Is the NSA Blackmailing Its Overseers In Washington?

Are the Intelligence Committees Being Blackmailed?

During the Vietnam war, the NSA spied on two prominent politicians – Senators Frank Church and Howard Baker – as well as critics of government policy Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, and a Washington Post humorist.

A recently declassified history written by the NSA itself called the effort “disreputable if not outright illegal.”

The main whistleblower who revealed the Vietnam-era spying was Christopher H. Pyle. Pyle told Rob Kall of OpEdNews:

They targeted Sen. Frank Church and Sen. Howard Baker. It could mean they were trying to get information or dirt on senators involved in the Church committee and Watergate committee investigations respectively — either to learn something about their investigations or to discredit them.


We still need more information about what happened then. But more critically, we need more information about what’s happening now. These revelations raise the obvious question: If the NSA was targeting people like Sen. Frank Church, who were in a position to oversee the NSA — is that happening now? That is, are people like intelligence committee chairs Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) and other congressional leaders — who are supposed to be providing oversight themselves — compromised in some way by the NSA? If so, as seems quite certain from the recent Edward Snowden revelations, then how can they conduct genuine oversight of the NSA with their committees?”


If I were a member of congress, I would be terrified that NSA would do to them what J. Edgar Hoover did to members back during his time.

Sound paranoid?

Maybe. But remember:

  • The NSA has been tracking people’s porn in order to discredit them. The New York Times reports that this type of behavior has been going on for a long time: “J. Edgar Hoover compiled secret dossiers on the sexual peccadillos and private misbehavior of those he labeled as enemies — really dangerous people like … President John F. Kennedy, for example”.
  • Another very high-level NSA whistleblower – the head of the NSA’s global intelligence gathering operation – says that the NSA targeted CIA chief Petraeus

Postscript: Of course, there’s always the carrot.

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  • buck

    Do bears sh*t in the woods? The NSA is nothing but a gigantic blackmail machine. Spying for U.S. national security has very little to do with it.

    Russ Tice says the thinking of the pros is that the NSA copies everything electronic, including entire conversations. The point is not to spy in realtime, but if a subject ever becomes of interest they just start the TIVO running. The NSA is a criminal unconstitutional organization.

    On top of that all info is run through contractors (Narus, Verint) linked to the Israeli government. Plus there are sharing agreements between the U.S. and Israel.

    However Feinstein and Rogers needn’t worry. The NSA is run by and for treasonous traitor Israel firsters such as themselves.

    • Evan Schulz

      Fantastic point. This is the big picture that everyone seems to miss. Interesting that we get so much Snowden coverage from the fifth estate, but Tice is never mentioned by them. I’d be interested in your take on this. It’s this a limited hangout to distract people from the real story ie the blackmailing of government officials?

    • jadan

      And, is the Pope Catholic? The criminal NSA would not be collecting data if it weren’t going to use it. Kind of a dumb question to ask. If you’re looking for proof, George, you’re not going to find it. Diane Feinstein is not going to confess: back when I was mayor, I ate more pussy than Jim Morrison.

  • Dean Edwards

    It would seem the gov’t has created a monster that it can’t control. Heaven only knows most of the sleazebags in gov’t have naughty little secrets, but if not n$@ could surely conjure up something against them (or one of us.)

  • J.C.

    This had to be going on during the Clinton administration. What did he do about it? The same think Ike did about the Military Industrial Complex, NOTHING.

    • Mary

      The last President to challenge the Military-Corporate-Industrial Complex was assassinated. Besides, Clinton worked for the CIA and was instrumental in helping them set up their Mena, AR dope distribution network. According to Colonel Terry Reed, money from the operation was/is laundered through the AR Dept. of Commerce. People with organized criminal operations tend to end up with a severed horse head on their pillow, or worse.

  • Definitely mention NSA WHISTLEBLOWER RUSSELL TICE every time this comes up:

  • Burticus

    I expect the NSA had compromising photos of Chief Justice John Robert’s “peccadillo” in the wrong orifice, which would explain how a supposedly strict constructionist could declare an abomination like UsurperCare constitutional, even though it’s an obvious flagrant violation of Article 1, Sections 7, 8 & 9.

  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    isnt michelle bachman on that panel of experts?

  • gozounlimited

    Intelligence committee chair Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and her husband have been investigated by journalist Peter Byrne (not NSA) and were found to be involved in questionable dealings between the world’s largest commercial real estate firm and the U.S. Postal Service. Byrne, a California-based freelance writer with a special interest in uncovering government and corporate corruption, conducted a yearlong investigation into the real estate portfolio of CBRE for his book, “Going Postal.” In the book, published in September, Byrne claimed the real estate company undersold Postal Service properties, shortchanging the Postal Service on tens of millions of dollars…
    read more:

  • poptoy1949

    Of course they are. Kind of a silly question if you ask me. But then again you did not ask me. All in all Obamacare got through the Supreme Court through Blackmail……..Any other questions? Just for the hell of it let me mention that Washington, D.C. is so damned full of corruption that the word corruption is wanting a new definition of itself. And we wonder why we are sinking…..

  • Robert Barsocchini

    John F. Kennedy WAS an extremely dangerous person. He started the US war of aggression against Vietnam and carried out dozens of acts of terrorism and assassination.

    He got a taste of his own medicine – political assassination. Turns out it doesn’t taste so good. It’s only fun to give it (or try to give it) to others, like Castro.

  • Kevn0

    Nikita Kruschev invited Beria to his office to talk about possibly supporting Beria’s succession of Stalin.
    He was waiting for him with a pistol and shot him dead. This is how Congress will have to deal with the NSA. Gentleman, grow some testes.

  • crosspatch

    I doubt it. First of all there is too much turnover there for it to continue. This is just idle speculation someone has cooked up in their heads and posted in an “it could happen” sort of way and that’s about it. This is just some crap that bubbled to the surface in someone’s head and posted to the internet.

  • manwiththecode

    Judging serves to control serves to enslave.
    It can be the direct scapegoater. Or it can
    be the reactor. The son of the mother who
    enjoys the process of holding social disapproval
    as a self serving device may be the next
    sufferer of the Peter Pan Syndrome or ma
    simply be the next neocon ego defender
    (arrogant sob.)

    The person allegiant to what is unbeknownst to
    most a product half aimed at safe haven utility
    but more so aimed at preserving feudalism by
    way of mafia based economics will be equally

    Bullies imitate their fathers.
    Boys hurt animals, men don’t, but do to assert
    gender if insecure.
    That’s the Westerner killing buffalo for sport
    but the native horrified by that and only killing
    to feed his family.
    Guns are obvious phallic symbols.
    If one happens to be a masculine insecure clown
    he’ll be dependent. It also compensates, as it
    presents power.
    If he has a boy, he’ll learn insecurity, maybe be
    a bully. He’ll also possibly be the gay fascist

    When errant Christian leadership
    married errant J banking, and the latter
    (probably is what–) invented what we
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    World War II was first exterminating gays,
    then Jews. But if a Jewish ego defender
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    I thought several hamburger joints’ ads
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    Hundreds of millions of Chinese guys
    don’t suffer from that paranoia. They’ve
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    witchhunt and the resulting ego defense.
    I thought (just my opinion) the chicken
    joint did one better appealing to the
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    insecurity by redoing thisík_(journalist)

    “It so happens that killing a man is not the greatest evil that one can do that man. The Nazis were specialists, not only in murder and physical torture, but also in man’s degradation and debasement, in the extermination of his hope, his attachment to life and his faculty of reasoning.”

    The economics of masculine insecurity
    is the economics of the mafia.
    It’s control selling monopoly for

    The neocons don’t just sell out for
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    are the rightful vassals and noblemen.

    Also, when the oligarch replaces
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    and Mrs. Oligarch or Mr. Insecure
    demonizes the disapprover, that
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    This is also why welcoming the
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    I don’t know the psychological nature
    of anyone within any link here, or of
    that of any of their relation(s.)

    However, these decribed tactics looked
    calculated per formula.
    Is this demonizing so as to make afraid

    of being demonized anyone disapproving

    Emasculation Politics: What’s Wrong With ‘Manning Up’?

    dubious political and economic purposes

    There are family genetics causing homosexuality per natural incidence such as

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    There are also “epigenetic” causes such as MORE androgeneity (MORE masculine/MORE correlated gay–)for male and female