden.