The NSA and Its Partners Are Getting Hit In Their Ability to Hire and Keep Personnel … and in their Pocketbooks

Economic Forces Fighting Back Against Mass Surveillance

It’s not only judges, presidents and congress members who are slamming the NSA.

It’s not only foreign leaders – or Internet standards institutions – who are distancing themselves from the U.S. due to mass surveillance.

The NSA and it’s partners are also getting hit where it hurts … in their ability to hire and keep personnel, and in the pocketbook:

Applications to work at the NSA are down by more than one third, and retention rates have also declined. This is a serious problem for an agency that, until now, has thrived because of an esprit de corps within the organization. Traditionally, when analysts joined the NSA, they joined for life. This is changing, and not for the better from the NSA’s perspective.

  • Mathematicians are calling for a boycott of the NSA (the NSA is the largest employer of mathematicians on the planet)
  • An IBM shareholder group – the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Pension & Relief Fund – has sued IBM for cooperating with the NSA … since that cooperation has destroyed IBM’s sales to China (as we noted in July, the failure of tech companies to disclose their participation in mass surveillance violates fair disclosure requirements … that is, the requirement to disclose “materially adverse information”  which could hurt a company’s value)
  • ATT and Verizon shareholders are exerting tremendous pressure to disclose the amount of information they’re sharing with the NSA

Militarization of the economy harms virtually all of the civilian sectors … just ask a Nobel economist.

An out-of-control NSA and spying complex is close to dealing a mortal blow to the America economy.

Can economic forces rein it in before it drags the civilian economy into another depression?

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  • james

    Did the idiots at the NSA have no clue that they would kill the US economy if they vacuumed up every electronic transaction on earth? And then allowed it to be used for political and economic purposes?

    They just did – self inflicted gunshot wound to the head….

    Do you think any foreign government or company will use any US software or computer hardware in the future? Of course they will not. Not only that, but they won’t even connect to US based networks.

    Cloud computing? dead. IBM? dead. Apple? dead. Microsoft? dead. Oracle? dead. Adobe? dead. Facebook, Twitter, Google, HP? You got it.

    Thanks NSA, you just killed the only functioning part of the US economy.

    • sallyho3000 .

      Carefully crafted collapse; just like a movie… Ironic, really.

  • TheTruth

    Ha, people still think its just “NSA” – Think Again. I’m sure the criminal CIA will keep on trucking though. While this may be putting a damper on economic factors, the “American” economy has been steadily destroyed by War Debt for many decades. Its the natural process of declining Empires.

  • gozounlimited


  • charlestonvoice

    This is good news. Now if congress would only de-fund the NSA we’d have blue skies ahead. But, then that takes morality and that commodity our congress has never had……