The People’s Budget Goes to Washington

Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

NewLocation: Cannon House Office Building 402
Washington, DC 20002

Also, join a group photo op at 9:20-9:30 a.m., at Capitol’s East Front, House Triangle, near Independence Ave. SE and New Jersey Ave.

Social and economic justice, peace, environmental and community groups are heading to Washington DC to tell Congress: We the People demand a budget that meets our critical needs – by cutting out-of-control, dangerous military spending.

Over one hundred organizationshave signed onto a letter outlining a plan to meet dire human and environmental needs by cutting the dangerous, runaway military budget by 25-50%.

Thousands of individuals have signed on to a petition calling for the same thing.

On December 10 we’re delivering it to Congress! Join us and tell Congress this is the only way to end the ongoing financial and humanitarian crisis caused by this reckless and obsolete wartime budget.

Will they listen? We’re not holding our breath. But we are going to tell them anyway! And we’ll start building our power to compel a People’s Budget in the future.

So if you can, come along to Congress on Tuesday. Bring a picture or drawing of something you personally are sacrificing in order to pay for the policy endless war.

Whether you can come or not, please ask your Congress members to attend!


RSVP to for updates.

See you there!

Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala, Mark Dunlea, David Swanson


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  • irracibleexaminator


    Nice idea but not that well thought through. Think for a moment
    what do you think will happen IF they actually did cut the military

    Do you really believe that if the
    industries lost the income they wouldn’t try and replace it with …
    less discriminant O/S arms sales…guess where that will lead?

    Then there’s the government employees (e.g Pen pushers) and
    service companies that is a shit load of unhappy voters.

    Do you really think that the military
    supply complex their investors and those thrown out of work because
    many of those factories are in areas where there are NO ALTERNATIVE
    EMPLOYMENT, the local shops and service companies who depend of these
    employee will simply shrug and move on?

    Do you really believe that the business
    people haven’t anticipated these tactics and haven’t got adds and
    campaigns to blow your efforts away?

    The problem is that most people that will march don’t rely on the
    JOBS. Sadly the US is the poster child for selfish self interest
    topping morality every time.

    At best you’ll make perhaps 10 seconds post 3rd
    commercial break in the news and then be forgotten. At worst you’ll
    provide further polarisation in the vote, lose more swinging voters
    than win and provide meat for the Republican and or business to feed
    on, at the expense of your moral point.

    As an ex marketing exec and a 30 year veteran of many social
    campaigns I can assure you that there are better (more effective)
    ways to make your point and influence the public. The rallies and
    marches are a later tactic to show the level of your support.

    Remember the number of participants reality and the attention
    index 10,000 is a local college football game (local attention but
    passing), 60,000 is a League baseball final or a pop concert (Much
    bigger wider splash but fades quickly), 100,000’s will gain attention
    (will worry get a response from the target) But millions will change
    opinions (influence change on the target.) The latter would influence
    enough swing voters forcing change.

    Then again it depends on if your goal is to effect change or
    simply to feel good and move on.

    Remember you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Shock
    tactics (in ya face) forces a reaction BUT rarely a good one. One
    could cite Pussy cat riot there is similarities at least in

  • Tonto

    I am currently reading “No Ordinary Time, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, The Home Front in World War II” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. The parallels are striking, and the current forecast for world war III is clearly insurmountable by any peace movement such as this. This is the wrong side of history we are witnessing in this article. World war is definitely coming. World war is in fact, already upon us. It is better to prepare for war, than to succumb to the lunacy of pacifist-isolationism. Why?

    Because, when it is over, someone will rule the world through sheer might of their military force. And as such, peace movements will be made a moot topic again. There is no world leadership to be made out of any peace movement at this stage of current events.

    Right now, China and Japan are about to open up a shooting war, not over some small islands, but over Japan’s Abenomics that are Japanese central bank policies bent on making Japan more competitive in the global export marketplace by a massive devaluation of the Yen. Japan is also re-militarizing with U.S. blessings.

    This is infuriating the Chinese, who are economically blacking out from losses incurred to their export-based economy due to a wide range of factors, not the least of which are the policies of the FED that are purposely geared to slow U.S. consumption of consumer goods that come from China. 2014 will bring a worse depression to China than already exists. And economic situation in China is already very bad.

    The world is at war right now. Get used to it as best as you can. At this point this war is mostly an economic war. But, this is exactly as it was in the lead-up to World War II. Incidentally, World War I was called the War to End War, until World War II broke out. Only then was the War to End War renamed, World War I.

    The war we are entering into is definitely World War III. Space has already been weaponized by the U.S. And the U.S. is deftly calling the shots around the world, just as if the U.S. is the presumptive winner. Only time will tell. Looking at the battlefield however, it should be clear the U.S. has never been a stronger position in the world. China has been easily check-mated.

    All China can do, would be to muster a desperate and reckless Pearl Harbor like attack. This would give game, set and match to the U.S. war mongers however. So, China has one choice. That choice is to become again a much smaller force in world politics and in the world economy.

    Happy Global Warming, folks! We’re headed into the overnight negative 10’s the next few days here in Maine. Thursday’s -high- will be about 4 degrees. Brrrrr!