Former U.S. President On Industrial Espionage: “We Shouldn’t Collect Economic Information Under The Pretext Of Security”

NSA Spying Isn’t Focused On Terrorism

The NSA and other government agencies have conducted industrial espionage for decades.

They’ve been spying all over the world, on allies as well as enemies.

This has zero to do with terrorism.

Even former president Bill Clinton says:

We shouldn’t collect economic information under the pretext of security.

Clinton previously said:

We are on the verge of having the worst of all worlds: we’ll have no security and no privacy.

And he’s not the only president to slam the NSA.

Jimmy Carter said that NSA spying on Americans meant that “America has no functioning democracy”.

Clinton’s VP – Al Gore – says it constitutes “crimes against the Constitution of the United States”. And even Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein is opposed to spying on allies.

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  • Tonto

    Former U.S. President [Bill Clinton] On Industrial Espionage: “We Shouldn’t Collect Economic Information Under The Pretext Of Security”

    Really? Well, Mr. Clinton, along with every other sort of information, the country -is- collecting economic and industrial espionage information with spying publicly justified as being necessary for security. The country clearly will continue to collect economic and industrial espionage information. That is a given.

    And since the country is going to collect this information, it is probably more important to be talking about who should get access to this information, under what circumstances, and what secret agency is going to secretly handle the dissemination of this information to American businesses and others so the country as a whole can benefit from all this information without appearing to endorse spying for purposes other than security, exactly the way spying is already being done.

    Is the country’s policy to lie about everything? Yes, the country’s policy is to lie about virtually everything to virtually everyone. Why should anyone think they are entitled to the truth, when the circumstances do not justify dissemination of the truth?

    After all, did Hitler tell anyone before he invaded Poland?

    Did Khrushchev tell anyone before he put a satellite in orbit?

    Did JFK tell the country about his Bay of Pigs invasion?

    Did George W., Bush tell the country about his 9-11 terror attack before -that- happened?

    Of course not. And Ben Bernanke did not tell anyone that he knew bank stimulus was actually going to hurt Main Street. In all these instances and many others, it would have ruined the plan to tell anyone the truth about what is really going on.

  • michaelrivero

    Clinton is a total hypocrite here, because the notorious Seattle APEC scandal, in which US intelligence agents were caught stealing business secrets for political cronies, happened in 1997, during Bil Clinton’s presidency!