The U.S. Is Sending Americans’ Confidential Info Abroad … For the Same Reason It’s Outsourcing Torture to Foreign Governments

Outsourcing the NSA’s Dirty Deeds In An Attempt to Create Plausible Deniability

Torture doesn’t work to produce actionable intelligence. Indeed, it harms our national security and creates more terrorists.

Because torture is blatantly illegal, the Bush and Obama administrations have tried to hide America’s torture by shipping prisoners to foreign countries … so they can torture them for us.

Similarly, mass spying by the NSA and other agencies doesn’t prevent terror attacks … but actually interferes with our ability to stop them.

Because mass spying on Americans is blatantly illegal (and see this), the Bush and Obama administrations have tried to hide America’s Big Brother act by shipping Americans’ most confidential, sensitive information to foreign countries like Israel (and here), the UK and other countries … so they can “unmask” the information and give it back to the NSA.

In other words, the NSA is subverting the legal prohibition against mass spying on Americans by shipping data overseas … and then having our allies give it back to us.

The list of countries which are doing this for the NSA are almost certainly as follows:

Postscript: Unfortunately, the American elite aren’t particularly concerned with protecting the basic rights – let alone the sovereignty – of the American people.

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  • gozounlimited
  • ZombieStomp

    ‘The list of countries which are doing this for the ENESSA are “almost certainly” as follows.’
    “Almost certainly” isn’t real reporting!
    Conjecture isn’t reporting. Some concrete facts, or this is alleged and theorizing.

    • tomola

      I suspect no fact would be concrete enough for you, unless it dropped on your thick head and put an end to your snivelling existence.

  • Guest

    ‘Almost certainly’ isn’t fact. How to throw other countries and your allies under the bus without any proof.

    • Tim

      No citizen is for this Nazi spy network we call the NSA. Comments like yours have an increasingly obvious agenda and is the work of the very NSA we speak of.
      The fact that they collect our private information is against the law!!! They will be arrested and I suspect you as well. The fact that they send it to foreign countries to analyze and return in a useless attempt at circumventing the law is of no consequence whether true or false. They already broke the law and they all must be held accountable.

    • Chad Stephens

      and I’m “absolutely certain” you need to unplug your TV and wake up

  • Tim

    These scumbags are going to get the revolution they are fishing for, just look at the sheriffs in Colorado.
    I do not care who they ship them to, and what they do with it. I care that they are collecting it.

  • Chad Stephens

    if the stupid people would just listen and quit their job quit paying taxes ,you take away the money you take away the corruption ..everyone just show up in DC with their families for an extended camping trip until the demands are Met and the appropriate people are in prison..but I’m an idiot whatever..just keep procrastinating until a second Civil War and bloodshed

    • mountaine

      Well it’s kind of hard to do this when you have a family to feed. The younger generation would be able to do this if they had knowlege of what we’re up against ! I’m sure you would have all the vets who would be willing. I’m sure many senior citizens would be willing. March not only on D.C. but also the state capitals !!!

      • Chad Stephens

        yeah we all have bills to pay, mouths to feed I have 3 myself, car payments just forget everything and leave it behind but your family and your camping gear..because none of those material possessions are going to matter shortly anyway..its just stuff..I know how everyone so materialistic its okay..but humanity, and this country is not..its okay let’s just keep procrastinating..all the stupid marches for one day or two days they don’t even acknowledge were thereall the petitions that we sign just go in the garbage all the calls to our congressman don’t even go in one ear to go out the other..believe me I’ve been trying for years..but I’m with you anonymous person I’m going to procrastinate more just wait until the fight brought to me, then we have no choice but bloodshed instead of peaceful resolution..everyone just too busy stuffing their fat faces with Big Macs,and wondering who Kim Kardashian is fucking this week on mindlessTV..