Security Expert: “Buy American Doesn’t Sell Well Anymore Because It Means Give A Copy To The NSA”

Mass Surveillance Is Destroying the American Economy

We’ve previously noted that mass surveillance is killing American tech companies.

And Cisco just blamed its earnings slump on China’s disdain for NSA spying.

Security expert Bruce Schneier succinctly summed up the destruction of the American economy by the NSA’s surveillance yesterday:

Buy American doesn’t sell well anymore because it means give a copy to the NSA.

This is part of a bigger picture … the military-industrial complex (of which the NSA is a part) is killing the private sector economy. And see this.

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  • james

    This is exactly right.

    Who – especially who from outside the US is going to buy software from Microsoft, or Oracle or IBM or Apple or a cell phone from Apple or Motorola, or a vehicle with Onstar on it -When they know that the NSA has already cracked that device and can spy on anything that passes through it – or worse anything that’s connected to anything that connects to it.?

    They are not going to use anything that was made in the USA, even if they need it. So thanks NSA, you just killed the international sales of those devices, and just destroyed what’s left of our economy – and that is one thing that still brings cash back into the US.

    • a

      But otherwise the commie terrorists will kill your country!!1!

      • a

        My apologies, I meant commie muslim terrorists of course.

        • james

          Thank you so much – I would have never realized.

          The NSA is so far ahead of my thinking i’m embarrassed.

          If the NSA spying is so prevalent that the rest of the world isolates us economically and infomationally, then the commie muslim terrorists will surely be neutralized.

          First, they won’t be able to get in because of the global isolation.

          And second, they won’t need to because of the economic destruction. Brilliant.

          Some might say it’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but I think it’s actually better than that – it’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater while creating a whole generation of super high tech spying technologies and high tech programming skills while at the same time killing the high tech industry that might use those skills – Check Mate NSA!

  • gozounlimited