World’s Most Dangerous Mission to Start In 3 Days

Risky Operation To Start Monday … Whole World Holds Its Breath

The most dangerous operation since the Cuban missile crisis will start Monday.

Japan Times reports today:

Tokyo Electric Power Co. [Tepco] said Friday it will start removing nuclear fuel from the spent fuel pool of the reactor 4 building at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 plant from Monday.

Too bad the company which will be trying to fix this mess – Tepco – has been criminally negligent for decades.

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  • Tonto

    It will probably be delayed again and again. The people in charge are begging for someone to step in and take the risk for them, in effect absolving them from the liability at least at one ridiculous level.

    This, like so many thing scientific these days, is likely not going to end well, regardless who tries to do the impossible in a hurry before the whole thing collapses. They knew the Space Shuttle Columbia had trouble before the astronauts tried re-entry. Look at the result there, a total failure.

    Reality is infinitely complex. And this unfathomable infinite complexity does not usually turn out to be anything fortuitous.

    Such gambles as science routinely makes, are wholly immoral.

    • Howard Treesong

      Yeah, so, Columbia was in space, it’s a finite system. You could not keep those people up there until you came up with a cunning plan to save them. They were toast and the ground crew knew it, but there was nothing they could do for them. If there had been they would have done it. That’s some very smart cookies at NASA. If it had been possible, they’d have tried it.

      This is something totally different. Here they can have as many brains think about the problem as they need, and use any means and develop any technology they need to try and resolve it, hopefully in time.

      Which doesn’t mean to say they would not want to shift the blame onto someone else, because they will, but this situation is in no way similar to the Colombia disaster.

    • wunsacon

      It’s not “science”. It’s *business* managers that call the shots.

      >> Reality is infinitely complex.

      Some models of reality capture enough information to make good decisions. You don’t need to understand the infinite complexity of the universe to know not to build nuclear plants on fault lines, to build spent-fuel pools that require active cooling, etc., etc.

      • Tonto

        You underestimate the infinite complexity of reality, hotshot. Your knowledge is woefully lacking. Your abilities are previously well demonstrated. Again, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Your base assumptions are biased. Your logic is flawed.

        Reality is infinitely complex from the smallest of the small to the largest of the large, and everywhere in between too. Nowhere in this Universe is it possible to escape the infinite complexity of reality for even a single moment.

        No model can effectively eliminate the infinite complexity of reality. And the more complex models grow, the surer they are going to succumb to it. And the disaster that is Fukushima is indeed a very complex thing to model in the dark with high radiation all around everyone involved.

        But take just a moment to consider another complex model we all take for granted.

        Take for instance, how the typical human mind (like yours) envisions logic. It’s a helter-skelter affair. For logic to be anything approaching meaningful, it should logically always start in the same place, state categorical truths, and never violate previously recognized categorical truths.

        Instead, logic is built upon the false and susceptible notion of the preponderance of the evidence making truth. No matter how high the mountain of the preponderance of the evidence is piled, infinity is a quantitative-obstacle that has an unfathomable quality. No man will ever build a mountain as high as the sun. The infinite complexity of reality cannot be conquered by science. It can only be ignored.

        Good decisions are not made when humanity ignores the infinite complexity of reality as the ruler of our realm. Even were this race to beat the clock at Fukushima successful, all the decisions that led to Fukushima negate any possibility that the latest decision, the decision to let the scientists make another HUGE GAMBLE, is going to be anything like a moral decision. It is not a moral decision, what they are attempting to do at Fukushima. It’s just another immoral scientific gamble, another immoral gamble in a long line of immoral scientific gambles that led to the global human tragedy of Fukushima and many other nuclear tragedies.

        There are already another round of immoral scientists seeking fame and fortune right now, by peddling Thorium as the latest solution to the insolvable problem of scientific society’s insatiable and insane demands for more electrical power. More refined radioactive materials are going to cure what?

        This latest decision at Fukushima is merely another deal with the devil. And we are all going to get burned by it badly. There is nothing logical about this decision. It is a move being made out of desperation, merely trying to beat the devil of the infinite complexity of reality these scientists created, at that devil’s own game. It’s a game that cannot be won by science. To my knowledge, no God is not attentive enough to prevent humanity from destroying itself.

        If there is prediction possible, logic requires us to predict that this latest and wildly belated Fukushima decision will be another unmitigated scientific failure. The scientists of the world are demonstrably incompetent. The scientists of the world are demonstrably illogical. The scientists of the world are demonstrably immoral.

        And you (and anyone else trying to get their mind around what is going on at Fukushima) are a fucking fool to believe anything otherwise. These Fukushima scientists are shooting from the hip at their own grotesquely dangerous mistakes, with time running out on humanity. Scientists lit this fire. And now that the fire has been raging for many months, they are hard pressed because the fire is about to get a lot hotter due to their ongoing negligence and lack of viable answers for the problem they created. The infinite complexity of reality completely has taken over the work site at Fukushima. It’s over. Start making plans for the worst case scenario. Start making plans for the worst case scenario, because scientists are not temperamentally equipped to make those plans, even though they know full well Fukushima could get a whole lot worse than even the worst case scenario.

        Science has vastly overstepped its moral bounds. And you, like many other fools, still have faith in scientific pragmatic ingenuity. You, and all others like you, make me sick for the immoral credulity you lend to these scientific devils. This is not a movie with a script you’re dreamily talking about.

        William Shatner is not going to punch someone in the nose and have the whole thing go away, if that is what you’re thinking is going to happy, slappy…

  • Howard Treesong

    If there is anyone group of people I trust in the world to get this right, it has to be the intrepid people of Tokyo Electric Power Company!

    Words to that effect.

  • Duude

    It still amazes me today this 40 year old nuclear power plant was built next to the ocean in a tsunami region with diesel backup power installed in the basement. That’s tantamount to boogie boarding a 100 ft tidal wave.

  • gozounlimited

    Arnie Gundersen: Fuel already “very close to going critical” At Unit 4 Fukushima…..

    Fukushima: Reactor #1 ‘Gushing Out’ Radioactive Water, Similar Damage Suspected At Other Reactors …..

    Remove Tepco Before You Remove That Fuel …. Sign Petition

    The hot radioactive fuel rods at Fukushima Unit Four must be removed to a safer place as soon as possible. But the Tokyo Electric Power Company does not have the financial, scientific or engineering capability to do that and the other critical work there. We ask the government of Japan to remove Tepco and find a more capable team to take control of the Fukushima site. Please look at the letter sent UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon ( There can be no higher priority than bringing the Fukushima disaster under control. See and for updated information….. Sign Petition….