Canada Busted Covering Up Spikes In Fukushima Radiation

Falsely Stated That There Were No Unusual Radiation Levels

Update: The Canadian government also under-reported the amount of radioactive xenon by 6,000%.

The governments of Japan, America and Canada have covered up the severity of the Fukushima crisis ever since it started in March 2011.

They’ve cut way back on radiation monitoring after the Fukushima meltdown, underplayed the amount of radiation pumped out by Fukushima, and raised acceptable radiation levels … rather than fixing anything.

For example, reports:

A study by several researchers, including Health Canada [the department of the government of Canada with responsibility for national public health] monitoring specialist Ian Hoffman, reveals a sharp spike in radiation over southwest B.C. on March 20, 2011.

In 2011, investigative journalist Alex Roslin reported in the Georgia Straight that a Health Canada monitoring station in Sidney had detected radioactive iodine-131 levels up to 300 times normal background levels.

In 2011, Health Canada was declaring on its website that the quantities of radiation reaching Canada did not pose any health risk to Canadians.

“The very slight increases in radiation across the country have been smaller than the normal day-to-day fluctuations from background radiation,” Health Canada said at the time.

Roslin maintained in his article that Health Canada’s own data contradicted that assertion. Below, you can see more of what the researchers stated in the PowerPoint presentation about the radiation plume.

Here’s what Roslin wrote in 2011:

After Japan’s Fukushima catastrophe, Canadian government officials reassured jittery Canadians that the radioactive plume billowing from the destroyed nuclear reactors posed zero health risks in this country.

In fact, there was reason to worry. Health Canada detected large spikes in radioactive material from Fukushima in Canadian air in March and April at monitoring stations across the country.


For 22 days, a Health Canada monitoring station in Sidney detected iodine-131 levels in the air that were up to 300 times above the normal background levels. Radioactive iodine levels shot up as high as nearly 1,000 times background levels in the air at Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

Meanwhile, government officials claimed there was nothing to worry about. “The quantities of radioactive materials reaching Canada as a result of the Japanese nuclear incident are very small and do not pose any health risk to Canadians,” Health Canada says on its website. “The very slight increases in radiation across the country have been smaller than the normal day-to-day fluctuations from background radiation.”

In fact, Health Canada’s own data shows this isn’t true. The iodine-131 level in the air in Sidney peaked at 3.6 millibecquerels per cubic metre on March 20. That’s more than 300 times higher than the background level, which is 0.01 or fewer millibecquerels per cubic metre.

“There have been massive radiation spikes in Canada because of Fukushima,” said Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

“The authorities don’t want people to have an understanding of this. The government of Canada tends to pooh-pooh the dangers of nuclear power because it is a promoter of nuclear energy and uranium sales.”

Edwards has advised the federal auditor-general’s office and the Ontario government on nuclear-power issues and is a math professor at Montreal’s Vanier College.

Similarly, the Nelson Daily reported in 2012:

The Green Party of Canada said despite public concern over fallout from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Health Canada failed to report higher than normal radioactive iodine levels in rainwater.


“We were worried that this important information would not reach the public and unfortunately, it looks as if we were right,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich Gulf Islands in a written press release.

It has now been revealed that data were not released from a Calgary Health Canada monitoring station detecting levels of radioactive iodine in rainwater well above the Canadian guideline for drinking water.

This isotope was known to be released by the nuclear accident and also showed up in tests in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Ottawa.  Lower levels of contamination resulted in a don’t-drink-rainwater advisory in Virginia.

“Serious questions are arising about how Health Canada tests for radiation, and why it has failed to properly alert the public,” said May.


“In effect, Health Canada has not allowed Canadians to take any preventative steps to reduce our exposure to this radiation.”

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  • Tonto

    There should be little doubt that every government scientist is a born liar.

    And there should be even less doubt that every scientist is a government scientist to one degree or another, since most of the scientific funding comes from government. That should tell all the doubters something about what science really is.

    Of course there are always scientists who are trying to prove they are the most brilliant thing since the invention of the BitCoin by the CIA. And they are not liars. They are simply and more commonly, delusional about science.

    Science is all about the want of a job, a paycheck, and the competition for phony fame and glory at the most rarefied, sinecure levels of science. The politics and back-stabbing at science facilities like CERN and academic facilities like MIT and CalTech is world renown. These scientific-types are a criminal lot. And they all aspire to membership in peer-groups of scientific gangs.

    This is where human-caused global warming and the carbon tax came from.

    And despite Canada’s reputation as being a more civilized place, their scientists are just as corrupt as scientists everywhere else. Canada just claimed title to the North Pole, if you missed it today.

    • Lone Ranger

      Uhh, you realize Tonto, that those evil scientists have made possible the very computer and system which with you have plugged into and shared your vast knowledge of science with the rest of the world. Go back to using smoke signals then. At least the Unabomber had integrity. Sheesh!

    • TheTruth

      Tonto needs to calm down. Science is allowing to post your philosophy on… Tonto-ism, on here.

      And no one is born a liar. You learn to be one.

      • Tonto

        “And no one is born a liar.” You obviously haven’t seen the video showing Orangutans stealing. It’s in the simian nature to be deceitful. Scientists may learn to be better liars, but they most surely are born with deceitfulness in their human nature.

        These scientists have aspirations. Like kids in college, it’s in their nature to cheat. The first thing they learn to do to advance their careers, is lie, especially if they know that lie is going to be rewarded. That is how the myth of anthropomorphic global warming took hold.

        “Tonto needs to calm down.” No. You need to stop responding to my posts with your vacuous comments that have no substance, Jackass. You’re not adding anything. Read your post. It’s drivel. You drivel because you do not like the content of my post.

        • Freeipad intheFACE

          If you really believe the junk you’re spouting…..then wow. Talking about how science (the process of coming to conclusions based on evidence and testing) is all just wrong, yet don’t go into detail. Now you look like you’re spouting “original sin”. I think I know where this is going, tell us all about the bible and jesus.

  • Maien

    Not Fair Tonto. Some of our Canadian scientists have fought our gov’t and have been fired because of their demand to bring truth to the Canadian people. Not all scientists are rotten with a total lack of integrity. However, I perfectly understand your sentiment.

    • Tonto

      If these scientists fought to bring “the truth” to the “Canadian people”, and were fired, then they are no longer scientists. They are unemployed. They are on the dole.

      Not fair, my ass… Canadian scientists are just as incapable as any other scientists throughout the world when it comes to policing the supposed truths of their ken. And they are all dupes, because all science is based on lies and fraud.

      Science is not about truth. Science is about making up fanciful explanations that only approximate what (in some instances) is really going on. When scientific approximations do not work out, the scientists call that “an anomaly”. What is really going on is, the scientists of the world have really fucked things up for everyone. And that is not an anomaly. That is the truth about scientists.

      If that’s your brand of truth, then so be it. But don’t tell me it’s anything like the truth I should accept. I don’t buy into any of it. Science is 100% illogical. Science is species-suicidal, and every knows it. How is that logical?

      • Herb the Gardener

        Hey Tonto, what are you? An extremist conservative Government Troll? The only liars are in the ” Conservative Canadian Government” (see text above) and one day they will end up in the Canadians People Court, and hold responsible for not protecting the Canadian population.

        • Tonto

          Even the future PM, Rick Mercer, will be a liar. The Canadians get exactly what they deserve. So, don’t knock Stephen Harper. He is but a sign of the times, which are shallow and delusional right across the border and into the heartland of Hockey Night in Canada.

          • Herb the Gardener

            Did you just outed yourself? Tontooo!

          • Nathan173AB

            You’re some sort of religious fundamentalist are you? Next thing we know, you’ll be telling us that evolution is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

          • It is. (And the BEAST USA Gov’t Gangsters imprisoned Dr. Dino to shut him up.)

          • Goatflakes

            Um, no, Ken Ham is still running his retarded creation museum. You might be thinking of Kent Hovind, who was even more ridiculous but actually committed fraud so was locked up for it.

          • Um no. You lie. tells much more. Ken Ham has his own ministry (Answers in Genesis?)

            And no, Kent committed no fraud. The antichrist judge Rodgers crucified him and is looking to do so again. May she fall DEAD in the courtroom. Amen. In Jesus’ Holy Name.


          • And you need to REPENT b4 u burn in Hell with your devils torturing you forever.



          • He never said “harm none”.

            He does tell his slaves to butcher babies, eat shit, fuck anything/anyone, do drugs, worship devils, etc.


          • You need to be put to death for WITCHCRAFT.


        • cold340t

          He seems to be the voice of reason on this thread 🙂 RADIATION IS NOT SAFE! PERIOD! Stop living in denial about the massive release into OUR Planets Ecosystem. You know, where OUR FOOD comes from? Only a paid shill would argue in favor of the safety of Nukes. Just ask the So. Pacific Islanders, or Nevada Residents. I could go on.

          • That spike from the first graph? You’ll get that much radiation simply by eating a banana.

          • cold340t

            And the human body has the ability to process the type of radiation in bananas. Dismissed, as wrong, thank you! 🙂 Not so Fukushima radiation. 🙁

          • DragomirSA .

            Where does this article demonstrate that this was/is from Fukushima radiation? What is the type of radiation from Fukushima that we can’t process?

          • Goatflakes

            No, just, no. You don’t know what you are talking about. You think that there is some sort of natural radiation the body can process, and ‘unnatural’ radiation which it can’t. Wrong. There is beta, alpha, and gamma radiations, all at various different energies, electromagnetic radiation, which includes gamma radiation, and all other sorts which you likely won’t encounter except in space or at altitude such as iron nuclei and muon radiation, but there is no such as natural and unnatural radiation.

          • CircaShian

            In response to pro-nuke spokespersons who equate bananas to man-made (anthropogenic) radiation. They’re NOT comparable people!! You see, the word “radiation” is used to mean TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. There are:

            1) “Man-made” (anthropogenic) radiation which kills and
            2) non-anthropogenic radiation such as found in bananas.

            Same word, two VERY DIFFERENT meanings, otherwise known as a homograph. It’s a word that is spelled the same and sounds the same but the meaning is completely different. It’s like the word “bear” which can mean “the big furry animal” and “to carry or support”.

            Radiation can be “man-made” (anthropogenic) or “non-anthropogenic”. And just because it’s called “natural” or “background” doesn’t mean that it’s not anthropogenic! And that’s where bananas come in.

            Poke around this site if you’ve the patience to deal with websites with no pictures.

          • Goatflakes

            No. Anthropomorphic radiation is not quantitatively different to natural radiation. Ionising radiation, and that is what we are talking about here, can be either of type alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray (which is the same as gamma just produced in a different fashion and often of a lower energy), or some other more exotic species such as neutron, positron, iron nuclei or muon, to name a few. But discarding radiation from space or from an OPERATING nuclear reactor or other piece of high technology, most exposures are from either alpha, beta or gamma/x-ray.

            Radiation also varies according to energy, so for example you could have a 1MeV x-ray or a 1GeV gamma ray, which would differ in effect only because the 1GeV is 1000 times more energetic. This measures the energy of each individual particle of radiation. It is measured in electron volts (eV) or Joules (J).

            Radiation also varies according to flux, which is the amount of particles per square meter coming from it at a given distance, keeping in mind that the amount of particles measured will drop off according to a square function of distance, so if you double the distance between you and the source you will quarter your radiation exposure.

            The amount of particles that actually reach the target is refered to as a count, although we need to be careful here because the count as measured by a radiation detector can vary from the count that the human body is subject to. For example say that a person had a detector attached to their breast pocket, but the radiation source was spread mostly on the ground. It is possible that the count as measured by the detector would be too low compared to the real dose to the person, which would be presumably through their lower body.

            Count can also refer to the total amount of radiation emitted by a source. It will then be measured in Curies or becquerels. One Curie is defined as the amount of nuclear disintegrations in 1 gram of radium, which is quite a lot of radiation, so you hear of milli Curies and micro Curies. One bequerel is as 1 nuclear disintegration per second, which is hardly any radiation at all. So you hear of gigabecquerels and terabecquerels.

            The dose is the amount of radition which reaches the body, multiplied by the effectiveness of that particular radition at affecting the tissue that it hits. It is a function type, energy and count of radiation and also of the particular tissues exposed. particles. Different types and energies of particles affect living tissue differently, and the relationship is not simple. For example thermal neutrons have a lower energy than fast neutrons, but are more likely to interact with tissue because they have more time to interact with the nuclei of the tissue before they pass through compared to the faster moving fast neutrons. Additionally different tissues have different sensitivities to radition, which is usually a function of how quickly the cells reproduce in that tissue. For example brain tissue because it divides so slowly is relatively insensitive to radiation, whereas bone marrow and gut tissue is relatively sensitive, because it divides so quickly.

            Finally the radiation can differ by mode of delivery. For example it can be external to the body, so it doesn’t particularly matter what form it is in, or it can be a dust on the skin, inhaled or digested, it can be a solution and then the chemistry of the emitter starts to become important, or an insoluble solid, etc., etc., etc.

            But what it can’t be is ‘anthropomorphic’ or ‘natural’. Next you will be trying to tell me that the carbon dioxide from a forest fire is different from the carbon dioxide from a wood fired stove! No, they differ only in amount.

          • CircaShian

            Sounds like you’re in the beagle-killing club from down there in Lovelace. You are some morally bankrupt individuals to sacrifice the beagle puppy dogs like that. Twisted asses. For others reading this, google it. Beagles were injected with radioisotopes and as the scientific papers for more than 40years say, the dogs were “sacrificed” – their wording, not mine!

          • Goatflakes

            You are an idiot. When confronted with facts you can’t refute or even understand you resort to a pathetic attempt at emotional blackmail. I shouldn’t be surprised it’s the standard MO of all spineless so called greens. You and your ilk give environmentalism a bad name and and have thoroughly discredited any rational attempt to curb actual destruction of the planet with your fluffy animal embracing ways.

            No I am not now nor have I ever been employed by the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, which by the way is a not for profit organisation who’s mission is and I quote “The mission of LRRI is to serve humanity through research on the prevention, treatment, and cure of respiratory disease.” Yes the evil fuckers.

            Furthermore I haven’t even set foot on that continent and nor have I ever been involved in animal testing. So stop telling lies and admit you are talking out of your arse.

          • CircaShian

            Naw, I just couldn’t keep up with 2 of you. Follow my comments with Jeff at this link:

          • Goatflakes

            That is very interesting, but 1800 counts over a ten minute period is still quite a minute amount of radiation. This is (1800 count/10 minute)*(1 minute / 60 second) / 1 Bq / (count/sec) = 3 Bq, still 10 times less than the ~30 becquerels (Bq) Potassium-40 in a banana.

            Although of course the 30 Bq Potassium-40 in the banana wouldn’t cause 30 counts/sec in her radiation detector, but assuming she put it right up against it it would be reasonable to assume that at least one quarter of counts got into the detector, so somewhere from 2.5-10 as much radiation in your humble pre-nuke banana.

            I in fact eat this particular food all the time (seaweed sheets from China), and after seeing the counts in this young woman’s very excellent science project, I still probably won’t change my eating habits, because the counts are way too low for me to be alarmed.

            As I said previously, I had a medical procedure last year that involved me being injected with ~1 gBq, or about 300000 times as much radiation in one hit. That said, perhaps governments are right to set these low limits. Radiation at these levels isn’t a huge risk, but it is a risk.

            Sure you would get thousands of times more radiation from a chest x-ray or from a jet liner trip, but you can choose not to go on on an flight or not to have an x-ray, but if all of your food is contaminated, even at a small level, you can’t really choose to avoid that now, can you?

          • Goatflakes

            I misspoke I should have said:

            (1800 count/10 minute)*(1 minute / 60 second) * 1 Bq / (count/sec) = 3 Bq


            (1800 count/10 minute)*(1 minute / 60 second) / 1 Bq / (count/sec) = 3 Bq

          • Goatflakes

            also sec=seconds obviously :p it’s 12:34 am here and I’m feeling it.

          • Goatflakes

            Also I would note that the medical procedure where I was injected with 1gBq of Technetium-99 metastable was an IMAGING procedure not a radiotherapy procedure and as such I did not get any side effects from the radiation at all.

            I did however get some horrid chest pains and headaches from the vasodilator they gave me because I couldn’t run very well at the time. It was a stress test cardiac perfusion imagining procedure, but at the time I also had sciatica which meant I couldn’t even walk particularly well. These side effect were eased by several strong coffees after the procedure was finished 😀

          • ouivalerie

            bananas have nothing to do with it, they just happen to set off a geiger counter, don’t count as nuclear radiation.

          • Goatflakes

            They set off a Geiger counter because they have naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in them, namely Potassium-40. Potassium-40 undergoes nuclear decay about 90% of the time into stable Calcium-40 and a 1.33 MeV beta particle and about 10% of the time into Argon-40 and a 1.460 MeV gamma. So it is pretty much identical to any other source of around 1 MeV betas and gammas. Additionally different types and energies affect the body in different ways, and different tissues are affected differently, but from about 60 years of radiation health physics we know by how much. So we can compare the banana to other forms of nuclear radiation.

            The one caveat being that the human body does maintain homoeostasis of the level of potassium, so any extra radiation from eating a banana will only last until the body balances the amount of potassium in it, which takes only hours. This doesn’t change the fact that body has and has always had radiation sources integral to it, mostly in the form of Potassium-40.

            The point of all this is that any source of radiation that is significantly less than the body’s own radiation is probably not going to be of a health concern. Also we know that the Potassium-40 is naturally occurring and not from the nuclear industry because it used to date rocks using the potassium-argon dating method. This wouldn’t work without significant amounts of Potassium-40 being present in prehistory.

            Also from the many years of nuclear weapons research and the many horrible human experiments done, we know the effects of radiation, and Fukushima Daiiachi isn’t much of health concern even for Japanese. Notice I didn’t say “isn’t a health concern” I said “isn’t much of a health concern”. Yes there will be a few extra cases of cancer, yes that is bad, but this incident was caused by:
            1. A natural disaster which killed 20-30 thousand people.
            2. Management not following code to a criminal level.
            3. An old nuclear reactor design that was not passively safe, but which could not be replaced because of anti-nuclear protests.

            If the reactor had have been replaced by coal, which realistically was the only alternative for most of its lifetime, it would have cost the Japanese a fortune in imported coal and many more people would have died due to lung diseases than ever will die because of the radiation release.

            It could now be replaced by natural gas which has a much lower rate of mortality associated with it, but the Japanese will still have to pay an ever increasing gas bill for it. And don’t say solar/wind/water or yoghurt powered cars. It has been tried and where it is useful it is useful only as a adjunct. It just isn’t cost effective for the majority of supply.

          • Goatflakes

            This reading which has these morons in a complete tizz, 3.6 millibecquerels Iodine-131/cubic meter of air, is much, much less. In fact it is eight thousand three hundred times less, a banana has about 30 becquerels Potassium-40. Now, I haven’t calculated biological effectiveness, but you get the picture.

      • Loneranger

        Hey Tonto just because a certain employer fires you doesn’t discount your education. Obvoiusly if you dont believe in science you beleive God will save you from this disaster. Good luck with that because the church has more infighting than Israel and Iran these days.They cant even decide whats “real” except what fills their coffers. Thx for the ignorance . Lone Ranger

      • Goatflakes

        You really are an idiot. If science is so illogical and ineffective, then why does it actually work. Stop commenting about things you know nothing about you fool.

      • ouivalerie

        money is corrupting scientists…the one’s without integrity are numerous and think they are smarter, better people from better families and got the degrees for their proof so they are out to bamboozle the world with words and false numbers adding up in a game of brains… to make their claim to fame and live well….selfishness, greed, happens to genius people…this money game is a world of competition…a gladiator ring without the violence, just deception…the way they win the game is to have a JOB, never mind the ethics…they are out for the money.

  • Keifito

    Please take into consideration the scale of this graph. Only a maximum of .6 nano sieverts/hour (1 sievert = 1 gray) were ever detected. The average annual natural background radiation in the world is 2400 nano sieverts. Conversion shows that .6 nano sieverts will be absorbed in a little over 2 hours in a regular environment. Slightly more than tripling the background radiation is in fact, not harmful at all because of the miniscule scale. Actually three times the world natural background radiation is equal to the average radiation (artificial and natural) in the US. Figures taken from

    • Herb the Gardener

      This has noting to do with background radiation, these are hot particles. Stop trying to dumb down the people.

      • cold340t

        Thanks! More subterfuge, Keif, we all know radiation isn’t safe. Period.

      • Jct: Exactly what I explained to people in an earlier video. Hot particles are not like background radiation and any time you hear someone talking “background” you know they’re morons or moles.

        • Chew

          What is a “hot particle”?

          • Jct: A couple of tons of nuclear waste explode and the hot particles are spread to the wind. If you breathe one in, it’s effect is compounded by the reduced distance. Say a hot particle 1 meter away burns you a little. If it gets to within 1cm of you, it’s not 100 times stronger for 100 times closer, it’s 100^2, 10,000 times stronger. If it gets a micron away from a cell, it’s not a million times hotter, it’s a million squared: a trillion times stronger. Get the difference between a hot particle inside you and background radiation that’s not?

          • Rocky Racoon

            couldn’t we send this stuff right into the sun load it on a shuttle and let it go the only danger is failed launch. Seems the space shuttle is going up into space every few months like they have it down pat I know there is risk but is it feasible to send it into the sun? Wouldn’t hurt the sun would it?

          • Jct: Nice idea but probably not. If they can’t stop their robot controls from burning out, how do you think rocket components would work. Besides, I should have said “thousands of tons” rather than just tons.

          • xardox

            “Seems the space shuttle is going up into space every few months like they have it down pat”. No actually, the space shuttle is no longer going up into space, ever again.

          • Rocky Racoon

            They are still sending some sort of shuttle up there it’s just got a different name and they privatized it….another rip off of tax payer dollars that’s the free in free enterprise. That is what happened to the challenger and the enterprise-seems like you got your compass is a little bent xardox.

          • xardox

            Oh, another conspiracy theory, huh? Please provide proof of what you’re saying, or are you just making it up? Exactly what do you mean by “some sort of shuttle” and provide a link that proves what you are saying. And please clarify what you’re saying about Challenger and “Enterprise”? What happened to them? The Enterprise was never launched, and it is currently property of the Smithsonian Institution. I said you should look up the fate of Columbia, not Enterprise. You obviously still have not done your homework.

          • Umm, the Enterprise never went into space (it never had engines, it was a full-size mockup) and the Challenger exploded on take off in 1986. There’s no more shuttles going up, they weren’t privatized.

          • ArthurPaliden

            Total utter cow dung.

          • ArthurPaliden: Total utter cow dung.
            Jct: I see Arthur has decided to give us a bit of his low-tech opinion. I bet you $100 it’s what your shoveling here. Want to put your money where your ignorant mouth is? Does Arthur The Gilligan Paliden want to John The Professor?

    • Steven Gaylord

      All atoms of uranium are radioactive. At some point in their lifetime, they spontaneously undergo radioactive decay and emit subatomic particles and energy from their nuclei. When this process occurs in the crust of the Earth, it is of no consequence to life. Decay while the atom is entrapped within the body of a living organism, however, is altogether different. When the radiation from a radioactive atom is released into a biological medium, it creates damage to the molecular structures that make up that living system.

    • ouivalerie

      Radiation doesn’t ever go away, everyday, it piles up, every day Fukushima has always leaked by air and by sea, every single day….the tiny creatures can’t take it, fish plankton is food…little bees…. I ate 6 oysters in San Pedro, California Oct 2013 and within days suffered weeks of a bloody nose, the radiation had just spiked in September again. Then my friend showed up after a week in the hospital, he had a lung blood clot, and I found a dead raccoon outside with a nasty bulbous bloody nose, and I had too many dental x-rays from childhood, some of us
      can’t afford any more additional dose of rads, it’s cumulative, over a lifetime, hot particles lodge, often unlikely to dispel without being cut out, and any growing cell will mutate from any dose of radiation, so fetus and growing children can’t take any rads at all, no amount is safe…there is an increased death rate in hospitals in US of births of massive significant amounts…Japan has a lockdown of internet sharing for almost a year….there were tens of thousands of bloody noses tweeted, there is a hospital lockdown, they don’t even share with US doctors and they tell people they have a flu when it’s radiation immune system issues….and it’s common knowledge they raised the safe levels of radiation to ridiculously unsafe levels….there are mutated fish in the Pacific Ocean so much it’s sickening, they got jaundice looking…as far as humans get it but the fish are all yellow and a baby grey whale, as big as 3 men washed up in Baja, CA with two heads and two tails conjoined, bloody and dead and oar fish are being seen by MYSELF on the coastline, others caught some and they live in the deepest ocean…what are they doing here? the study of ocean 150 miles out, calculated all the way to Japan all plankton is now dead all sea floor is mostly dead so all the remaining fish are along shorelines eating each other…such as Monterrey Bay and suddenly thousands of whales of several types, purposes, seals, dolphins…all feeding in the Bay in more than unprecedented number but in emergency alert numbers. People in Hawaii have deep hacking coughs and bloody noses and piles of bees are lined up for miles a foot high on their shores (I spoke with a guy out there about it) and sharks are biting in unprecedented numbers, even though lot’s of people won’t even go in the ocean, whoever is going in is likely to be in danger from hungry sharks….There is a lot lot lot more….if you can’t understand the lies about the gov putting out to the public on radiation, they do it for control to stop people from abandoning the system in masses…cause if they know they are going to die and only have a few years left to live….people would change all there plans and the system wouldn’t turn it’s wheel each day…..

      • KaeKae

        OMG This has to be the funniest thing I have read in a long time lol You have got to be joking. Nobody could be this misinformed about the world around them. Wow xD Thanks for the laughs ;p I especially got a kick out of the starving sharks that supposedly aren’t eating the unprecedented numbers of porpoise/seals/dolphins available to them. Silly conspiracy theorists are always good for a giggle.

  • Jct: I Know they turned off the fallout detectors right before the Fukushima plume hit BC and baby deaths tripled! Didn’t want to scare anyone. Turmel: Greatest Pre-Extinction Speech in Human History Jct: After disrupting the largest Not-All candidates’ debate in recent Toronto history for half-an-hour before an angry mob at Jarvis Collegiate during the Toronto Centre 2013 federal byelection, John The Engineer warns about nuclear extinction and what has to be done to fund the clean-up before being taken into custody and removed.

    • Herb the Gardener

      Thank you John Turmel for posting this, take a good look folks, this is how the Fascists run elections in Canada. Democracy is dead, if we can not hear from independent candidates.
      Only the corporate approved parties and their media are running the show and you are fed the same crap on TV, Radio and Newspapers. Wait for the secret trade deal called the IPP, then this forum will also only for corporate approved comments and all the Trolls will be out of a job too. Canadians are so nice people, but if they find out what is going on, Canada is not going to be so peaceful any longer. The police job should have been to make sure John is being part of the all candidate meeting.

      • amerikagulag

        Still no mention of the STUXNET aspect of this disaster. It is distinctly possible that the governments of the US and Israel were responsible. STUXNET was found in the Fukushima computer system in October prior to the quake.

        • MelInTO

          Agreed. Jim Stone has strong evidence to support this fact. He’s a freelance journalist that compiles strong data, photos, and facts before making any accusations.

        • Goatflakes

          oh fucking bullshit. It got hit by a combined earthquake tsunami that killed thirty thousand people or more! When flooded all of the diesel generators that powered the reactor cooling pumps in the case of loss of power stopped working, strangely enough. So the cooling wasn’t sufficient, so the reactor blew up. Do you even know what a nuclear reactor is?

    • Baby deaths did not triple after Fukushima. The data used to make that claim was cherry-picked to produce the desired results. The article even has a nice graph that illustrates how the supposed increase is inside the normal noise/variation one would see.

      • Jct: How interesting that the supposed increase is inside the variation that we see. How many standard deviations of variation are you talking about? 2:1? 19:1? 400:1? I didn’t cite any story, I believe I used the published baby deaths numbers to figure it out myself. I’m sure where I got those numbers cited, and of course, they had counted the period before Fuikushima in their year which kept numbers low.Sort of how the Feds said they were reducing the frequency of testing without telling us by how much. I saw 3 reports on the last day March 25 2011. Was that a thousand a year? Did they reduce it down to 2 reports a day, 730 a year? 1 report a day, 365 a year? 1 report a week, 52 a year? 1 report a month? 12 per year. Gee, with 85 reports already done, they don’t have to do another for another 7 years to maintain that average. 2011 to March 25 is 85 days so I used the previous year average for the first 10 weeks of 2011 before the accident to get triple baby deaths numbers. “Triple Baby Deaths” are the claim of John The Engineer from the published data. Unless you want to put some money down on a bet that I can’t back it up again, I’ll stand by the claim no matter how many standard deviations your unstated “inside” is.

        • Jct: After 6 months, I’d guess I won that debate. John The Engineer doesn’t cheery-pick data if I’m going to be betting on it! Wake up! Only a loser would do that and the Great Canadian Gambler is no loser.

    • Goatflakes

      Well then, the only thing you can do is kill yourself to prevent a slow and agonizing death by cancer, isn’t it? I would encourage you to do so before posting any more complete bald face lies to the internet.

      • Goatflakes: Well then, the only thing you can do is kill yourself to prevent a slow and agonizing death
        Jct: We’ll let the goat and the other flakes kill themselves rather than try to find a solution to them hiding the problem from us. After all, how much use could such goat-flakes be in the search for any real solution when off-myself is the first hint. Have to wonder why he’s never been successful before?

        • Goatflakes

          The trouble with your reasoning here should be obvious to you, but seeing as your mental faculties seem compromised, I’ll spell it out for you. I don’t believe we are all going to die a slow painful death of cancer from Fukushima Daiiachi. You seem to. Ergo, I have no reason to take my own life, but you seem to have a really good reason.

  • stilljillofark

    Off with their heads!

  • Steven Gaylord

    Fukushima’s nuclear disaster is a nightmare. Large sectors of the population are accumulating significant levels of internal contamination, setting the stage for a public health tragedy.

    A subtle increase in the number of miscarriages and fetal deaths will be the first manifestation that something is amiss. An elevated incidence of birth defects will begin and continue into the indefinite future. Thyroid diseases, cardiac diseases and elevated rates of infant and childhood leukemia will follow. Over the next decade and beyond, cancer rates will soar. Both the Canadian and the US governments continue to dispel the truth and the mainstream media remains mostly mute.

  • These graphs and quotes of numbers in the article are meaningless without a discussion of what the actual, absolute levels represent.

    For example, first graph from Health Canada BC. That spike to 0.6 nGy/hr? That’s the dose a 155lb person will get from eating a banana and the naturally occurring radioactive potassium-40 in it.

    And that next graph from Sydney? 200 Becquerels per cubic metre? That is a mere 9% of the US legal radiation exposure safe limit for non-mining industries.

    With out that discussion, all those graphs with their spikes and you quoting increases of hundreds or thousands of times is nothing but fear mongering.

    • Herb the Gardener

      Well, Cory you might be saying there is noting to see here, please move on. I might not be a nuclear scientist and understand how to calculate complex and confusing data, but what I see is an up to ten times high spike and when we have a nuclear meltdown we by now know (Tchernobyl, three mile island) there is a massive release of hot particles including radio active Iodine, caesium, plutonium and strontium. This time we had 3 meltdowns as far as we can tell, all in the same timeframe and considering the jet stream, YOU want to tell us this is fear mongering?

      • Goatflakes

        Yes, yes it is. Because not knowing what you are talking about, you somehow feel qualified to assume the worst and spread that as if it is the only sensible answer, while simultaneously shouting down anyone that does actually know what the fuck they are talking about.

      • Goatflakes

        Finally if you wish to be able to do these calculations and assess such risks yourself in a rational way, I suggest you enroll in an introduction to chemistry course through the coursera web site, I say chemistry rather than physics or biology because chemists seem to consistently use one of the most powerful techniques for solving any sort of problem like this, and that is dimensional analysis. But I encourage you to take physics or biology too if you feel up to it! Knowledge is power, panic isn’t knowledge.

  • Mars Sentinel

    i wonder whether anyone is figuring out that ALL government is repressive and evil. listening, he hears only silence.

    • ouivalerie

      Martin Luther King said that to the masses.

  • MelInTO

    What will it take for the Canadian and US governments to realize we’re looking at possible human extinction? If we’re not slowly affected by the contamination of the air and water, we’ll be destroyed by magma. As quoted by a reputable Japanese scientis – Yoichi Shimatsu, “The hundreds of tons of escaped nuclear fuel beneath
    the Fukushma No.1 plant exceeds the combined weight of all fissile material in
    nuclear-weapons testing to date. If this melting mass of uranium and plutonium
    were to explode, the seams in the tectonic plates could be blown apart,
    unloosing rivers of magma onto the Earth’s surface. A vast cloud of radioactive
    particles, toxic gases, sulfur and industrial waste would encircle the globe
    with more deadly consequences than the 1883 Krakatoa eruption. The human
    species, dependant on other life-forms and vulnerable to oxygen depletion, will
    be among the first to go extinct.”

    Why are we allowing Tepco to handle the manual clean up of these rods when they cut their force back in 2011, then re-hired people for a fraction of the salary to manually deal with this mess? These are not trained individuals. This impacts the globe, yet our governments sit back and let the Japanese handle this on their own. In what universe does this hold any logic whatsoever?!!! I’m so angry that my life, the lives of loved ones and every other innocent person and species on this planet could be destroyed because of the incompetence running the show ‘up top’.

    • J-M

      Unit #3 was a breeder reactor with massive amounts of plutonium with a half life of 25 000 years

    • Goatflakes

      no. just. no. It isn’t even close to an extinction level event. You should realise this because no one has yet died from the radiation! Gods use your head! Just because some amount of plutonium was supposedly lost to sea, and I don’t necessarily believe it was, because plutonium compounds are quite insoluble, especially the oxides, what he is saying is that if you concentrated the entire inventory and made a bomb out of it, it might rent the crust. But making nuclear explosives is notoriously difficult, and not likely to happen by chance. So a completely and knowingly misleading and false argument on his part.

  • Asu

    evolution is a lie straight from the Devil

    • Loneranger

      Where do you people come from? Did you evolve to this ignorance or were you placed on this planet with it.

      If you don’t have a relative comment about the ISSUE go rant in the shine you have indoctrinated yourself into or gfy.

      • Asu

        why are you so offended,it is Truth afterall…The biggest Danger to knowledge is to assume you know everything…and yes,we didn’t evolve…we were desinged…so are you…quatam mechanics has proven that…every serious scientist knows that today…evolution is a sham…seek God,your designer, while you still have a chance…Amen!
        I’m going to give you home work…study the giraffe and it’s circulatory system,how blood get’s to the brain and what happens when it bends down to drink and let me know what evolved first in his system/design…

  • Nonchiral

    Fascinating article. Too bad the discussion is in such desperate need of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

  • CircaShian

    This post is in response to the pro-nuke spokespersons who equate bananas to man-made (anthropogenic) radiation. They’re NOT comparable people!! You see, the word “radiation” is used to mean TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. There are:

    1) “Man-made” (anthropogenic) radiation which kills and
    2) non-anthropogenic radiation such as found in bananas.

    Same word, two VERY DIFFERENT meanings, otherwise known as a homograph. It’s a word that is spelled the same and sounds the same but the meaning is completely different. It’s like the word “bear” which can mean “the big furry animal” and “to carry or support”.

    Radiation can be “man-made” (anthropogenic) or “non-anthropogenic”. And just because it’s called “natural” or “background” doesn’t mean that it’s not anthropogenic! And that’s where bananas come in.

    Check out this website if you gave the patience to read about the difference without accompanying pictures:

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