Site Redesign


We’ve redesigned the right sidebar to be more user-friendly, and to help people find posts on Washington’s Blog.

Give it a spin … and let us know what you think of the colors and layout.

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  • John48235

    Looks good but, on a related subject: at least on my browser (Safari 5.1.10 running on OSX 10.6.8), I still can barely see WASHINGTON’S BLOG in the header; why isn’t this the same deep blue color as the top of the sidebar, rather than practically the same color as its background?

  • I come here often so I’d prefer if the default was set to the “latest” blog entries so I could check how many have been posted since the last time I was here. All in all looks great and fun to spread this good information around the web to my fellow peers. Peace. Agree on the color thing that John points out too. Later.

  • Joshua Roberts

    tabbed sidebar is very handy – would you accept banner image submissions by any chance my good sir?

  • I also have hard time seeing Washington’s Blog in the header, using FF on Windows 7.

  • gozounlimited

    Embeds in comment column is cool……