Radiation? Seals, Sea Lions, Polar Bears, Bald Eagles, Sea Stars, Turtles, King and Sockeye Salmon, Herring, Anchovies and Sardines In The Western Part of North America All Suffering Mysterious Diseases At the Same Time

Is Fukushima Decimating Wildlife in the Western Portion of North America?

We’ve previous documented that seals, sea lions, polar bears, sea stars, turtles, sockeye salmon, herring, anchovies and sardines on the West Coast of North America are all suffering mysterious diseases … which are killing many.

We’ve asked whether this is related to massive releases of radiation from Fukushima. Update.

Sadly, we can now add other wildlife to the list.

EneNews reports:

Los Angeles Times, Dec. 29, 2013: Bald eagles are dying in Utah — 20 in the past few weeks alone — and nobody can figure out why. […] Many suffered from seizures, head tremors and paralysis […] Many of the eagles were brought to the mammoth Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah […] Within 48 hours, most were dead. […] State wildlife specialists are baffled. For weeks, officials have sent birds for necropsies […] At first, the agency’s disease scientists guessed the illness could be encephalitis, which is caused by the West Nile virus, but later ruled out that possibility. […] Officials suggest the die-off is possibly connected to the deaths of thousands of eared grebes that began in Utah in November. […] Officials still don’t know why the shore birds became sick. […] Officials at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center have their own theories. Some point to radiation from Japan after the 2011 meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. […] A call from Idaho shed new light: A wildlife official said bald eagles there were also getting sick, suggesting the birds were arriving in Utah already in bad health.

Buz Marthaler, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah co-founder: “It’s just hard to have your national bird in your arms, going through seizures in a way it can’t control — when you can see it’s pain but don’t know what’s happening to it. As a human being, you just have problems with that. And when you lose one, it just grabs your heart. […] In an average year, we might get one or two, but we’ve received nine so far, and five of those have died. The other four are still in our care. […] We aren’t ruling out anything.”


Washington Post, Dec. 30, 2013: […] “This is really concerning to us,” says [Leslie McFarlane, the wildlife disease program coordinator for the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources]. She has been program coordinator for 10 years and describes the recent deaths as “very unusual.” […] The symptoms noted in the recent spate of deaths—and the broad geographical area in which they have cropped up—are what has officials concerned.

Listen to the public news service report here

In a second article, EneNews notes:

Juneau Empire, Dec. 29, 2013: […] the king [chinook] salmon — has fallen from its throne. […] Alaska has seen unprecedented declines in recent years […] scientists like Joe Orsi and Jim Murphy, both fisheries research biologists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are digging deeper into […] the cause of the startling downward trend. […] When asked about the potential impact Fukushima may be having on king salmon stocks in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the state, Orsi would not comment. “I’ve been told to refer you to the (Environmental Protection Agency),” he said, “Because I’m not an expert on the topic.” Calls and emails to the EPA were not returned in time and digging on the federal agency’s site revealed no current information on radiation from the Fukushima disaster. The last posted monitoring results occurred in June of 2011.

Unfortunately, the American and Japanese governments are doing everything they can to cover up the severity of the Fukushima disaster.  Indeed, anytime government or big corporations screw up, the government works to cover it up … instead of actually fixing the problem. And see this.

EneNews continues:

Bellingham Herald, Dec. 5, 2013: “[…] we see from test fisheries that the Chinook numbers returning to the Fraser River system were at a record low,” explained Ken Balcomb, executive director and principal investigator for The Center for Research and a science advisor to the whale watch association. […] [An] alarming decrease of an important identified food resource […]

Islander Sound, Dec. 25, 2013: [A] dismal return of Chinook salmon to the Fraser River.

Salmon Fishing in British Columbia, Canada: There are two major salmon runs of Chinook that are targeted by anglers; the Fraser river [and] Harrison River.

December 2013: Previously unpublished map from gov’t scientists shows Fukushima plume already at Alaska coast (PHOTO)

November 2013: CBC Headline: Radiation from Fukushima arrives on Alaska coast — University scientists concerned — “Is the food supply safe?… I don’t think anyone can really answer that”

September 2013: US Gov’t: Alaska island “appears to show impacts from Fukushima” — “Significant cesium isotope signature” detected — Scientists anticipate more marine life to be impacted as ocean plume arrives (VIDEO)

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  • Tonto

    The world is very early on in this era ending tragedy. The infinite
    complexity of reality already has reared back on its haunches like
    Godzilla, and laughed at every scientist. Infinity is the big IF, when one is trying to predict what effects will take place given the enormity
    of the nuclear calamity at hand. The Pacific Ocean is a very big place. It is in fact, the Pacific Ocean is the biggest place on earth.

    There is really very little humanity can do, except pray this is not the
    end of the world. And in the exceedingly fortuitous event that this is
    NOT the end of humanity, everyone has the choice to demand a stop to
    all the scientific madness that historically has so recklessly tempted
    fate within this infinitely complex reality upon which every human being
    relies for life and sustenance.

    It is categorically true that there is scientific knowledge being
    discovered every day now, that humanity has no capacity to deal with,
    coexist along side of, or harness toward any possible benefit to our humanity. Science is like witchcraft, exactly like witchcraft, only it is much more powerful, so
    much more powerful science is not something human beings are capable of
    controlling. Science has overpowered humanity time and again.

    Let us all pray, that neither we nor our progeny succumb to the latest scientific
    manifestation of the worst case scenario nightmare so often honestly portrayed about science, in
    sci-fi movies. Do not be fooled by reports out of the press, main stream media or otherwise. Fukushima is in a constant state of fission every day now. The amount of radioactive poisons being poured into the Pacific Ocean, -DAILY-, is way beyond anything any scientist ever dreamed was possible.

    But it is possible. And only a very long time will tell how devastating the effects of Fukushima will be. There is no waking from this nightmare. We all will live with Fukushima the rest of our lives.

    • CarlSagan420Blazeit

      Hey the Dark Ages called, they want you to come back.

      • Tonto

        Say what you really think about someone who is willing to point out the folly of unleashing the scientific method on human existence. The earth was a pretty nice place before the creation of Enlightenment science. It was sustainable. It was beautiful. It was for the most part, more pleasant than it is today, clearly, with all the scientific threats that hang over everyone’s head.

        I think your post pretty well sums up the “Hey, fuck you!” ethics of science today. Science has turned into its own sort of gangsterism. Your comment proves my point about the excesses of scientific community hubris as well as anything I can say.

        • sirgareth

          Its was indeed wonderful, look at the beauty of the black plague.

          I can help you.

          Take that lap-top you are tapping at and toss it out in the street under a bus. Next, pull the mains on your electric panel, shut off you gas. Call the wrecker to remove your cars and start burning dung to heat and cook with

          Oh, and stay away from anything that needs money or a credit card to acquire – you can kill squirrels with your bare hands with soem practice, you can complete your dies by eating berries and acorns.

        • DrMaxHathaway

          Yeah, it was sustainable….lives that were short, brutal and nasty….

          You can’t blame science or the scientific method. Without science, you live like black in Africa before the White man showed up.

          It is big business that is causing these disasters and government traitors selling us out.

          • sirgareth

            Next time we sink an oil well 25,000 feet beneath the ocean floor, lets not let “big business” do it. Instead lets let Nancy’s scrap-booking shoppe and marine oil drilling company do it instead. Nancy even has her own canoe.

      • Brady2600

        “dark ages” has been an antiquated term for some time now. We know alot more about that period these days, and it was not nearly as dark as it was made out to be.

    • frank

      only God saves us now.

      • Robert Crim

        Unfortunately He will allow us to make our mistakes…

        • Leland Kerlin

          nothing unfortunate on how God works. just a bitter reality that we’ve been born into, with the sweet truth of Love the only way to abate this taste.

          • Robert Crim

            That is unfortunate for us, not Him. Poor choice of words on my behalf.

    • sirgareth

      Yes the pacific is a very big place and it average two miles deep. If you put a spoonful of arsenic in a glass of water it’s dangerous. Dump it in the Pacific ocean and it’s nothing.

      Fukashima is Japans disaster, it will hurt a Japan a lot. Japan should have been burning safe dependable coal to run their nation. Fukashimas effect on the rest of the planet will be negligible – go panic elsewhere.

      • Brady2600

        regarding the reactor pools, that simply isn’t the case. If the storage pool in reactor number 4 building cracks and drains, no one will be able to call that negligible. That would be nothing less than a hemispheric event.

        • sirgareth

          Brady how are you at arithmetic? can you figure the cubic volume of these pools? Hint: its lengh x width x depth.

          Next look up the cubic volume of the pacific ocean and tell us how many fo these reactor pools will into it.

          That will be your dilution factor, why dont you guess what it is first just for fun…then do the math.

          • No, I am Spartacus

            That’s a good troll.

          • NoMore Lies

            You are either a troll/schill, or you are glued to the mainstream media farce. Either way, your figures on a dilution factor are absurd. The pools are HOT; so hot, that the water evaporates at such a rate that more water is constantly having to be poured into the pools to keep the level up, and the cooling ongoing. The pipes are leaking. Severely. Never mind the tonnes of water that are being poured onto the area where the three cores that melted down COMPLETELY, used to be…… they don’t know where they are now, except that the ACTIVE, molten corium columns are now melting their way towards Earth’s core. One of those coriums is MOX fuel; the kind that is used in bombs like the ones that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

            All these HUNDREDS OF TONNES of radioactive water are pouring into the Pacific Ocean DAILY! This has been going on for over a thousand days now…. So,… YOU do the math! Then perhaps you will wake up.

      • No, I am Spartacus


      • Yeez

        Man you really need to read something else then your usual internet bull and government controlled press. Coal? Really?? What age are we in again? You see the trouble is it’s not a spoon, it’s far more then that, and I hope you’re right, but I’m afraid you’re not. No panic mate, just realism!

        • sirgareth

          We are in the age that requires steel, aluminum, heat, cooling, light, and non animal transport . All of this requires low cost dependable power.

          Dependandable power requires dependable energy. This eliminates every communist’s wet dream for controlled markets and “green” (really red) energy.

          Poison is in the dose, not the substance.

          If you fear raditaion do not engage in coitus with anyone without wearling a lead condom. Human bodies emit ionizing radiation that’s no different than that of Fukashima. Only the dose is different.

    • NoMore Lies

      Tonto, You are inexplicably correct in all you say. Thank you for putting this so elequently; I am inpressed, and moved. Never mind the ones that will put you down; they are in denial, and under the spell of the Mainstream Media Farce. The dumbing down of the working class has been successful. The fact that Fukushima is killing our Earth, our beautiful home, IS Ongoing, and that the majority do not even have any idea, is further proof of the sucess of their dumbing down… Don’t be offended by their honest ignorance; feel sorry for them. I have made another post of the reality of our worldwide tragedy from Ground Zero at Fukushima. I do hope it will help to open some eyes. We cannot give up trying to help open eyes, because as long as they don’t know, they will not seek to protect themsilves, and they will continue to eat the irradiated fish untill there are no more left… By then, our population will be greatly reduced… There are some things we can be taking to help with protection.

  • jamescrackscorn

    Nobody is an expert on the topic of how radiation plumes in the oceans can decimate wild fish stocks because nobody ever planned on this happening…just like nobody is planning for an oil well failure in the arctic. Kill the krill and you kill the ocean you fucking idiots….

    • …and don’t forget about FRACKING.

      • Brain Sandwich

        Don’t forget about CHEMTRAILS.

        • Mr. D

          Don’t forget about the misery of sin.

          • joe dimagio

            Dont worry bro jesus will save us.

    • sirgareth

      Oil is a natural substance. About 3000 gallons of it seeps from the ocean floor each day just a few miles of Santa Barbara’s pristrine coastine, I’ve seen its beautiful natural rainbow sheen from the air. Its been doing this for perhaps millions of years. The stuff is food for microbes which in turn feed the fishes.

      Four Exxon Valdez tankerfuls of crude oil seep into the Gulf of Mexico every year from natural seeps; calling crude oil “pollution” is like calling fresh water “pollution.” Too much of either in one place at one time isn’t always good but then nature knows how to recover without the “help” of little green shirt enviro-nazis.

      Krill feed on phytoplankton wich in turn feed on CO2, the gas that sustains all life on earth – what the eviro-nazis have been brainwashed into calling “pollution” The food of life as “pollution” Leftist ignoramuses will be the death of all of us.

      • Yeez

        Yeah… Really? So exhaust from machinery actually is nature too then? Since it comes from a natural product being petrol… And so is plastic… I guess you don’t need to worry about radioactivity either then… So in fact, there’s nothing wrong with the earth… What are we worrying about?

        • James Ehman

          Wow man. That’s revolutionary thinking.

        • sirgareth

          Yes, what are you worrying about. The average man lives three score and ten years. Worry about the waste of your precious life devoted to the utter nonsense of “environmentalism”

      • Bubba

        Crude oil isn’t found naturally in any ocean except in small amounts. 3,000 gallons per day isn’t comparable to 3.000 gallons PER MINUTE.

        I suppose you can explain to us why the BP disaster has turned the marshes in LA and much of the rest of the south coastline into dead deserts. If your logic was true, the LA marshes and coastline would’ve been a dead polluted zone thousands of years ago.

        You don’t find it strange the Southern U.S. coastline turned into a dead zone in just DAYS after the BP oil disaster?

        Google BP oil spill and use the search images option.

        Arsenic is found naturally in many fruits, commonly apple seeds. But you’d have to eat a ton of apples per day to get a toxic dose. One good dose of rat poison will kill you.

        Nicotine is also found naturally in many plants, commonly tobacco. You can smoke 5 packs a day and chew 5 packs of Red Man a day, and get nowhere near the dose for nicotine. But a small dose of pure nicotine could kill you. They use nicotine in pesticides today.

        Just because something like lead and uranium is found “naturally” doesn’t make it harmless to the environment.

        • sirgareth

          Where is oil not found naturally? You have been brainwashed into reacting to oil as if it were Kryptonite to Superman but that’s just more comic book stuff isn’t it?

          Oil is the very definition of natural, and without oil you can kiss off the entire science of organic chemistry that has benefited mankind so greatly. If oil was not given to us by nature, we would have been forced into synthesizing as the Germans did in World War II.

          Yes the BP oil spill was a local economic disaster for the resort industry along the gulf coast for a couple of seasons. Oil is a natural hydrocarbon readily consumed by sea born life. The ocean is a living body of water not a swimming pool

          In comparison the amount of oil that “spewed” into the gulf was approximately the same ratio of oil that would have “polluted” the waters of 318 Olympic sized swimming pools if a single drop of oil from a single eyedropper had been divided among the volume of all 318 of them. Put that in your pip and smoke it instead of that hallucinatory substance the left consumes in such prodigious quantities.

          The Gulf of Mexico contains 243 million cubic kilometers (643,000,000,000,000,000 gallons) of sea water along with all of its other natural “pollutants” (whale feces etc). Into it surged all of 210,000,000 gallons of crude oil. Do the math that’s less than one part in THREE TRILLION.

          Uranium is created in supernova explosions of dying stars and has been a small part of the aggregated mass of the Earth since its creation so I assume “the environment” has suffered uranium silently for at least the first 3 billion years of its life. With patience (the half life of U-238, its most common isotope, is 4.5 billion years) most of it will have self-decayed into harmless lead by some 50 billion more years or so; by then the environment can heave a huge sigh of relief at finally being rid of it, but it will be a sigh heard only by the burned out neutron star we now call the sun. What does this all have to do with the bounty of our natural petroleum?

          You sound like the typically brain dead knee jerk environmentalists the politicians exploit for their fun and profit. After all, you’re such easy pickings
          Yes if your canoe tips over it might make a “bad hair day” but when the politicians and their pals in the media retell the event it will have been conflated into the sinking of the Titanic

          Mankind does indeed suffer real disasters, they are all caused by your “saviors” of the political class and their fawning media propagandists. They bear names like WW-I, WW-II, The holocaust, the Napoleonic wars, the Punic wars etc.

          None of these real disasters have anything to do with “the environment” that neither needs or wants your “help.”

    • Al Boek

      Well we better become experts and quick…they’re killin us all.

  • Lyle

    Maybe there will be an end to Japanese whaling after all…

  • StupidIsAsStupidDoes

    I would be just as concerned by the widespread dumping of chemical “wastes” It doesn’t have to be radioactive to be like the Love Canal was…! BTW are they not planning on a huge fish and seafood kill with syria’s poison gas by dumping it at sea? No need to take stupid-pills… some seem born that way.

    • sirgareth

      Let’s see the Earth is two thirds oceans, 1/3 land. The soil is a few feet thick, the oceans are two miles thick. Where is it better for whales to dump their crap?

  • Demeter

    I am truly sorry, Washington’s Blog, but the democraticunderground.org, Environment and Energy Group, has decided that your primary source of information: EneNews, is not a “valid news source”.

    It’s too “conspiracy theory” for the purists. The fact that we are getting proof daily that yesterday’s conspiracy theories are today’s conspiracy facts cuts no mustard with them. They’d believe a Russian scientist in National Geographic over the evidence of ordinary people’s eyes and lives.

    There’s a bunch of nuke boosters and a bunch of nuke denigrators, and evidently, THEY are the only source of valid information. They love their little insult contests. Whatever.

    I did try. Here’s the link: http://www.democraticunderground.com/112761279#post18

    There are days when it doesn’t pay to chew through the restraints….

  • tanner

    coincidentally the just approved franken salmon for commercial production..with 30+ other species of fish waiting in the wings for approval

    • sirgareth

      We are what we eat….that’s why eating too much salmon causes us to develop gills and begn swimming upsteam to spawn.

  • Tiff

    How come the radiation only affects wildlife and not pets?

    • Constitution Ally

      Wildlife’s food chain includes migratory species. Radioactive particles in the flesh of ocean species gets transferred into the bodies of wildlife species that consume them. A salmon lives in the ocean, then swims far inland up a fresh-water river to be consumed by a bear. The bear consumes several contaminated salmon and dies. Eagles also eat carrion, so feast on the dead bear. Some eagles might range from UT and ID into the salmon spawning riverways and get sickened directly by consuming contaminated fish. So an eagle who never ate anything in CA can get sick in UT and ID.

      Pets on the other hand consume food that is manufactured from largely stationary species like domesticated livestock and from grain crops.

      • Michael Mills

        Great points.

      • sirgareth

        Those friggin “green energy” windmills at altamont pass in califonia have killed over 2000 golden eagles …why are the enviro-nazis planning to blow them all up?

      • its sad u had to explain that.. lol…

    • NoMore Lies

      Ummmmmm….. It IS affecting pets. Veterinarians across the country are now being inundated with pets that have cancer.
      You need to understand that Mainstream Media is NOT covering this at all. It is being covered up so seriously that japan is heading back to fascism since the Oct 25th earthquake, and has since passed a secrecy law. WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • Al Boek

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2laim-jQFI&feature=youtu.be&a The people of Seattle were hammered with radiation and no one was warned to stay in, wear protective clothes, mask, or how to protect themselves from the radiation …check out the video and research it yourselves. Some one needs to be hung for it._greenearl The result? Cancer for all. Children first, little girls, then boys, and then their mothers are all sacrificed first._greenearl

  • Al Boek

    Robotics on a word scale may have a chance. Doing nothing is a death sentence for every living thing on the planet. The homeless now being hired to work their well hardly get to draw their first pay checks before they start passing on.

  • No, I am Spartacus

    Well, we finally did it. We wrecked an ocean! This is good for nothing and no one.

    • sirgareth

      I think its time to slit our wrists and bleed out. We are enemies of the planet. Look at us using the internet instead of foraging for roots and berries. You and I are the cause of killing the pacific ocean.

      Will you kill yourself to save the planet if I do it too?

      • Karl Hungus

        Maybe Sirg, maybe.

        • sirgareth

          Thats wonderful, if we all did this the planet would be free of us and “heal”

          No one to give a crap however….maybe the gnats and flies would rejoice.

          • Karl Hungus

            You do have a dark side there Sirg.

          • sirgareth

            Not really,

            Just pointing out the fundamental evil that drives the environmental movement. Its ethics are fraudulent; all nature worship utimately devolves to human sacrifice. Hitler was a first rate “greenie”

            Its not really new at all, environmentalism is a primitive religion that precedes all others. Long before there was a Zeus, a Jupiter, a Thor, a Yahweh, a Moses, a Buddha, a Christ, a Muhammed there was human sacrifice to “save the planet” or at least a patch of it.

          • Snark

            I don’t understand why it has to be so black and white.

            “…all nature worship utimately devolves to human sacrifice.”
            That’s hyperbole of I’ve ever seen it. The fact of the matter is (aside from the questionable content of the article), that if we somehow DO wreck our environment, that will hurt us AS HUMANS, as well. Is it not possible to give a little consideration, and try to do our best to decrease our negative impact on the earth without necessarily just obliterating many? It’s a false dichotomy to claim that it has to be absolutely NO HUMANS or absolute environmental destruction. While “pantheism” WAS a religion, caring for the environment isn’t by necessity a dogma. It would be silly to be ignorant of the long-term impacts of our actions, and to avoid finding the most positive solution that we can for all ends.

            It’s not necessarily a zero-sum game, as you would make it appear.

    • sirgareth

      Yep, we wrecked an ocean alrighty. I guess its time to get the ceement trucks out and just fill’er in.

  • Steve

    did anybody use something as old fashion as a Geiger counter to test for radiation or are we just making a spurious claim/connection? If it is the radiation, even from ingesting radiated materials, it will be in the body during and after the necropsy.

    If I am wrong please provide the link that shows the results of any test used for detecting radiation in the dying or deceased wildlife.

  • RaleighKnows
  • NoMore Lies

    This is a worldwide tragedy! Too many people see Fukushima News, and while they are saddened by the stories, they somehow feel as though it’s happening far, far away. Then other news coming from the corruption of the treasonous people in charge will then sidetrack them, and Fukushima becomes something that happened way back… All the while, the melted down Fukushima reactors continue to spew out plumes of radioactive isotopes into the jet stream; now covering the whole northern hemisphere of Earth… Never mind the hundreds of tonnes of radioactive water the have been gushing into the Pacific Ocean, DAILY; NOW FOR OVER A THOUSAND DAYS… Think about that…

    The oceans provide us with 1/3 of our oxygen. Our oxygen is normally at 20%, at sea level. THE PACIFIC [The Largest Ocean on our Earth] IS DEAD, and the Radioactive Death from Fukushima is now spreading into the Atlantic, through the Berring Sea, as well as the Panama Canal. It has taken about 3 years for the Pacific Ocean to die. When the oceans die, we will have lost 1/3 of our oxygen on earth… At 15,000 feet above sea level, mountain climbers need tanks of oxygen, or they would black out, and die of asphixiation, because the oxygen at that altitude is ony 10%… Think about that…

  • Donald Cassidy


    (The Western Center for Journalism) – Barack Obama has gorged his administration with Muslim Brotherhood members.

    Obama openly backed the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt. And Obama’s minions are plotting their return to power.

    The Muslim Brotherhood front group, Council on American Islamic Relations—found to have funneled millions of dollars to the terrorist group Hamas—have met with White House officials hundreds of times.

    The most pernicious act, however, of this Quran-toting President, Barack Hussein Obama—revealed in a classified State Department memo this week—is that Muslim Brotherhood members are regularly given VIP treatment at airports, not being subject to the TSA’s unconstitutional searches. No body scanners, no invasive searches, no Muslim Brotherhood members’ children having TSA agents stick their hands down their pants. Their treatment has been likened to that given to Saudi royalty!

    Americans are Obama’s enemy. The Muslim Brotherhood are his allies. And the incontrovertible fact, as proclaimed widely throughout Egypt and screamed out in front page newspaper headlines, is that “Barack Hussein Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood!”RUSSIA AND CHINA AND JAPAN

  • It’s electromagnetic radiation from all of our pulsed military radars along the North Shore of Alaska. 25,000 pulsed watts of power is cooking them as they stick their heads out of the water. Research @ darkmattersalot