Three-Quarters of All Americans – And Many Economists – Want to Rein In the Federal Reserve

74% Want to Audit the Fed

A 2009 Rasmussen poll found that 79 percent of the American public is in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve.

The numbers have remained fairly constant for years.  Specifically, a brand new Rassumussen poll finds:

Americans still overwhelmingly favor a public audit of the Federal Reserve, perhaps in part because a sizable number think the Fed chairman has too much power over the economy.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 74% of American Adults favor auditing the Federal Reserve and making the results available to the public. Just 10% oppose such an audit

The people are right: numerous high-level economists say the Fed has to be substantially reined in … or ended.

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  • jadan

    This is good news. It suggests the public would like to put the Fed under public control. And this suggests that the people are beginning to realize it is their money being played with. This points to a change in the perception and understanding of money: it is no longer the property of the rich, but is in fact, a public utility….. to be more equitably managed…..

    • Charlie Primero

      Good point. Increasing awareness is a positive.

  • Marty Livingston

    Section 11B of the Federal Reserve Act:

    “The Board shall order an annual independent audit of the financial statements of each Federal reserve bank and the Board”

  • hvaiallverden

    I will give you a tipp, it may be somehow far out for many people, specaly in this days, the reason is this.

    Who ists on the board of the FeD, as far as I know, even Chines/Russians are there, and so I presume they are incontroll of the Bank of Int. Setlements in Basel, the names on that Board is the future of the Sentral banking scam.
    So, the reason for is to give You a warning, usaly i will not do this, but I have canged my mind, the present controlled demolition of the uSSa, with the downfall of petroDollar and the stregthening of the Others like the BRICS, the new world order, is that the Russkies are the next uSSa.

    The transfer of welth is almoust completed, with fakemoney thay have bougth everything they can gett their hands on, and this is the same RobberBarons that won everything from the start, andnow they will leave the people inside the perimeters caled uSSa, to them selfs as a wrecked bannanarepublic.

    This si right now, in the end game, and to make the Saviour Putin ediable to the comon sheep.
    Putin is as Obamalama the scum of this earth, the only diffrenece is scale, everything else is the same, I cant go to Russia anymore since I belong to the ancient ones, the first people, and to day we are considered to be foregin terrorists, even thoe we have lived in Russia eons beofe anyone else came along, we are the artic people, where the last stripp of land in the Kola penninsual is taken from us 70 years ago, the same history as the Palestinians, but not known.
    To me, Putin is the real scumbagg, desptie the Russkies pathetic babbeling on the scumbaggs policys against Native people.
    The reason for me to write this is to warn you, the wast recourses is to day controlled by Russki Zionists, the best propaganda stunt made in the last years, is the ilutions coming from the scumbagg Putin, witch is lying everytime he opens his mouth.

    Never, ever, trust a Russkie.
    Never ever, turn you back to them.
    The Russkies are like the Zionists, they are stil there, just siting idle and awaits the downfaall of the uSSa.
    The problem WE face is mounting and divertions, subversions and flatout lies are been thrown all over the globe at staggering speed and a massive barrage of drivel is coming from every corner.
    I belive this is my last ranst, the circle is tightening and the ways of expresing disidets and truth is evaporating slowly, day by day, and thats why I know the end game is coming.
    Be aware, be awaken, sleeping in this times is certain death, to humanity and democracy.
    WE are loosing all the time.

    wake up


  • Batman Vs Superman Vs The Fed Vs ObamaCare

  • Sam Johnson

    Want in one had and sh^t in the other. One will fill up first.

    We will need to DEMAND that the Fed be abolished.