is Fundamentally Flawed

Colors to Die For

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  • colinjames71

    Luckily, I had a broker apply for my plan, taking 20 minutes total over the phone here in WA state. All i had to do first was register on the state exchange site, which also only took a few minutes, though not totally the smoothest process, a few issues with the site freezing and some other minor problems.. Decent plan, though costing me over triple what i paid when i had employer-sponsored care. Not to be a contrarian, I realize the federal site is a disaster. The law is a disaster. There goes a $100/ month i would otherwise have put into the economy every month. Times that by millions of people every month. ,,,,,

    • gozounlimited

      Why do people even rely on med fraud? Do they not know that every thing they need is found naturally in the environment? Nutritional healing is the only approach that works. Got Cancer? smoke pot…… easy, affordable, attainable. Got pain? put a little tumeric in your tea and destroy inflammation. There is a natural CURE!!!!!! for everything! It sure does suck to be a part of an ignorant society……

  • Tonto


    Is universal health care important? It seems to me the logical emphasis of this statement is that the HEALTH of our citizenry is important. If that is the goal of our federal legislators, then, it must be far more important that there is universal access to physical fitness/exercise facilities where Americans can get themselves in shape and maintain their health and fitness. The two go hand-in-hand, health and fitness. Long before there is the desperate need for a medical intervention Americans should be looking out for their own health by eating right and taking regular exercising.

    And what is the best exercise for everyone between the ages of two and ninety-two? Swimming.

    But right across the country Americans have been watching their municipal swimming pools be shut down due to budget constraints and the fact that the majority of the country’s swim facilities were built more than fifty years ago. These facilities have become too expensive to maintain due to their dilapidated condition.

    Every American youth should have within a reasonable distance, access to a fifty-meter, eight lane, competitive swimming facility so that each American child can learn to swim well, and so they can continue to swim for fitness throughout their lifetime.

    Were this the case, we wouldn’t need the greater portion of what this obscene and intrusive universal health care system pretends to offer Americans. Everyone is going to be REQUIRED to pay for life-ending medical procedures for millions of Americans who have grown ill because they are physically out of shape. Americans should first have the opportunity to keep themselves healthy through exercise. Every American can avoid the common breakdown of the body that results from ignoring physical fitness. Dollar for dollar expenditure, exercise is a much more cost-effective way to maintain the health of the nation than is universal health care.

    DUMP OBAMACARE. ObamaCare is only going to continue to get more expensive as long as the government emphasis is wrongly placed, spending literally trillions of dollars AFTER illness sets in due to a lack of physical fitness.

    • I agree with you on the access to physical fitness. Maybe there should be “universal access to fitness” as well as “universal health care”. Good idea.

      BUT…picture Obama (or any president) saying they were giving all Americans access to universal fitness (which is a great idea). The FIRST thing that would happen is, since rightwing media drives all media with their talking points and their lunatic talking heads (like Rush Limbaugh & FOX “news”) who are paid by 1% rightwing billionaires, would rev up the “COMMUNISTS”, “SOCIALISTS”, etc…and get their “DITTOHEADS” in a frenzy, and then those talking points would get into the regular mainstream media, who wouldn’t want something good for the people anyway, they just “pretend” sometimes. They’re just like the rightwing media, only they put on a show that they’re in the middle and “fair” and “objective”.
      Next, riffing off all the rightwing media frenzy, “tea party” Republicans (hell, ALL Republicans), would start proceedings to impeach said president.
      You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

  • Carl_Herman

    All of the economic cost-benefit analyses I could find when I looked at this issue in 2010 showed Americans would save $100 billion to $300 billion every year with universal health care:

    • gozounlimited

      California should see a much bigger savings in health care following the death of thousands in relationship to the recent implementation of the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy, recently agreed to and signed on October 28, 2013 by Mary Polak, environment minister of British Columbia, representing British Columbia premier Christy Clark, Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and California Gov. Jerry Brown. With climate change bills getting stuck in Federal committees like terrible pop songs getting lodged in their heads, these Governors promised action and vow to keep pursuing an environmental issue that is going nowhere in Washington.

      Gov. Brown said……“California isn’t waiting for the rest of the world before it takes action on climate change”. And Washington Gov. Jay Inslee doubled down on regional pride at the conference stating “I don’t think it’s too much to say that on the West Coast, we intend to design the future.”

      Since then, geoengineering in California has successfully sucked up enough CO2 to make it virtually impossible to breath. Displaced by volatile gasses and chem spray, carbon/oxygen (2) is quickly disappearing replaced with dead air space…. no weather…. no rain…… no moisture …… just poison. I’m sure Mr. Devient Brown is quite happy with his results….like he said…… ”To actually utter the words ‘global warming’ is deviant and radical in 2013,” Brown said in San Francisco. “But here we are, and we’re doing it.” The challenge for progressives on the West Coast is to convince the rest of the country that “deviant” action on climate change is in their interest.”

      The F’er’s “deviant” action on the West Coast should successfully earn 200,000 early deaths due to air pollution …. not to mention the early death of agriculture….. all thanks to Monsanto’s geoengineering company ‘The Climate Corp.’ and an f-in crazy governor.

    • Tonto

      I don’t see how there will be any savings, Carl. The studies you cite must be wrong for lack of all the necessary information to make the call. The emphasis of ObamaCare clearly is in the wrong place. The emphasis should be in creating healthier lifestyles, not placing bandages and applying surgical procedures to maladies which are the direct result of poor lifestyle choices. Americans year after year grow less healthy due to a lack of proper emphasis on healthy choices about lifestyle.

      And really, ObamaCare is exactly like spending trillions on cosmetic medical procedures, since no one is made healthy by seeking medical attention. Health generally is one thing. Health is fitness. And fitness is health.

      Again, this is evidence of an empirical society (scientific humanitarianism) trying to address the humanitarian needs of the present population at the direct expense of the succeeding population that will replace it. Kids need extensive and well thought out athletic programs (especially swim programs, because swimming is one exercise that continue to be done as the body ages) so that when these kids grow up they have the experience and familiarity with a physical fitness regimen, that they can go on to strive for physical fitness at every age.

      Only then will the country reach the goal of a healthy population. ObamaCare and every other universal health care scheme is totally ass-backwards, a waste of limited resources, and they are doomed to failure because they are ass-backward.

      Again, I am sixty-four, Carl. I have not seen a doctor since I was thirty-one, well over thirty years. I swim a mile five days a week. I swim a mile in 32 minutes. Try it some time. Or ask someone you know to try it some time. That’s 72 lengths of a 25 yard pool. I am healthier at sixty-four than anyone could possibly imagine, without actually seeing me swim a mile.

      • We had a study in black and white, at the state level (Pennsylvania), proposed by the Green Party in Pa. to the state and local governments, on the enormous savings of going single payer.

        “The plan would provide coverage that includes medical
        care, prescription coverage, emergency transport, long-term care,
        addiction treatment, mental health, physical therapy, dental, vision
        and more. The cost would be a 3% tax of income ($30 on every $1,000
        earned) for those with income, and a 10% tax on gross payroll as the
        employer contribution. In addition, state and federal funds used for
        medical purposes in Pennsylvania, would also go into the trust fund.”

        “Among findings of Economic Impact Study:

        If enacted, the Pennsylvania Health Plan would save $33 billion
        dollars in 2014, allowing for coverage of all Pennsylvanians while
        still netting $17 billion in savings over current costs.

        The 3% tax on an individual’s income would provide a lower premium
        cost for more than 80% of Pennsylvania citizens.

        Plan would have no additional premiums, deductibles or co-payments.

        Plan would save local government and school districts 40 to 60% of
        current costs; more for municipalities or school districts with health
        insurance pension obligations.

        Plan would create 120,000 to 200,000 new jobs.

        Plan would allow patients access to doctors and hospitals of their
        choice, as opposed to the restrictive limitations placed on
        individuals by for-profit insurance.

        Healthcare costs would be controlled and more predictable and
        prescription drugs could be purchased in larger quantities, thereby
        saving significantly over current practices.

        Plan would put Pennsylvania on a path to sustainable healthcare for
        the future. For example, during the past 20 years Pennsylvania
        healthcare costs have risen by $60 billion dollars. However, the area
        of most pronounced growth has been in billing and administration, as
        opposed to actual improvements in healthcare.”

        • Tonto

          I am generally aware of the presaged conclusions of this sort of empirical health care study. The preponderance of the evidence in each is intentionally skewed toward endorsement of universal health care. It’s commonly phony science, which is all too common in our society. The presaged conclusions of these studies are the foregone conclusion, that universal health care is as good as having healthy children and a smart dog. It unfortunately is not so simple an equation. Similarly fraudulent empirical studies are a dime a dozen and available concerning any topic you or I can choose. Common jargon aptly calls these sort of studies, hype and spin.

          We live in a society and a world that has limited resources. ObamaCare, and every other plan for universal health care demands a stupendously large part of the available resources of the nation. As such, other approaches, including the fitness approach, will necessarily get less funding because universal health care is incredibly expensive and incredibly wasteful given the current demand and supply of wasteful, inefficient and even fraudulent medical services, medical services that could be entirely avoided were Americans given better opportunities to stay physically fit.

          The country should abandon the false hope of universal medical care. Instead the country should look toward preventative health maintenance, stressing fitness and lifestyle to make the nation more healthy.

          I personally do not want my tax dollars, or my currency being debased to pay for revolving door drug abuse treatments for dope addicts who are being systematically created by Big Pharma.

          I personally do not want my tax dollars used, or my currency debased to pay for venereal diseases caught by those who are destroying the moral fiber of our country.

          I personally do not want my tax dollars, or my currency being debased to pay for elective cosmetic surgery or experimental drug treatments. Such surgery and drug treatments can go incredibly wrong. For what are we being asked to pay and pay and pay and pay?

          I personally do not want my tax dollars, or my currency being debased to pay for welfare recipients to have more children.

          I object to the grotesque waste of limited resources upon people who have demonstrated that they do not value their own lives as highly as the expenses that are currently being picked up by the welfare system, for medical care provided them, as they continue to defile their health with outrageously poor lifestyle choices.

          If fitness-derelict Americans cannot see the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle, then I personally do not care if their lives are drastically shortened by the choices they are making and society’s refusal to pay for their health care through some scheme of universal health care coverage.

          ObamaCare is nothing more than an ever-growing tax on Americans.

          ObamaCare will NOT improve the health of the nation, that much is clear from news reports. We are each being asked to fund a system of health care that is morally bankrupt. Due to limited resources, other far more important societal concerns are being left to languish.

          Damn the Congress! Just say, -NO- to ObamaCare! And forget about universal health care coverage. Take care of your health as best as you can, before asking society to take care of your medical bills!

  • TheTruth

    Hehe, “Healthcare” in America was bad before and it will be after. That’s the bottom line. When its Health is determined from a profit and crony pharmaceutical industry – then guess what, its gonna be bad, always.

    Plus the government can’t afford it to begin with due to War Debt. IF, IF we lived on an alternate Earth, where a country known as “America” did not wage war for several decades, probably does have free health care provided to citizens.

    But this isn’t that parallel world. We live on Bizzaro Earth.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Health care is the simplest thing in the world. There is no need for any sign-up.

    How a real health care system works:

    You are a citizen, your health needs are covered. Very simple.

    You are undocumented? All we have to do is look at the individual case and determine if the person should be covered here (for example, because he/she is part of the workforce here, etc.), and then give the person whatever he/she needs.

    There is no need for increase in taxes. In fact we can lower taxes. Simply end the US empire, and reduce US violence and attack spending to the level of a normal country, and we have all the taxes we need and much more.