Intelligence Director Clapper Is In Big Trouble

Senator: Clapper’s Crimes More Harmful to America than Snowden’s

Director of National Security James Clapper is in trouble. For example:

  • The author of the Patriot Act and former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – Congressman James Sensenbrenner – says that Clapper should be prosecuted for lying to Congress and the American people about NSA spying

And a huge majority of Americans agree that Clapper should be prosecuted for perjury.

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  • DiogenesShrugged

    Persecuted or prosecuted?

  • Me

    Nothing will come out of it. They are all in the same “team”

    • robertsgt40

      I’m afraid you may be correct. Impeachment articles have been introduced for Holder a few weeks ago. This will meet the same fate…cover-up and let it die in the corner.

  • quantumcipher

    Being on the 9/11 Commission doesn’t exactly make that person credible.. Even less so, IMO. Regardless, he (Clapper) should be arrested & tried for perjury, and treason while they’re at it..

  • benfranklin

    This is the beginning of the end for these treasonous traitor Israel-firsters. Clapper will go down, we will be able to send him postcards in jail. Rogue Pentagon General Alexander will be next, he should be arrested for allowing a foreign power, Israel, to penetrate the NSA. The NSA is incompatible with the USA, one will cause the demise of the other. It’s not looking good for the unconstitutional, unAmerican, traitorous, peeping tom NSA.

    • pjp14

      i truly hope so brother

  • gozounlimited

    GOP Rep. Peter King: We Should Prosecute Journalists!

  • poptoy1949

    No doubt about it. He told an obama style big lie and yes he should have to atone for it.

  • Howard Treesong

    Jim Clapper, that lying sack of shit, should be held in contempt and be made to spend some quality time in Club Fed.

    If it’s ok to send people to jail for 10 years for smoking a reefer, then I think lying to Congress should come with an appropriate mandatory minimum sentence. Just so he can get the full experience of what it means to be fucked over by the system.