The New Logo For the US Spy Satellite From the National Reconnaissance Office Is Eerily Similar To American Depiction of Communism In the 1950s

Jon Schwartz notes:

New logo for US spy satellite from National Reconnaissance Office is weirdly similar to anti-communist propaganda:

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The National Reconnaissance Office is one of the “big five” U.S. Intelligence agencies, which designs, builds, and operates the spy satellites of the United States government, and provides satellite intelligence to several government agencies, including the NSA.

Background here and here.

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  • paulymx

    Ironically, this was the same imagery used by France in the 1930s opposing American style capitalism.

  • amerikagulag

    Welcome to the New Bolshevism – brought to you by the SAME PEOPLE.

  • Washington76

    Fla. state senator’s push for constitutional convention to rein in ‘runaway’ federal government December 10, 2013

  • barbara timperley

    yeah amerikagulag !

  • Mars Sentinel

    constitutional crisis is a wild “card”. birth certificate/ineligibility. perfect time to snip out ten or so of those pesky amendments.

  • DEWtarget05

    History has shown that new technologies have the power to be both a positive and destructive force for humanity. It is imperative that the new technologies being developed for space are monitored and regulated.

    My name is Darren McMahon and I’m being targeted with satellite D.E.W.’s (directed energy weapons). I believe I’m being targeted for experimentation purposes. This satellite D.E.W. targeting is most probably being performed by an entity within the N.R.O. (National Reconnaissance Office) and U.S. defense corporations.

    I am being targeted with concentrated directed energy, possibly microwave, in the form of a narrow beam and/or laser. Multiple times throughout the day, I will experience either a painful burning sensation on the top of my head, or the painful sensation of a pin/nail entering the top of my head, both of which are followed by pain within my head, and a feeling of sickness and weakness throughout my body. The pain and sickness I experience following each D.E.W. hit to the top of my head varies directly with the intensity of the hit. This satellite D.E.W. targeting of me has been physical and mental torture. It causes me pain and sickness many times throughout my day and depresses my mood. It has isolated me from my friends and family. I do not like to go out in public places such as restaurants, stores, etc. because I never know when I will be hit by the satellite(s).

    I believe the purpose of this satellite D.E.W. experimentation is to see what short-term and long-term negative health effects can be produced by targeting humans. From my personal observations of the pain and sickness I experience following each hit to the top of my head, I believe it is possible for these satellite D.E.W.’s to cause strokes and cancers in humans. I believe this experimentation is also being performed in order to refine the use of these satellite anti-personnel weapons to the point where future targeted individuals will not be able to detect what is causing their pain and sickness. If this goal is achieved, these D.E.W.’s will likely be used on targets such as activists, journalists, and other people deemed as threats. I believe these weapons have the capability to slowly kill individuals with little to no trace of evidence.

    These satellite directed energy weapons are a serious threat to our democracy and human rights on our planet. They are silent and invisible, and therefore not easily detectable. They employ laser technology which allow their operators to target specific individuals, without detection by others, even when in close proximity to the targeted individual.

    Darren McMahon
    dewtarget05 AT
    yahoo DOT com

  • DEWtarget05

    My name is Darren McMahon and I’m being targeted by U.S. satellites. I believe I’m being targeted for experimentation purposes. I am targeted while I attempt to sleep at night with some form of directed energy. I will experience a jolt shortly after falling to sleep which will immediately awaken me. My heartbeat and breathing will quicken. This pattern of targeting is repeated throughout the night preventing me from achieving any meaningful sleep. I fear the sleep deprivation I experience will negatively affect my health.
    Darren McMahon
    DEWtarget AT yahoo DOT com