Top NSA Whistleblower: “[NSA] Management Had Made The Plan To Spy On The United States And The People Of The United States Even Before 9/11”

And 9/11 Was Just the Excuse to Roll Out Mass Surveillance

The government’s spying on Americans began before 9/11 (confirmed here and here. And see this)

As the former head of the NSA’s operations division, who was in charge of the global digital intelligence gathering program and oversaw 6,000 employees – William Binney – said:

“[NSA] management had made the plan to spy on the United States and the people of the United States even before 9/11.

Then – when 9/11 occurred – that was the pure excuse for them to go in and say now, telecoms, we really need the data now to be able to protect the United States from terrorism.

And that was simply false to begin with. We had no problem at all identifying these people from the beginning. That was absolutely false. But that was the pretext they used to get that process running.”

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  • Eric Hollingsworth

    Just wait until IPv6 becomes common; every networked device will be globally addressable. No more hiding behind NAT. Consider doing a web search on “open source firewall” and building/buying your own firewall rather than relying on the hardware you got from your ISP.

    I just searched on “networked kitchen appliances” and got 19,000,000 hits. In the near future it will be possible for almost every aspect of our existences to be recorded and analyzed, so think twice before buying that USB vibrator.