Stanford Law School Professor On Feinstein Spying Bill: “I’d Laugh If I Weren’t So Offended”

Trojan Horse Legislation Would Allow MORE NSA Spying and Further Harassment of Whistleblowers

As we noted previously, Senator Feinstein has introduced a Trojan Horse spying bill which would legalize mass surveillance.

ARS Technica reports:

“I’d laugh if I weren’t so offended,” said Jennifer Granick, of Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society, in an e-mailed comment about Feinstein’s bill. [Granick teaches cyber law at Stanford Law School.] “It legalizes the currently illegal bulk collection of phone records and its language—whether sloppily or intentionally, I don’t know—encourages the NSA to conduct bulk collection of other kinds of records under 215, as well as content, without even the bill’s purported ‘safeguards.'”

The “enhanced criminal penalties” for unauthorized access to data actually criminalizes anyone who accesses a computer “without authorization,” noted Ruthann Robson, professor of Law at City University of New York. “While couched in protecting privacy and data, this provision would also further sanction and chill whistleblowers.”

“The modest improvements [the bill] makes are far outweighed by the damage it does to civil liberties,” said Greg Nojeim, of the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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  • kellyramona

    It sounds like a shot in the dark. Does the court have to
    write a long opinion if they reject this motion or can it just say, “I
    meant what I said and I said what I meant.” used law books,tottel,law
    library,law society of ireland

  • JP

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that Comrade Feinstein’s bill would further empower the ruling class to intrude into the lives of ordinary plebs for the purpose of strengthening the dictatorship. Absolutely shocking.