Court of Appeals: 9/11 Suit Can Proceed Against Saudi Arabia

Will State Sponsors of Terror Finally Be Brought to Justice?

The Saudi government supported the 9/11 hijackers.

The CIA concluded that 9/11 was an act of war by Saudi Arabia against the United States.

A judge ruled in 2002 – at the urging of the White House – that the suit should be dismissed.  The Obama administration has also urged that the suit be dismissed.

But the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the suit could proceed.

Unless the Supreme Court plays politics, justice will proceed …

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  • Charlie Primero

    Setting up Saudi Arabia as the scape-goat.

    The House of Saud and the western bankers who own them will not suffer. Brown people from sandy areas who work for a living will suffer greatly.

    • meh

      exactly.. if theyre now saying its saudi arabia, after the lies of iraq and afghanistan, you can be sure its another lie.

      sad that this blog is pushing this line.

  • davidgmills1

    The CIA tought 9/11 was an act of war by Saudi Arabia? How many dual citizens of Saudi Arabia were in the US government at the time? Because there were so many screw ups in the government in response to the attacks that if Saudi Arabia was the perpetrator then it must have had hundreds of dual citizens in the government helping to carry out the attacks and cover up what they did.

  • MartinTimothy

    The push to blame Saudi Arabia is 911 bullsh*t of the third kind, after OBL did it and Bush / Cheney were responsible, come in at numbers one & two.

    It was Jews – There were no hijackers, the planes that hit the WTC Towers were piloted by remote control, using technology developed by conspirator Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who with Zionists Jerome Hauer and Michael Chertoff engineered the whole project.
    No plane at Shanksville.
    A cruise missile hit the Pentagon.
    “Celebrating” Jews were filming as the WTC Towers went down.
    Thousands of Jews were away from the WTC on the day.
    Warnings to stay away came from NY synagogues,
    And from the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service.

    Lets Get Physical .. Warrants from the US Justice Department requiring the respondent to appear in court to answer charges of capital conspiracy, should go out to the entire US political, policing and news dissemination apparatus.

    For turning from the same evidence against the Jewish perpetrators of the 911 attacks, anticipating millions of executions, as the entire unholy alliance that perpetrated the outrage is brought to justice!

  • jadan

    Nonsense like this guarantees that 911 will continue to defy any rational explanation. There is no serious examination of the physical evidence by any investigator, except for Dr. Judy Wood. Political speculation is just distraction.

    • meh

      rather rely on all evidence heard in an open court, open, independent and unfettered with all witnesses under oath and cross examination, with a verdict reached beyond all reasonable doubt than some internet rando called jadan, no offence.

      • jadan

        Agreed! If you have sufficient interest, get “Where Did the Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood. It’s not about “rando” jadan. (What is that?). Put the evidence before a jury. All relevant photos & videos, eye witness testimony, seismic data, and so on, will provide overwhelming proof that something as strange as fiction occurred on that fateful day. The buildings did not pancake. The buildings did not come down via controlled demolition. There were no nukes involved. The public and most internet investigators have not seen half the evidence and yet schools of thought have emerged, not one of which is based on thorough consideration of ALL the evidence. Anything not understood is considered an anomaly and ignored.

  • Rabbi Rothschild

    The 5 guys caught on 9/11 and later all failed thier FBI polygraph lie tests before being released, were Israelis.