“You Can Opt Out From Facebook, But You Can’t Opt Out From The NSA”

Spying By the Government Is Different from Spying By a Private Company

Apologists for the NSA and other spy agencies argue that they’re not doing anything that private companies aren’t doing.

But as Lewis & Clark law school professor Tung Yin notes, you can “opt out” of private services:

You can opt out from Facebook, but you can’t opt out from the NSA.

Additionally, private companies don’t have the power to put you in jail, or kill you. Only the government has the power to do that.

So a comparison between private companies and the government is a false one.

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  • Tonto

    The article is allowing that it is okay to discuss privacy and public policy after individual privacy has been violated in order to determine what is reasonable. This is the wrong and wholly misleading approach. In fact, a private company’s user agreement does not and cannot authorize a company, such as FaceBook, to invade the privacy rights of its individual users. What is the necessary standard concerning what constitutes an invasion of privacy?

    This is all in the eye of the beholder, in this case, the person who senses that their privacy has been violated, and if it can be proved in a court of law, that such sensations of a deprivation of privacy are reasonable.

    But a far better measure from the company’s defensible perspective, were they reasonably introspective enough in a legal sense to thwart such causes of tort action for a violation of a right to privacy, would be to allow each user complete access to the information the company is compiling along with a list of disseminations and uses that have occurred using this information. Because short of complete transparency about these policies and the collections of private information being made, there can be very little doubt something nefarious, and actionable, is in fact going on.

    There is no blanket national security defense available to a private company.

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    • Couldn’t resist the self-promotion at the end? Aren’t yo contributing to organized crime if your thesis is correct?

      The states can opt out of federal rule via nullification and can propose and pass Constitution amendments that have the same power and validity of those passed by Congress – In actuality, they would carry even more power because they are initiated by the states who are vested with the power to modify federal governemt.

      Read Mark Levin’s the “Liberty Amendments” and how the states are empowered by the Constitutional to hold a fully legal convention process.

  • desertspeaks

    You can opt out of any UNCONSTITUTIONAL law and so do with impunity! according to the supreme court rulings and the constitution itself!

  • Robert Barsocchini

    “Additionally, private companies don’t have the power to put you in jail, or kill you. Only the government has the power to do that.”

    Private companies do do that. They just have to work with the government to do it, as they did to arrest and illegally use chemical weapons against Occupy protesters, and as private security companies do, and as US private contractors do in other countries.

  • Rehmat

    Well, Israeli leaders and Jewish lobby groups across the western world have been using the same logic: “You cannot compare Israel with the Palestinian terrorists,” – on whose land Israel was established in 1948.


  • That is the most attractive issue NSA the government spyware Facebook the private spyware.